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Hova's Recruit of the Year

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by Hova, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    This will be a segment I do every year. Each season the highest ranked (by the in game rankings) signed recruit by a user team will win the award of "Recruit of the Year". That recruit will then get added to my post and I will track his career stats and team record while he played. I will track all of this for everyone to view through an embedded google doc. At the end of the cycle we can look back and vote on who the best recruit was based on career performance. I will also update this segment throughout the season with who currently has the highest ranked recruit and any battles that may ensue to win this award each season.


    I will make an official thread for this once I have my spreadsheet designed how I want it.
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  2. dakota7

    dakota7 Former Blue Chip Recruit

    Sep 23, 2009
    Maybe we could look at the worst recruit each year as well? I can do that if guys have an interest?
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