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How To Guide

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by NYJuggalo45, May 18, 2009.

  1. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    How To Guide

    This will be a how to guide and answer a lot of questions of what we’re going to do and what settings the league will use.

    All of these will be added to the rules post as well
  2. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Match Options / Settings


    All non-title matches will be 3 round.
    All title matches will be 5 rounds.
    (It is the person who sets up the matches responsibility to set this to correctly)

    Vs. CPU
    - First and foremost, we will be going on the honor system here. There is no way to tell if you actually beat the cpu or not. I’m hoping everyone will be honest with the match results. We are ALL going to lose to the cpu at some point (and if my exhibitions are any indication, I will a lot). Please be truthful in match results and recap. If anyone is found to lie about results, they will be removed from the league. No questions asked.
    - Please make sure you use the correct settings (rounds, opponent, etc)
    - The venue and ref will be listed in the event card. Again, please use the correct settings. On the fighter selection screen, you can hit the Y button to change everything. It’s probably just for shits & giggles and doesn’t make a world of difference, but again, the league is only what we make it, so let’s all follow along.
    - After the fight, write up a match recap. The more details the better.

    Vs. Human
    - 1 person must take control, it doesn’t matter who, but whoever does, follow these steps
    - Go to Xbox live
    - Player match
    - Create Session
    - Set the rounds, weightclass.
    - Fighter privileges - UFC & CAF
    - DLC Fighters - No
    - Match presentation - ON
    - Private - ON
    - Hit Y to set the arena and ref (again will be listed in the event card)
    - Hit the Xbox button in the middle and invite your opponent to the fight
    - Select fighters and off you go
    - After the fight, both parties must write up a match recap. Again, the more details the better.
  3. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Create a fighter


    I messed around with the create a fighter. And it seems good to go. There is a difference between create a fighter in career and create a fighter specifically for Xbox live and exhibition. We will be using the “Create a Fighter†only method. There is a set limit/points you can assign a fighter and they will be created equally and with overalls good enough to join the league.

    Below is a walkthru guide on how to create a fighter

    - Go to Create a fighter
    - New fighter
    - Basic Info (name, height, weight class - remember you cannot have a CAF in a weightclass you already have a fighter in)
    - There are limits on attributes. Basically, the more you weight, the stronger you can make your fighter, the less you weight, the faster/more cardio you can have.
    - Select fight styles (techniques, attributes, skills)
    - - - Techniques are 1 striking, 1 grappling. For example - Boxing/Wrestling
    - - - Attributes are your strength, speed, cardio with a max point system
    - - - Skills are more defined (ie standing striking or takedown defense) again with a max point system
    - Physical Appearance (hair, nose, etc. ) 1 note, tattoos. ONLY select art tattoos. For some reason, tattoos you create (such as text) have a glitch online that make your fighter not be able to fight on Xbox live.
    - Clothing (trunks, knee braces, etc)
    - Hit save
    - Then finished
    - All fighers seem to come out around 86-90 ovr


    While you don’t have to post appearance and stuff like that, it is only fair if everyone’s CAF has their attributes and vitals listed so everyone knows strengths and weaknesses. Please use the following template and post in the CREATED FIGHTERS section before using your fighter in the league

    Name -
    Height -
    Username / Xbl name -
    Weightclass -
    Fight Style - (Striking/Grappling)

    Strength -
    Speed -
    Cardio -

    Standing Striking Offense -
    Standing Striking Defense -
    Standing Kicks Offense -
    Standing Kicks Defense -
    Clinch Striking Offense -
    Clinch Striking Defense -
    Ground Striking Offense -
    Ground Striking Defense -
    Clinch Grapple Offense -
    Clinch Grapple Defense -
    Takedown Offense -
    Takedown Defense -
    Ground Grappling Offense -
    Ground Grappling Defense -
    Submissions Offense -
    Submissions Defense -
    Overall -

    Here’s an example of what your template should look like.

    Name - Joe Average
    Username / Xbl name - NYJuggalo45 / MMJuggs45
    Height - 6'0
    Weightclass - Middleweight
    Fight Style - Boxing/BJJ

    Strength - 66
    Speed - 65
    Cardio - 64

    Standing Striking Offense - 66
    Standing Striking Defense - 65
    Standing Kicks Offense - 64
    Standing Kicks Defense - 66
    Clinch Striking Offense - 65
    Clinch Striking Defense - 64
    Ground Striking Offense - 66
    Ground Striking Defense - 65
    Clinch Grapple Offense - 64
    Clinch Grapple Defense - 66
    Takedown Offense - 65
    Takedown Defense - 64
    Ground Grappling Offense - 66
    Ground Grappling Defense - 65
    Submissions Offense - 64
    Submissions Defense - 65
    Overall - 88

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