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How Did Draft Day Treat You?

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Brandon S., Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011

    Did you fill all the holes you wanted going into season 2?

    Did you draft the best overall player available or go for team needs?

    Do you plan on keeping all of your draft picks?

    Find any diamonds in the rough? A pots in the 3rd round or later?

    How many of your rookies do you plan on starting?

    Why did you pick the players you drafted?

    Personally, i plan on keeping all 7 of my picks and i drafted for team needs. I got starters in the first 4 rounds and 5-7 were all depth players, linemen and a 4th WR.

    DE Na'Quan Watson - Plan on starting him alongside A Pot DE Bailey, and have A pot DT Powe in between them at NT. Going to be a power line, set for years to come.

    CB Walls - Using him to replace Brandon Flowers or Brandon Carr, don't plan on resigning both since i drafted this guy.

    TE Belton - He has good hands and speed to go opposite of A pot TE Moeaki.

    MLB Robinson - Fast MLB with good ZCV and great tackler, can also apply pressure with his 75 FMV and PMV will start at #2 MLB for me in the 3-4 alongside Derrick Johnson

    LT Ramsey - Depth at Oline, very strong with high 70s footwork, good for a backup and will progress.

    LT Branch - Has mid 90s strength at both Pass block and run block, his downside is footwork so I plan on playing him at Center to minimize mobility.

    WR Parker - Needed a 4th WR and he is the man for the job, has average speed and hands but 82 Catch in traffic isn't bad for a 7th round pick.
  2. Roggie

    Roggie Back 2 Back

    Jun 14, 2011
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    OLB Daniel Rucker: Was the number one overall rated player entering the draft. Needed OLB depth, but got a stud I couldn't pass up. Tulloch will move to MLB where he belongs, and Levy will be Rucker's backup.

    CB Dallas Alford: Might be the NFL's worst tackler. But his physical skills are fantastic, and the Lions don't have that speedster at corner to catch up to someone on a deep ball or that shifty slot receiver. Alford looks to start at Nickel in his first season.

    WR Delency Kilgo: Needed WRs bad. Not a great route runner, but has good hands and off the chart measurables. Will play in 4 WR sets and spell the top 3 WRs, along with returning kicks and/or punts.

    MLB E.J. Owens: Average, balanced MLB. Nothing special, but no glaring weaknesses. Has the chance to develop into a contributor.

    C Sam Riley: Good physical skills. Has the ability to spell Raiola and be a suitable replacement if needed.

    RT Cameron Buchanan: Has ability, but is a dumbass when it comes to football. Hoping he learns what a football is, then the game itself.

    HB Amond Clements: 7th round pick who will make the team. Highly agile, with the ability to lower the shoulder and run a defender over. Not expecting any instant contributions, but has a chance to be a third or 2nd back.
  3. RyanC

    RyanC Walk On

    Feb 21, 2011
    Ryan Kaiser, QB - Franchise QB, he has a monster arm, his accuracy will have to be worked on a bit with his deep passes, but will be an incredible player

    Khiry Cousins, TE - Solid TE with good pass catching ability, will start this year and will be the #1 guy barring a can't miss player

    Leventrice Malone, CB - Provides some depth at corner, was also the best cover player on the board at the time

    Dextrell Wallace, WR - Gives me some speed at WR, kid is definitely a burner, and has decent hands to boot

    Devonta' Manning, MLB - Filled a need, may start depending on the FA market

    Jaren Altime, CB - A talented kick returner who will see the field at kickoff and punt returns this year
  4. gsolo19564

    gsolo19564 Walk On

    Nov 20, 2009
    Im sittin in the car waitin on my daughter to get done with dance so ill do the best i can. Dont remember everybody i drafted but kind of remember why.

    First i forgot to go resign anybody so my depth chart was thin. My WRs stunk to begin with and then allowed the best one to go to free agency. So im signing all my picks. Even after them i still need to sign 20 somethin free agents to fill my team.

    1st rd- WR- unless i can get a stud FA WR this pick immediately Bradford's #1 target
    2nd rd- HB-while stephen jackson should have a few more years in him he was the only HB on my team. This will give Jackson some relief and hopefully in afew years this pick will be ready to replace jackson
    3rd-4th rd: basically filling rosters spots with cheap picks so i would have money left to fill the other 20 spots i need
  5. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    Draft treated the Niners pretty well, though things didn't go as expected at all. GM Steve Mayernick went into the draft with the idea that he'd target, or even trade up, for QB Ryan Kaiser, then beef up the defense. When every QB was available on the board at pick 5, Mayernick had a quick change of heart.

    ROUND 1 QB Peter Newcomer, 83 OVR: Everything scremed Ryan Kaiser, but for one reason or another, Mayernick pulled the trigger on Newsome. The former Hokie has better size than Kaiser (6'3 as opposed to 6'1), and has significantly better speed, acc, agility. He also has better SAC and MAC, which are key in the Niners west coast offense. He doesn't have the overall accuracy or throw power of Kaiser (89 to 94), but Newsome just reminded the SF front office of Steve Young all too much to pass on (90 throw on the run). Will be the starter day 1, as the Colin Kaepernick experiment is over in the Bay area. Newcomer will make this offense dynamic and unpredictable. Opposing defenses should take note.

