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Featured Hskr/Publik's S3 Mock Draft

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by hskr8128, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
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    S3 Mock Draft

    Listen, I’m TMFL’s “draft guru”. I don’t see why we need to have another opinion when I have shown year after year that I am the ultimate draft authority. However, thanks to the Kiper-McShay craze, TMFL has decided to bring in young hotshot journalist publik drunk to provide an alternate take. This guy has blown up thanks to his “UTI Awards” that he introduced, but he is in unchartered territory here. Without further ado, we present to you the first every Co-op mock draft.



    1. Seattle Seahawks

    HSKR: 1) WR Stephon Curtis-Tennessee

    For once I actually believe Cheez will make his first overall pick. The Seahawks have a tough choice. They can take WR Stephon Curtis, who looks an awful lot like a certain fella named Rijo Drummond. CB Torri Mims is the other option here, proving the other guy making picks isn’t a complete nimrod at least.

    Publik: 1) Seattle Seahawks- CB Torri Mims Alabama

    You wonder why they brought me in? Stephon Curtis is a major reach here. He struggled at Tennessee and never truly developed into that #1 role. On to my pick. Torri Mims had his stock blow up after the combine. Already a playmaker on the field, Mims ran a 4.32 and had a great vertical as well. You just don't see this combination of size and speed at this position. No brainer here.


    2. Cincinnati Bengals

    HSKR: 2. Cincinnati Bengals-WR DeAndre Galvin-Ohio State 6‘4 236

    What the hell are the Bengals doing here? They deal AJ Green, so can they really be looking for anything other than WR or CB, the drafts hot positions? I just don’t see the logic in trading AJ Green for a rookie, even one who looks as great as Galvin. Galvin has all the tools, he’s tall, quick, and athletic. AJ Green is all that plus polished and has chemistry with Dalton. What gives?

    Publik: 2. Cincinnati Bengals- WR Deandre Galvin OSU

    Glad to see you come back to reality as you are right on almost everything you said. Galvin is a really good WR but he is no nor will he ever be an A.J. Green. Really think the Bengals are pulling the wool over our eyes here though, the organization has been on lockdown since the trade and no one has any feeling what's happening.

    3. Indianapolis Colts

    HSKR: 3. Indianapolis Colts-DT Coco Walker-Alabama 6‘3 309

    The Colts REALLY need OL help, but this draft doesn’t look to have any surefire top 5 picks at that position. I agree with publik that the Colts are going to look DL next but I just don’t think Jeffery is the right guy here. Walker is versatile and could play in a 4-3 or 3-4. He stuffs the run and rushes the passer. He is the whole package that is only seen in the elite DT’s like Dareus, Suh, and McCoy.

    Publik: 3. Indianapolis Colts- Adavinyan Jeffrey RE Geoegria

    I agree with everything you said about Coco, just don't think he is the guy here. Jeffrey is the best pass rushing DE in this draft and maybe to come out the last couple years. With his speed an all that raw potential he will be a force for years to come

    4. Chicago Bears

    HSKR: 4. Chicago Bears-LT LaMarcus Cole-Florida 6‘5 314

    There are holes everywhere so it’s hard to know where the Bears will go. They may be tempted to grab one of the many skill players left out there but the good teams are built in the trenches first and the Bears OL is terrible. They need a franchise LT to protect Kyle Scott if he is going to be the future and Cole has all the makings to be that guy. Publik one again proves he isn't completely incompetent at least as he has the right position pegged but the wrong player.

    Publik: 4. Ramorius Finley- LT Penn St

    You make good points for Cole so I'll give you a little credit there. The reason the obvious choice is Finley is his versatility. He played 4 positions successfully in college and has the footwork of a LT with the strength of the guard. Cole is the best player to just plug in at LT yes but the Bears need a whole new O-Line and Finley is the best place to start.

    5. Tampa Bay Bucs

    HSKR: 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-CB Torri Mims-Alabama 6‘1 213

    I didn’t have the Bucs pegged to take a CB but there is no way Mims keeps falling here. My counterpart has him going #1 OVR and I agree he may have that kind of talent. He has another Crimson Tide teammate going here in Coco Walker who would look excellent in a Bucs uniform next to McCoy but I think he is the best DL in this draft and will be gone by #5.

    Publik: 5. Tampa Bay Bucs- Coco Walker DT Alabama

    Marcel Dareus. Enough said. Watching this kid's tape is impressive. He is a pass rushing nightmare. I agree he very well could be the best DL in the draft, but I have him falling to the Buccaneers here to create a nightmare for offensive lines.


    Publik: 6. San Diego Chargers- Dexter Blake QB Alabama

    The best QB prospect since luck and best Alabama QB in forever. This kid has a major arm, can read defenses, and has played in a pro style offense for the last 4 years. The Chargers may have made the move of the off season jumping two teams in need of a qb for a sure thing here.​

    HSKR: 6. San Diego Chargers-QB Reid Weaver-Wisconsin 6‘4 223

    Did you even watch the national championship game? How he has Blake as the top QB over Weaver is just beyond me. Weaver faced a defense that is going to produce at least 4 TMFL draft picks in the first 2 rounds, and he picked them apart. He has all the measurables and his interviews at the combine have been great. Weaver is the premier QB of this class.


