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Honor your truly great dynasty/franchise players here

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Hellisan, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    I have a player that doesn't have a great OVR rating but has been consistently stellar throughout his career. I wanted to share his "accomplishments" and then see I could get others to do the same with their greats. Now speaking only for myself... I'm more impressed when players put up great numbers without the help of the player. For instance if your QB threw for 8,000 yards annually? I personally don't give a fart. Maybe others do.. Share him anyway. But the players that do it on their own to me are the most helpful, and impressive, players to have.
  2. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    CB Wes Baker - 6'1" 205, Perryton, TX - :4stars:
    Washington Huskies
    Senior Ratings: 86 OVR, 90 SPD, 90 ACC, 84 AGI, 84 AWR, 96 MCV, 95 ZCV, 90 PRS, 73 CTH, 75 PRC, 84 PUR, 90 JMP, 80 HPW

    Career Stats

    Baker was a guy we recruited in 2011-2012 and weren't overly enamored with his abilities. I don't remember exactly what his ratings were but i think he was in the 73 OVR range. He has never been overly impressive with regards to ratings, only the stats he has put up and the big-time moments in which he has made his biggest plays. I only wonder what would have happened if he had been starting as a freshman. He played only in the slot and made 1 INT on the season. After that he averaged over 8 INT per year!

    You could complete passes against him. He was no Revis. But when it came to him he would usually pick it off. And his coverage ability increased exponentially the more important the game/moment. He's not done... We still have the Rose Bowl (probably against Fresno State) in which he'll hopefully pad his stats.

    Career Highlights:

    *A game-ending interception of jfosh and Cal in the end zone was probably the greatest moment of his career. Fosh was driving on me, was within a touchdown, had a lot of momentum, and then in the closing seconds, goes to throw it to his best WR and Baker was just ALL OVER HIM and intercepted the pass cleanly to end the ball game.

    *Two interceptions in a comeback win against STanford and bringbackjimmy. In a game in which we were down 24-7, an interception by Baker was a key turning point that led us to a comeback victory. He then intercepts another pass later in the game for the nail in the coffin.

    *Another game-turning interception against Jfosh this season when we were down big and then eventually shut him out in the second half (including a Baker INT) to come back for the win.

    *Interception against UCLA (Bruce80) in a 31-7 rout where nothing went right for UCLA. The INT by Baker really sealed the ball game.

    *After already having 11 INT on the season in his senior year, he gets two more against lowly Washington State, both returned for touchdowns, to really nail down his legacy and (assuming) the Thorpe award.

    *Partly due to his incredible play, we went 11-1 in 2015 (senior year) with our only loss coming to eventual BCS championship game participant Rutgers... A three-point loss in which Baker did make an interception. In all four of our (vs user) games in his senior season, he came away with at least one pick.
  3. Shaun Mason

    Shaun Mason Somebody you used to know.

    Feb 9, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    My favorite player:

    Florida State Potential HOF Nominees

    Basic Info
    First Name: T.J.
    Last Name: Brooks
    Home State: Connecticut
    Hometown: Torrington
    Team: Florida State
    Position: Quarterback
    Number: 11
    Year Left Program: 2018
    Hand: Right
    Team Captain: Yes

    Final Ratings
    Overall: 90
    Speed: 55
    Awareness: 90
    Throw Power: 91
    Throw Accuracy: 92

    Recruiting Info
    Recruited Prestige: 4
    40 Time: 4.86
    PS#: 5

    Player Stats
    Career Stats (3 seasons):
    QB Rating: 160.7
    Comp/Att: 1,048/1,703 (61.5%)
    Yards: 15,291
    TD: 160 (NCAA Record)
    INT: 62
    Avg YPG: 382.3

    Best Season:
    QB Rating: 169.3
    Comp/Att: 371/582 (61.5%)
    Yards: 5,449
    TD: 62 (NCAA Record)
    INT: 24
    Avg YPG: 389.2

    Player Awards
    2018 Heisman Award
    2017 O'Brian Award

    Coach Comments
    T.J. didn't even come in the highest rated QB recruit in his class at Florida State. Early on we knew he had a gifted combination of brains and accuracy. He was like a coach on the field. He had an uncanny knack for throwing the ball exactly where it needed to go. People look at his 62 career interceptions and think that he is inaccurate, but he was intercepted less than 4% of the time.
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  4. PatriotJames

    PatriotJames Walk On

    Feb 21, 2011
    Future Iowa State Cyclones Best Defensive Lineman Ever

    Basic Info
    First Name: Corey

    Last Name: Hunter

    Home State: Illinois

    Hometown: Quincy

    Team: Iowa State

    Position: Left Defensive End

    Number: 98

    Year Left Program: Currently in Junior (RS) Season of 2015

    Junior (RS) Season Ratings
    Overall: 77

    Speed: 88

    Accel: 88
    Awareness: 69

    Jump: 83
    Tackle: 77
    ZCV: 68

    Recruiting Info
    Recruited Prestige: 3

    Player Stats
    Career Stats (2 seasons):
    Tackles: 80

    Tackles For Loss: 49

    QB Sacks: 22.0 (Team Record Already)

    Interceptions: 1

    Defensive TD's: 3

    Forced Fumbles: 3

    Fumble Recoveries: 4

    Player Awards
    2013 Nagurski
    2013 Lombardi

    2014 Lombardi

    After I changed the defensive scheme of ISU to Multiple D, I went to recruit more 3-4 type DE. I couldn't pass up this guy's athletic ability though. He redshirted his first season and has started both seasons since, this going to be the 3rd. Plain and simple he gets a great jump on the ball and is in the backfield quickly causing havoc on defensive QB/RB's. Even though half the time he doesn't make the play, hey buys enough time for the other lineman and anyone else that may be blitzing to get to the QB/HB. As expected not so great when he's in the 3 down line position and will be moved to only a 4 down line this season. I love playing with this guy and playing as the DT next to him. He's already in the record books for the school and is looking for the National record with 2 seasons left to play. He will be remembered for starting the defensive domination legacy of Iowa State.

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