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How It Works: The Evolution

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by T2, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. T2

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    Jul 26, 2009
    How It Works: The Evolution

    Here Is The Format For Our Hire/Fire Contract Coaching

    Read Over It Carefully.

    Developed by ryty32


    A. Contract Term

    1. Each coach will have a two year contract with their chosen team. Every new contract term will also be two years.

    B. Goals

    1. Based on the prestige level of each user team, there will be goals that each coach has to work to achieve in order to keep your job or progress to a higher prestige school.

    a. School Prestige 1* Goals:
    1. Have a winning record over the contract term
    2. Beat Rival
    3. Receive one bowl bid
    4. OPTIONAL - Beat a ranked team

    b. School Prestige 2* Goals:
    1. Have a winning record over the contract term
    2. Receive a Bowl Bid
    3. Beat a 4, 5 or 6 star team
    4. OPTIONAL - Beat rivals twice

    c. School Prestige 3* Goals:
    1. Have a winning record over the contract term
    2. Finish Top 3 in your conference
    3. Beat a 5* or 6* Team
    4. Receive a Bowl Bid
    5. OPTIONAL - Beat Rival twice

    d. School Prestige 4* Goals:
    1. Finish Season in Top 25
    2. Win Conference Title
    3. Play in January Bowl Game
    4. Show a 5 game + Wins Improvement (??)
    5. OPTIONAL - One 10 win season

    e. School Prestige 5* Goals:
    1. Win Conference Title
    2. Finish Season in Top 10
    3. Play in a BCS Bowl
    4. Beat Rival Twice

    f. School Prestige 6* Goals:
    1. Win Conference Title
    2. Win BCS Title
    3. Have back to back 10 Win Seasons
    4. Beat Rivals

    C. Rapid Advancement

    1. If a coach dramatically exceeds expectations, it will be possible for that coach to leave after 1 year.

    TERMS -
    a. 1* - Achieve all goals with maximum of 3 losses.
    b. 2* - Achieve all goals with a maximum of 2 losses
    c. 3* - Achieve all goals with a maximum of 1 loss.
    d. 4* - Achieve all goals and go undefeated.
    e. 5* and 6* - Achieve all goals and win National Championship

    D. Coaching Carousel

    1. At the end of each season, the EVOLUTION User Committee will evaluate each teams performance to see if they achieved their goals. The coaches that achieved their goals will be ranked by the committee. The coach with the best resume will have the first choice to determine which available team they would like to accept. Of course, the coach will have the option of staying at their current school if they desire. The list of available schools will be selected by the committee based on team performance.

    2. When accepting a new job, you can only move up two school prestige levels. (i.e. If you coach 2* BG, you can only advance to a under-performing 3* or 4* team identified at the end of the season by the committee)

    E. Miscellaneous -

    1. New users will be required to start with a 1* or 2* team.
    2. If you are coaching a 1* team, you can never be fired.
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