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    Hard at Work Trade Committee:

    I reserve the right to veto a trade even when approved by the committee.

    Trade log is being kept here -

    Trade request process:
    • Private Message the Trade Committee above, copy the involved owner(s)
      • Title: HaW Trade: Bills & Packers
      • Body: Player & position, age, overall, contract, traits & most importantly the development trait. Include key attributes like SPD,MCV,CTH etc and if there are draft picks involved.
    • Explanations are allowed if you feel that helps state your case for why you want to do the trade.
    • Trade committee will vote and approve/deny trade.
    • If approved, trade can then be completed on the console/file.
    • The trade approval process is not a debate. If you would like to debate the merits of the trade, do so in a separate discussion.
    • The trade committee is not subject to criticism. I will not allow the members who take extra time out of their lives to consider trades be subject to poking/prodding/etc after your trades get shut down. If I see this violated, it will be handled harshly.
    • 3/5 votes to pass. If a committee member is involved, 3/4 to pass. If two committee members are involved, 2/3 to pass.
    Trading Tiers and Guidelines
    • Draft day pick for pick are open/free for all and not subject to committee approval. However this means player trades must not be included on draft day.
    • All Player trades are subject to trade committee approval
    • Age, Salary (w/ years remaining), and overall must be included with each player.
    • We will use a tiered trade limit system to prevent multiple blockbuster trades year after year. These tiers are up to the interpretation of the trade committee.
      • Tier 1 - Franchise talent type player. JJ Watt, Andrew Luck, Joe Haden, Russell Wilson. These types of players. Mega talent/Face of the Franchice. Also if multiple 1st's or 2nd round picks are involved. One trade every other season.
        • Must have 2 seasons tenure in order to execute a Tier 1 trade.
      • Tier 2 - 1st or 2nd round pick involved. Again at discretion of TC. Quality or perhaps even older Pro Bowl type players. Young players with upside but need development. 3 per season
      • Tier 3 - Middle of the road players but still starter quality or good depth. 3 per season
      • Tier 4 - Depth players or situational. Unlimited.
      • Eli Manning Clause - Once per CYCLE you may trade a ROOKIE as long as it is prior to the season. No in-season trades of rookies. This is on a per owner basis and may only be executed by owners with 2 seasons tenure.
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