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Hornfaninbama's NBA 2k14 Association

Discussion in 'Tradition Basketball' started by hornfaninbama, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    I don't think anyone else will be interested in reading this. This is more for me to keep track of my year to year.

    I got a little bored this week and traded GTA5 for 2K. I always love associations, and always stack the deck as much in my favor as possible. I do a fantasy draft and set myself as the #1 pick in a fixed draft, and draft for youth and potential. This year I chose the Mavericks.

    Fantasy Draft

    Round Pick Player Position
    1 1 Anthony Davis PF
    2 1 Michael Carter-Williams PG
    3 1 Nerlens Noel C
    4 1 Terrence Ross SG
    5 1 Otto Porter Jr. SF
    6 1 Patrick Beverly PG
    7 1 Ersan Ilyasova PF
    8 1 Alexy Shved SG
    9 1 Royce White SF
    10 1 Carrick Felix SG
    11 1 Andris Biedrins C
    12 1 Channing Frye PF

    By design I was pretty awful my first season, I finished with the 5th worst record in the league and somehow slid up to win the lottery. I imported the 2014 draft class so I had my choice of Wiggins, Parker, and Embiid. With those choices up front I decided to try and grab someone like Exum or Smart as well.

    Otto Porter was by far my least favorite of the players on my roster. So I flipped him and my second rounder for the #5 pick in the draft. I took Jabari Parker #1 overall, and sat back hoping to grab one of either Dante Exum or Marcus Smart. Smart went #2 overall and Exum went #4. At this point I am torn between drafting Wiggins or Embiid despite neither of them being a particular need. Wiggins is showing A potential, and Embiid a B+. I don't need either one of them and picking one or the other will create a logjam.

    I bite the bullet and take Wiggins. I watch as Stauskas comes off the board at 6, and then Dell Demps gives me a call and offers New Orleans #7 pick in the 2014 draft and his first rounder next season for Parker. I debate back and forth trying to decide what to do. I get them to throw in an extra second rounder by giving up the #5 slot in round 2 this year; I pick up as many of these as I can. I don't use them for picks often, but I do use them as sweeteners to help me move around in the draft and grab the players I like. After I pull the trigger, I decide to draft Embiid. The only other player I really had my eye on is Kyle Anderson and he was slotted as a late first rounder.

    I wait until I see him come off the board at pick 29 to Chicago. I send Shved, Beverly and the second rounder I got from New Orleans to Chicago for Kyle Anderson, Jordan Hamilton and Chicago's first rounder next season.

    The only player I sign in the offseason is Jimmer Fredette. I like shooting and guys who, theoretically, can play multiple positions. And I re-signed Royce White and Felix to 3 year deals with a team option for year 4. That makes my roster look like this for the start of season 2.

    Point Guard
    Michael Carter-Williams, Kyle Anderson
    Shooting Guard
    Terrence Ross, Jimmer Fredette, Carrick Felix
    Small Forward
    Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Hamilton, Royce White
    Power Forward
    Anthony Davis, Ersan Ilyasova, Channing Frye
    Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Andris Biedrins

    I've got about $22m in cap room. Hamilton, Biedrins and Frye are all on expiring deals, the only one I'm giving thought to bringing back is Hamilton. Letting the other two walk will give me another 3 to 4 in cap room next season. The highest paid player on my roster this coming season is Ilyasova. Everyone else is on rookie deals or cheap veteran contracts.

    My teams overall went from a 76 in the first season to an 83 the second. Davis jumped from an 85 to a 90, MCW moved up to an 83, Ross is an 80, Wiggins is an 80 and Noel is a 77. Ilyasova is my sixth man, Hamilton, Jimmer and Embiid are the only other guys playing solid minutes. Frye and Biedrins are on my reserve list, since I have 14 players on the roster.

    This is a insanely fun squad to play with. I run a ton of pick and rolls with Noel and Davis on offense, and those two protect the paint like no other 4 and 5 in the league. Ross, Fredette, Hamilton and Ilyasova can drill 3 pointers. They're long, athletic, and get up and down the floor. I like to run units on and off the floor and then mix and match with the other role players to get specific skill sets on the floor.

