How did your recruits turn out?

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    Sep 24, 2009
    How did your recruits turn out?

    Mine weren't actually that bad. Here is a breakdown:

    QB: 2*Ath B. Parham (4th string) 71 OVR with 84 SPD, 85 ACC, 78 THP, 72 THA, 73 BTK

    HB: 3*RB M. Kemp (2nd string) 74 OVR with 90 SPD, 86 ACC, 73 BTK
    2*RB S. Smith (5th string) 71 OVR with 84 SPD, 82 ACC, 74 BTK

    WR: 2*WR C. Garcia (5th on depth chart) 73 OVR with 89 SPD, 78 CTH
    2*ATH G. Tucker (last on depth chart) 71 OVR with 86 SPD, 62 CTH

    TE: 2*WR G. Brewster (4th string) 50 OVR with 80 SPD

    T: 2*T T. Ratliff (2nd string LT) 73 OVR
    2*T D. Thomas (2nd string RT) 70 OVR

    G: 4*G B. Holmes (starter LG) 79 OVR
    2*G J. Cole (2nd string RG) 69 OVR

    DE: 2*DE M. Robertson (starter LE) 73 OVR with 81 SPD
    2*DE J. Jackson (starter RE) 71 OVR with 81 SPD

    DT: 2*DE N. Bratton (starter DT) 80 OVR with 69 SPD
    2* DT A. Graves(6th on depth chart) 73 OVR

    OLB: 2*OLB JUCO C. Hines (starter LOLB) 74 OVR with 82 SPD
    2*ATH C. Turner (starter ROLB) 71 OVR with 79 SPD

    MLB 2*MLB E. Wilson (3rd string) 71 OVR with 73 SPD and 82 STR

    SS 3*SS D. Thompson (starter SS) 72 OVR with 79 SPD and 81 Hit Power

    I got 7 starters and 4-5 more contributers so not too bad for a 1st class.
    Also had another JUCO but can't remember what position he was. And got a walk on kicker that had 3 touchbacks my first game.

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