    ROUND 1 (FROM REDSKINS) HB Codie Ross, 83 OVR: Originally shipping Frank Gore to the Skins for a draft pick intended for defensive help, Codie Ross was a top 5 talent that fell to the Niners and couldn't be passed up. In Ross, the Niners find an immediate replacement for gore, whose 8 years younger and more athletic. Ross has good size (6’0 218) and outstanding ratings. With 96 speed, 96 acceleration, and 98 agility, SF finds an immediate change of pace their offense desperately needed. Though those numbers might be indicative of a scat back running style, Ross is a complete player. He has 81 strength, 89 trucking, 95 stiff arm, 83 elusiveness, 88 spin move, 68 catching, and 84 carrying. He also is fairly reliable, having an 80 injury rating. Ross will get a ton of carries year one. Rumor has it, the Niners are currently weighing various options at HB, as they are not sure that Kendall Hunter (23, 80 ovr B potential) is a good compliment, despite being a solid player. The Niners might look to add a bigger back as a back up.

    ROUND 2 CB Derron Charles, 77 OVR: 93 speed, 87 acceleration, but very solid coverage skills. His play recognition is 74, with man and zone at 82 and 83, respectively. Charles can also press (83), which is something the Niners like to do on occasion. Charles comes into camp as the number one rated CB on the Niners, who desperately need players to step up in that position. With B potential, Charles should progress nicely and become a staple in the San Fran secondary for years.

    ROUND 3 WR Dallas Strong, 73 OVR: Athletic freak who seems to have reached his potential already. He comes in at 6’2, 188 lbs and has 99 speed, 93 acc, and 95 jumping. He has good hands, with 85 catching and 95 spectacular catching. His release is also good, at 88, but his route running is very raw (56). Until he can polish up his route running, he will be use sparingly.

    ROUND 4 WR Jawuan Sales 70 OVR: Big receiver (6’3) with outstanding athletic ability (98 speed, 96 acc). Could be potent in the open field with 94 agility, 98 juke, and 84 ball carrier vision. His route running also needs improvement (54), but he has decent hands (76 hands) and outstanding catch in traffic (97). With B potential, he should progress into a decent player.

    ROUND 5 LG Ken Brewster 68 OVR: Mammoth Guard (6’7 338) who has 94 strength and solid blocking skills (71 pass 79 run). With only 40 awareness and C potential, it’ll be interesting to see how he develops. For now, he will have to work hard and be patient if he hopes to see any time on the field.

    ROUND 6 MLB Jazz Berry 65 OVR: A special teamer with an interesting skill set that attracted the attention of the SF front office. Has marginal speed, but solid tackling and outstanding hit power (95). Could create some big plays on special teams, and could down the road get a shot at getting some looks at MLB, as the Niners are thin there, though they may look to FA for that.

    ROUND 7 CB Shakim Manning 70 OVR: Another outstanding athlete (97 speed and acc) and decent coverage skills. Very unaware player who is injury prone with C potential. The Niners drafted him in hopes of getting a returner, but it appears his return ability is low. Should make the team, but may not last long. Has a lot to prove to the staff.
  6. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    I picked at #17 in the draft, and was surprised at some of the talent that fell to me.

    Rnd 1 - Torry Sanders - WR - 83 ovr - A pot
    What a stud, especially at pick 17. I feel like this guy is a steal. He is an amazing athlete with 98 spd 98 acc, 82 ctch, 98 juke move. He is small at 5'10 178, but he should be a DeSean Jackson type of playmaker for us. He will be a great compliment for Britt and give 2 good WRs.

    Rnd 2 - Dareyon Hogan - SS - 74 ovr - B pot
    We had no SS on the roster so this was a need pick. Dareyon is a great athlete and will start right away. He has 90 spd, 90 agi, 81 tckle, and 80 zone coverage. He really needs to work on his awareness and man coverage though.

    Rnd 3 - Jonathon Hammdonds - TE - 75 ovr - B pot
    Nice tall 6'5 TE who is also a great athlete. Hammonds has 86 spd, 88 acc, but is also a smart player with 85 awareness. He really needs to work on his hands, but is a competent run blocker. Will sit behind Cook for awhile, but gives us a threat in Big formations as he provides a matchup problem for defenses.

    Rnd 4 - Brady Bennett - FB - 75 ovr - A pot
    Great value pick as we get an A pot future starter in the 4th round. Bennett will sit behind starter Hall for a year, but will look to replace him next season as Hall is getting a bit old. Bennett can be a great short yardage ball carrier as he has 90 trucking. We need him to work on his awareness and blocking skills though.

    Rnd 5 - Cameron Dashnaw - P - 76 ovr - A pot
    Another late round A pot guy, though he is a punter. We love his strong A pwr leg and will be our punter for this year and the future.

    Rnd 6 - Darius Holmes - WR/KR - 61 ovr - C pot
    We drafted Holmes to be our Kick returner specialist. His C pot however may allow him to develop into a decent slot receiver option down the line. Very fast athlete with 95 spd, 95 agi, 96 acc and has the great 98 return skill

    Rnd 7 - Shredrick Carnes - CB - 72 ovr - C pot
    Great name and great value. 72 overall CB with 96 spd and 80 man coverage. At this point, he is a pure depth player who will see some action on special teams.

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