    The First Unit
    Michael Carter-Williams
    Terrence Ross
    Andrew Wiggins
    Anthony Davis
    Nerlens Noel

    The Second Unit
    Kyle Anderson
    Jimmer Fredette
    Jordan Hamilton
    Ersan Ilyasova
    Joel Embiid

    I like flipping Fredette to point, and bringing in Felix at the 2. I'll run Illitch at the 3 every now and then with the first unit to get more shooting on the floor. Royce White doesn't play a whole lot, but I do rotate him between the 3 and 4.

    My goal this season is to make the playoffs. With three first rounders I should be able to grab at least one or two useful guys. I will keep MCW, Davis and either Noel or Embiid (whichever one improves the most) as my core guys, and rotate the rest of the roster to stay under the cap. I'd like to stay long and athletic like I am now. Carter-Williams is a 6'6" PG, Anderson is a 6'9" PG, Ross is 6'6" and Wiggins is 6'9".

    I'll update after season two is in the books.
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  2. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Season 2 came and went. The team got a little better. We made the playoffs as the 1 seed in the west. Dallas led the league in rebounding, blocks, shooting percentage, and 3 point percentage. Unfortunately an untimely injury to Michael Carter-Williams left Anderson running the point during the first round matchup with the 8 seeded Warriors who were able to pull off the upset in 5 games.

    The off-season was interesting again. The New Orleans pick turned into a #5 Overall selection. I downloaded a draft class for the 2015 season, and scouted the Top 5 guys hard to decide who I wanted. I had my heart set on Goodluck Okonoboh, a power forward committed to UNLV in real life but out of Ohio State in this file. I still have 2 first rounders that I'm planning on using so I trade them to teams picking high this season. Indiana and New Orleans. Yeah, I went back to NOLA. They were bad and didn't get the use of their first rounder since I had it. I figure they'll be bad again next season.

    Okonoboh slid through the first 4 picks right into my lap, and I snatched him up. He came in as a 76 Overall with some ball handling skills. Playing with him reminds me of Lamar Odom. I planned to use him as my backup 4 and let Davis continue to get better.

    I let Biedrins and Frye walk when free agency hit, but with Embiid and Okonoboh as my backup 4 and 5 I figured I was in good shape. I went into free agency not expecting to sign anyone, but Derrick Williams was out there for about $6m a year, and I figured a former #1 overall pick with excellent potential was a good risk to take so I signed him to a 3 year deal with a team option for year 4.

    Since I had a better season I had some points to use in training camp. I sent Davis to potential, and bumped his potential from a 96 to a 99, I always send the team to free throw camp. That was especially necessary this off-season as Dallas was under 73% as a team during year 2. And I again sent MCW to perimeter shooting camp.

    I decided to flip Ilyasova and Royce White since they are both better at the opposite forward spot. As season 3 got started my roster looked like this

    PG: Michael Carter-Williams, Kyle Anderson
    SG: Terrence Ross, Jimmer Fredette, Carrick Felix
    SF: Andrew Wiggins, Illitch, Jordan Hamilton
    PF: Anthony Davis, Derrick Williams, Goodluck Okonoboh, Royce White
    C: Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid

    I don't like having a full set of 12 guys, and some of them don't get much time since I don't play a lot of games myself. Even when I was play in a game I started to dread bringing a few of them off the bench. I felt like they broke my defense or my offense and wanted to get rid of some of the extra guys and pick up more useful players.

    I started out trying to get rid of Royce White and Jimmer. For some reason I couldn't get Jimmer's shot down; and the most aggravating thing is watching him brick catch and shoot 3s all night.

    I did a trade finder to get a baseline of what I should shoot for. As I was cycling through I saw Phoenix was willing to trade Victor Oladipo for Felix, White, and Fredette. I made that trade because Felix and White were my 2ND and 3rd SG. I got tired of Fredette, and Felix didn't get enough playing time. Oladipo also has A- potential, and it looked like he only reason he hadn't progressed more was because he was stuck behind Bradley Beal. He was already better than Ross and they have some overlapping skills. I'm in trade mode, so let's see what Terrence Ross is worth.

