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Hot Seat I: Steamboatreb

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Big D

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    Oct 8, 2009
    TLHS: Welcome to the first edition of The League's Hot Seat. Stepping into the fire this week is the owner of the San Diego SuperChargers, and our newest board member, Steamboatreb. Welcome! You ready for this?

    SteamboatReb: Shoot.

    TLHS: You took over a team with a lot of talent, yet weren't content to stand pat. You made a lot of little moves in free agency and trades. Put us inside your head. What is your grand scheme?

    SteamboatReb: To add to the young talent that is already at San Diego. We are looking to go in a different direction which will include building, and winning, with young talent. We don't have room for big talent with big egos and bigger salaries. You herard it here first - - Rivers may very well be on the block in the next year or so.

    TLHS: Wow Rivers, and everybody heard about your deal to send away Vincent Jackson getting nixed by the commissioner. How did the locker room handle that situation, and how has VJax handled it?

    SteamboatReb: It was a little hectic at first, but once the guys saw that Floyd, Robinson and Brown could make plays in the passing game, things settled down. TO also filled the void left by VJax to certain extent. He has provided a good veteran presence for the younger guys and projects the "swagger" we need out wide. We also have Gates. He is the true leader in the receiving corps.

    TLHS: The AFC West has been a fun one to watch all year long. It seems like anybody can beat anybody on a given day. What is the division like when you are coaching in it?

    SteamboatReb: Just as it appears. You never know what team (or coach) is gonna come out flat or hot. The Chargers end the year against the Raiders, and that game is circled for sure. We missed an extra point in that game and gave up a late FG and lost by one. The Chiefs are not an easy win. I think the AFC West is balanced in that you have owners who are not that far off in skill level. The coach who blinks first andf gets one dimensional usually loses. I know the turnover has cost us a couple of games when we get too far away from the run. It is a fun division to play in for sure.

    TLHS: But the Raiders. I mean really? They haven't been relevant since before the forward pass I think. Are they really going to win the West?

    Steamboatreb: They will be hard to catch with their schedule down the stretch. Two games clear with four to go is gonna be hard to make up for the Chargers or Broncos. From the Chargers perspective, the loss against the Broncos a couple of weeks ago sealed the division for the Raiders. I think the last game iof the year will be meaningful for the Chargers as it relates to the Wild Card, but the division race is over for the most part. Who knows - maybe the wheels will fall off and the Raiders let us back in the race, but ultimately it does not change what the Chargers will be doing. We are looking at it as if we have to win out to make the playoffs. If we get the division as well, so be it. We just want to be in the playoffs.

    TLHS: If you do get into those playoffs, the AFC has two teams it appears everybody has their eye on. The Patriots and the Steelers. You've played the Patriots this year. What is the key to beating Coach Gaddy and that team?

    SteamboatReb: You are asking the wrong guy at this point. LOL. I have never been as thoroughly defeated as I was in the Patriots. I will say that I have developed a lot as a player since that early game, but only having played Coach Gaddy once, I will say the experience raised more questions than it did provide answers as to how to approach a game against the Pats. I will defer the questions as to how to beat the Pats to one of the teams who have actually done just that. I would be eager to take notes when they provide the keys. From what I have read in summaries, etc., I think that the standings are right and that the Pats and Steelers are definitely the class of the AFC at this point.

    TLHS: We'll have to do that. . .maybe in our next Hot Seat! Let's switch gears here, you have accepted a position of leadership in the League. What made you decide to make the commitment?

    SteamboatReb: I just wanted to get more involved and donate more time to The League. I am not the most creative person, so I decided that helping to administer The League would be the best way for me to get involved. Being a relative newcomer to TSO, I can tell you that it is sometimes not easy to just assimilate into a league and start playing. I hope I can help other newbies get invovled and have fun early on. Personally, I think i became too involved in the wrong way early on (e.g., the VJax trade fiasco). I hope that I can help usher the new guys in and keep the good things we are doing on the right track.

    TLHS: And what do you think are some things we can do to help The League grow?

    SteamboatReb: That is a tough one. I think good competition will always help with growth, buts if The League is competitive, then it is fun. And if it is fun, other guys are gonna want to get in on it. I only have experience in one other league, and I can tell you that it felt like that league "belonged" to a handful of guys and the rest of us were just fodder. i want to do everyhting I can to prevent that from happening in The League.

    TLHS: Alright, we like to end these Hot Seats with some rapid fire. Tell me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the following things.

    Steamboatreb: Boom!

    TLHS: Chargers

    SteamboatReb: Lance Alworth

    TLHS: Division Leading Raiders

    SteamboatReb: Marked for destruction

    TLHS: Undefeated Saints

    SteamboatReb: Overrated!!!

    TLHS: LSU Alabama

    SteamboatReb: Geaux Tigahs!!! (puke crawling up the back of my throat, I am Ole Miss alum, but my wife is from South Louisiana . . . already making plans to get tickets for the Superdome).


    SteamboatReb: Stupid. If the NCAA Basketball Tourney is worth a billion, college football playoffs would be worth at least 10 billion.

    TLHS: League Bowl I

    SteamboatReb: Saints vs. Pats. Saints take it. LOL. I am a real-life Saints fan. It is hard not to pull for them even in the virtual world. Obviuosly< I was kidding about the SAints being overrated earlier.

    TLHS: Anything else you want to add to this Hot Seat?
    SteamboatReb: If the Chargers make the playoffs. Watch out AFC. We are playing good ball right now.

    TLHS: Congratulations, you are now officially of The League Hot Seat.

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