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Houston Recruiting & Game Summaries 2009

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by king of the 843, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Houston Recruiting & Game Summaries 2009

    Houston Recruiting Big Board 2009:

    Column 1
    David Washington MLB **** 5’11 235 lbs TX TEX, TAMU, TTU
    Kyle Monroe TE *** 6’5 220 lbs TX TAMU, MISS, OU
    Sean Davis G *** 6’5 288 lbs TX TEX, TTU, LSU
    Scott Donaldson DE *** 6’6 233 lbs TX LSU, TAMU, MICH
    Victor Collins DE *** 6’1 230 lbs TX TTU, TAMU, OKST
    Danny Bernard ATH ** 6’0 173 lbs TX TAMU, TTU, UTEP
    Eric Carter FB ** 6’2 196 lbs TX HOU, TCU, CU
    Ricky McKinney CB ** 6’2 178 lbs TX HOU, OKST, CU
    Anthony Jackson T ** 6’7 279 lbs TX HOU, BAY, RICE
    Ryan Williams WR ** 6’0 200 lbs CO WYO, BAY, HOU
    Alex Wilson T ** 6’6 304 lbs AL TROY, UAB, VANDY
    Eric Kramer P ** 6’2 217 lbs TX TTU, HOU, TAMU
    James Keyes MLB ** 6’4 230 lbs MI HAW, NEV, SU
    John Robinson T ** 6’5 339 lbs TX HOU, PSU, SU
    Serge Washington HB ** 6’0 190 lbs VA HOU, ULM, TROY
    Ryan Crowell CB ** 5’10 172 lbs AR HOU, MISS, BAY
    Bryan Larsen DE ** 6’1 223 lbs TX OKST, NEB, HOU
    Eddie Lewis TE ** 6’3 236 lbs TX HOU, BAY, RICE
    Dwayne Keyes MLB ** 6’4 233 lbs LA BAY, BOISE, HOU
    Keith Allen WR ** 6’1 195 lbs TX HOU, CSU, USF
    Steve McKnight T ** 6’3 272 lbs TX CU, HOU, ARIZ
    Jermaine Meadows OLB ** 6’0 225 lbs CA IDAHO, ARMY, HOU
    Chaz Bullock T ** 6’4 315 lbs IL BOISE, IOWA, NEV
    Jason Foster HB ** 6’1 214 lbs TX HOU, ARK ST, BOISE
    Nick McDuffie CB ** 6’1 169 lbs NY BUFF, MIA U, UTEP
  2. Game 1

    WEEK 1

    Keenum torches the Cowboys, leads Cougars en route 48-14

    HOUSTON- The Houston offense showed once again why they are one of the most quietly potent offenses in the country, shredding Wyoming 48-14 in the season opener at John O'Quinn Field at Robertson Stadium. Case Keenum threw for 435 yards and 3 TDs, Brick Beall pounded in 2 TDs on the ground, and sophomore receiver Tyron Carrier exploded through the secondary for just over 200 yards, leading the Cougars to a blowout victory in a game that wasn't always so sure; Wyoming took the ball first and scored on the Cougars in less than 2 minutes on the first drive. However, after that mishap, the Cougars regained composure and remained in control all day. ​
    Though the offense stole many of the headlines Saturday, the defense also showed a solid outing and limiting Wyoming to just 46 rushing yards and causing 4 turnovers. While the defense certainly looked impressive, the jury is still out: Wyoming is picked by nearly everyone to finish dead-last in the Mountain West this year and certainly looked out of place against Houston. Yet, the jury won't be out for long as the Cougars must travel to (#9) Oklahoma State next week for a match-up that is sure to have some fireworks and its fair share of points (last year's game produced a 56-37 shootout that surely gave the scoreboard a workout). ​
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    Jul 7, 2009
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