    Cleveland has multiple shooting guards and they're willing to part with Klay Thompson for Ross and the Indiana first round pick I got in return for sending them the mid round pick I wasn't going to use from last season. At this point in the season I am in first place in the West, my squad is rolling pretty well, but Ross is on the last year of his option, and I won't have the money to re-sign him and Anthony Davis. Thompson is already on a deal with 3 years left, and my pick will be towards the bottom of the first, so I pull the trigger for another midseason trade. Which leaves my roster like this:

    PG: MCW, Anderson
    SG: Oladipo, Klay Thompson
    SF: Wiggins, Illitch, Hamilton
    PF: Davis, Williams, Okonoboh
    C: Noel, Embiid

    The trade recharges my team and they run to the rest of the season and lock up the #1 seed in the west with 3 weeks left. We win a tough hard fought round one series with Golden State in 6. Take down the Clippers in round 2. Sweep Houston in the Western Finals, and take down Chicago in 5 for the NBA title.

    After accepting my team options for MCW (1 year for $3.18m) Kyle Anderson (2 years for $934k,) Oladipo (1 year for $6.55m) Noel (1 year for $4.38) I am left with $24.47m to re-sign Anthony Davis. I declined the option on Ilyasova because it was for almost $9m. I figure I can sign him back in free agency if I want to.

    I don't plan on using the remaining 2 first rounders I have (18 and 30). I'll flip them in the draft for 1st rounders next season. I send one to the Knicks, I always bet on the ineptitude of NY. And another to the 76ers.

    Free agency starts and I have Davis as a restricted FA. He accepts an offer for 3 years and $49.9m. I match in a heartbeat. And also bring back Ilyasova on a 4 year $18.53m deal. Those two signings keep me $4.3m under the cap.

    My roster for the start if year 4 is

    PG: MCW (88) Anderson (71)
    SG: Oladipo (84) Thompson (80)
    SF: Wiggins (83) Ilyasova (77) Hamilton (72)
    PF: Davis (95) Williams (82) Okonoboh (79)
    C: Noel (85) Embiid (79)

    This coming season will be a season of changes. MCW, Oladipo, and Noel will all be in the final year of their rookie deals. Williams, Thompson and Ilyasova will all most likely be traded to open up the space to bring them all back. I've got 2 more seasons of Wiggins, Embiid, Anderson. 3 more of Hamilton, and Okonoboh. My untouchables going into next season are Oladipo, Wiggins, Davis, Noel, MCW, Embiid, and Okonoboh.

    For training camps I send the team to Free Throw camp. Oladipo to combo guard, Wiggins to perimeter shooting, Kyle Anderson to untapped potential and Noel to big man offense. The best move was sending Anderson to potential. He went from a 71 cap to an 84 cap.

    I start my title defense #1 on the power rankings with an overall of 94 and for the first time in the dynasty 1st in offense, 1st in defense and 1st overall.
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  3. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Season 4 started off slowly. The Mav's came out of the gate losing 8 of the first 12 games, and injuries were a problem for the first time. Embbid went down for 3 weeks, and while he was doen Noel went out for 10. Andrew Wiggins went down for a 2 seperate 3 week stretches. The Mav's were able to hold it together though, and fought hard to tie for the #2 seed. They were bounced down to the 3 seed on tie breakers however.

    I didn't make any trades this season. I wanted to make one last run with this crew before starting to massage the cap space to sign my younger guys. Derrick Williams is headed out to make room for Okonoboh. Klay Thompson is also likely headed out. I'm back and forth on moving Ilyasova. He's been one of my favorite players on 2k going back to his first appearance. I like his shot, I like how he spreads the floor, and he's a better rebounder than he gets credit for.

    The squad knocked out Oklahoma City in the first round, Houston in the second, and the Clippers in the Western Finals. The Mavs lost only 1 game in each series and clinched each round in 5 games. The NBA Finals pitted the Mavs against Russell Westbrook and the Charlotte Bobcats. Charlotte is the only team in the league that can match Dallas' athleticism. The Bobcats pushed Dallas to a game 7, and of course I actually played that one. We managed to take down the Bobcats behind 26 points, 8 assists and 4 boards from Oladipo. Michael Carter-Williams was named Finals MVP with a near double double average of 14 points and 9.5 assists.

    Dallas led the league in blocks, FG percentage, 3 point percentage and MCW led the league in assists. He has turned into a very dangerous point man. When I play the games I flip Oladipo to cover the tougher of the 2 guards and MCW gets to rest a little on defense.

    This offseason will be one of change. Rick Carlisle retired following his 3rd NBA title as coach, and second in a row. Thank God my NBA scout's contract is up. I was paying him $6m of my $11m allowed staff budget. Carlisle was only getting $3m for goodness sake. This offseason I will be looking for a new head coach, assistant coach, 3 prospect scouts, and a trainer. I don't use the NBA scout at all so I sign the cheapest one I can find and spend the rest of the money making sure I have an excellent coach and support staff.

    I also have expiring contracts for MCW, Oladipo, and Noel. Luckily I have some solid cap space available to bring them back, that coupled with Derrick Williams($6m) getting moved out, Ilyasova($5m) being moved and Klay Thompson($8m) being moved will free up some more space to play with. I'll ship them to teams under the cap for first rounders next season to avoid the cap hit this coming season. With the $4m I have available plus the $19m those moves will give me I will have close to $23m in cap space to resign the part of my core coming free this year. I will also take a look at moving some of the guys I have considered "untouchable" up to now. I bet on the right teams last year when I sent out my extra first rounders. New York and Philadephia wound up as the 2 worst teams in the league. I am guaranteed two top 5 picks in the upcoming draft, and possibly the #1 and #2 picks. Depending on who is at the top of the draft I may move some of the guys who have been untouchable.

    Right now my plan is to keep; MCW, Oladipo, Wiggins, Davis, Noel, Anderson, Okonoboh, and Embiid. Those 8 plus the two 1st rounders would move me to 10 guys and then I'd sign 2 verteran guys to minimum deals. If that proves to be impossible the most likely candidates to be traded or let go would be Oladipo, Wiggins and Okonoboh.

    I'll update this evening after the offseason is complete.
  4. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    I ran through several seasons over the long weekend. This will probably be a little bit off because it's completely from memory, but here goes.

    Picking up where I left off... Carlisle retired, and there were no good coaches on the free agent list. There were 3 excellent assistants though so I signed the best one I could find. A potential, A offense, A defense and C mentoring/training whatever it is. It's times like this that I wish they would let us sign a current assistant coach to a head coach deal. I found a coach with B offense and C defense that I picked up for 2 seasons as my head man. I changed his playbook to the Mike D'Antoni playbook. I picked up 3 prospect scouts for 6 years at a million a piece that are all A overall with B potential. I don't use the NBA scout at all so I signed the cheapest one I could find. And resigned my trainer for 2 seasons because there wasn't a better option.

    I can't remember all the moves I made before the season started, but I do remember what the roster looked like when the season got underway.

    PG- MCW, Anderson
    SG- Oladipo, Rookie with A+ potential, Some guy finishing his rookie deal with a $0 salary
    SF- Wiggins, Rookie with A+ potential
    PF- Davis, Rookie with A+ potential
    C- Noel, Embiid, a 7'3" guy who rides the pine.

    I don't remember how the season went, but I think I ended up as the #2 seed in the west and rolled through the playoffs losing only one game before the finals. I won the finals in 6 games against some team from the East, but I don't remember who. I remember MCW won his third straight Finals MVP. And the Mavs won our third straight title.

    Just as a reminder I might play 2 games each season. I sim most of everything. I'll play game 7's or the clinching game in the finals, but that's all in the playoffs and usually one game in the first week or 2 of the season while the roster is at full strength. The remainder of the season gets simmed.

    I made several moves during the season. Embiid was finishing his rookie deal and I knew I wouldn't be able to resign him, so I moved him for a lower rated center, a first rounder and Tyler Ennis. Ennis had developed into a an excellent 3 and D guy at the PG spot, and I needed that up top. I moved Oladipo for another 1st rounder for the next season, and a season and a half of Jimmy Butler. Another excellent 3 and D guy. Bringing in Ennis allowed me to move Anderson to the SF spot. And moved his overall up to an 82. After the season my roster looked like this.

    PG- MCW, Tyler Ennis
    SG- Butler, Rookie with A+ Potential, and $0 salary guy
    SF- Wiggins, Anderson, Rookie with A+ potential
    PF- Davis, Rookie with A+ potential
    C- Noel, Some guy, and 7'3" rebounder

    The only contracts up that season were Ennis and the $0 salary guy, 7'3" center and some guy center. Ennis was willing to take less to stay on a contending team, so I brought him back at $8.5m for a four year deal. And let $0 salary guy leave. I let some guy center leave in free agency and signed 7'3" rebounding guy on a 4 year deal worth $9m total. In addition I had the #8, #12, #17, #26, and #30 in the first round of the upcoming draft and an additional 2 picks in the next draft.

    There were 2 centers I had my eye on, a 22 year old with A+ potential and a 20 year old with A+ potential. The 22 year old was a much more polished project. With Butler leaving I also had a need for a new shooting guard, and there was a 6'9" Brazilian with A+ potential there as well. I used my draft picks to move up to the #1, #2, and #3 slots and drafted all three of them. I was also able to jettison the 7'3" rebounder so I didn't have to pay his deal. I moved the younger center who came in as a 67 overall for a first rounder next season giving me 4 picks in the first round after the upcoming season.

    I rolled through the season and finished with the best overall record and the #1 seed. I lost 1 game in the entire playoffs. To Houston in the second round. I swept the first, the WCF, and the NBAF over Orlando giving Dallas their 4th straight NBA title.

    My roster looked like this

    PG- MCW, Ennis, 56 overall guy on a one season minimum deal
    SG- Rookie with A+ potential, second year guy with A+ potential
    SF- Wiggins, Anderson, second year guy with A+ potential,
    PF- Davis, second year guy with A+ potential
    C- Noel, Rookie with A+ potential

    I know in my heart I will have to move Anderson this coming season, but it breaks my heart. He's my favorite player on this team. I don't know why. He's slow, he's not a prolific shooter. I think it's his versatility. I can slot him anywhere from the 1-3, he's got the floor general skill, one man fast break, and dime dropper. But Davis' contract is up after the next season, and I need to be able to bring him back. He's the best player in the league and still under 30. He averages a double double, leads the league in blocks and plays excellent defense. If I can move Ennis instead I may do that. He's a defensive anchor at PG, and is excellent as a stopper. I can play him at 1 and MCW at 2, but he's probably more valuable than Anderson, and I could move him and move Anderson back to PG. I'm hopeful that's what I can do.

    I also have 4 picks in the draft, but I can't remember where they're slotted. I'm looking for a new coach, but he's the only part of my staff leaving. Davis' player card says he wants to re-sign with Dallas and will play on a home town discount. Wiggins has to be re-signed this offseason to his first big money deal, but he's a restricted FA, and I've got 2 rookie deals to accept the option on. I'm still loaded, but nowhere near as good as I could be. FWIW I turn off player roles and team chemistry because I'm playing a video game. I don't want it to be that realistic.

    I'm getting close to breaking the Association though. I'm getting close to having to waste picks, and not use them because if I do what I want I could end up with every pick in the draft, which is something I have done before.
  5. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    I would say you pretty much broke it already, haha.
  6. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    It's nowhere near as bad as I've gotten it in the past. I did one with the Nets on 2k12, and at one point I had every single first round pick. I may have to turn on player roles and chemistry, because it's just too easy this way.

    I wish there was an online association on the site, but we never have enough guys to get it rolling, and I'm no good against other people anyway. I'm 5-19 online and 3 of those are guys who quit early.
  7. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    I always just play my player anyways
  8. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    I may try and get one of those going tonight. It's always fun.

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