    HSKR: 7. Houston Texans-QB Dexter Blake-Alabama 6‘4 231

    I didn’t say Blake was a bad QB prospect, he’s just not as polished as Weaver. He led the nation’s top team all season long and was practically bred to be an NFL QB. He’s been working with QB coaches since he was 5 years old. This kid is the real deal and the Texans need to end the revolving door of QB’s they have had since their inception.

    Publik: 7.Reid Weaver- QB- Wisconsin

    Thank you for proving my point on Blake. Alabama's players had checked out for that game and Weaver was a product of the system. Look at all the weapons he had around him on offense. I think Weaver is a bust in disguise but the Texans will take him here and he will be the next Sanchez.


    HSKR: 8. Mexico City Diablos-CB Shaquelle Bernard-Wisconsin 6‘2 205

    Poor, poor Diablos. They need a QB so bad and it must be so painful to see the draft’s two best signal callers go back to back before their pick. However, CB is always a major need, especially in a division that saw a star born in WR JT Patton last season. This is evidence of how much talent was on the field in last years title game as the 5th member of those teams is selected in the first 8 picks.

    Publik: 8. Mexico City Diablos- Toran Guy Wr Ohio State

    The Diablos were saved by the Chargers attempt at a trade "cock" block. Without the Chargers trading up Weaver would have fell to Mexico City here and they would be the team taking the bust. Guy had a bad combine which caused his stock to drop some, but I think this is the best pick for the Diablos. Kid has soft hands and catches everything.


    HSKR: 9. New York Jets-LT Gordon Hardman-UCLA 6‘6 308

    At least this guy watches football and knows that the Jets have no choice but to go OL here. However, his obsession with workout warrior Ramarious Finley has clouded his judgement of the OL position. Hardman is another one in the mold of LaMarcus Cole. He has all the tools to be a bookend LT for over a decade in this league. The Jets wouldn’t be upset to get Hardman or Cole here.

    Publik: 9. New York Jets- LaMarcus Cole LT- Florida

    There is obviously a reason I was brought in and you're to full of yourself to see it. Cole is the best pure LT in the draft yes, but I do have him falling to 9 in a dream scenario for New York. Hardman isn't even on the level as the other two, your reasoning is as silly as your shaved eyebrows.​
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  2. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    Featured Threads:

    HSKR: 10. Minnesota Vikings-WR Ben Dalton-Wisconsin 6‘4 220

    I don’t dislike the Franklin pick here but this HB class seems deep and I think there are better options for the Vikings here. They need weapons to surround Teddy with and Dalton is similar to Galvin in his size and speed. He could reunite with former teammate Jerron Banks in Minnesota, who was a mentor to Dalton at Wisconsin.

    Publik: 10. Minnesota Vikings- Lonnie Franklin HB Michigan St

    Really a toss up here for me between Franklin and Gordon but the Vikings are for sure going HB. I believe they will go with the younger Franklin to replace AD & Mason. The fact you have a WR going here is insane. In fact I can't even stand to be in the same room with you right now. I will have my secretary send over the rest of my picks, but for now I'm out.


    HSKR: 11. Denver Broncos-MLB Lakeem Thomas-Auburn 6‘3 234

    The Broncos would have loved for a big WR to fall to put next to Thomas but instead they will settle for the best LB in the draft. Thomas is huge and really brings the pain. This is a guy who will bring a Ray Lewis level of intimidation and intensity to the middle of the field.

    11 Broncos- Ben Dalton WR Wisconsin

    Wouldn't be surprised if this pick is moved prior to the draft. Broncos need a ROLB more but I see them taking depth at WR rather than reaching on a ROLB


    HSKR: 12. New York Giants-OLB Tyler Phillip-Florida 6‘3 259

    The Giants have alot of different directions they could go here. They would have loved to grab a QB as it’s getting more and more difficult to keep rolling the corpse of Eli out there. Instead, we are giving them Phillip, who is a versatile LB who has the instincts to play almost any linebacking position in any defense.

    Publik: 12. Giants- Gordon Hardman LT UCLA

    The Giants offensive line is a nightmare. It's a surprise Eli decided to come back with the position in flux. No better place to start rebuilding than with a possible franchise LT.


    HSKR:13. Dallas Cowboys-CB Mikhail Prewitt-Oklahoma 6‘2 212

    The Cowboys could not be any more pleased with how this mock has gone. It’s well known that all they want is a shiny new CB and Prewitt is one of the best. He was a top performer at the combine and has the size that makes GM’s drool.

    Publik: 13. Cowboys- Tercel Nichols TE Wisconsin

    Could see the Cowboys going corner here as they probably had planned until Nichols blew up the combine. At 6'6" with those physicals I think the Cowboys take him here to replace the legendary Witten.


    HSKR: 14. Kansas City Chiefs-CB Deangelo Griffin-LSU 6‘1 211

    The Chiefs don’t care whether they get an OL or CB here but they have to be hoping one of those positions drop. Griffin was thought to be the top CB prospect in the draft but he only turned in the 21st fastest 40 time among CB’s at the combine and that has caused his stock to slip slightly. He will still easily be a 1st round pick and the Chiefs would be more then happy to give him his shot.

    Publik: 14. Kansas City- HB Cedric Gordon LSU

    With the departure of Jamal Charles this is a pick that makes sense for the Chiefs. Very similar to Franklin and was a touch faster at the combine. Solid pick at this position.


    HSKR: 15. Green Bay Packers-DT Bryan Ratliff-Alabama 6‘1 301

    The other half of Alabama’s dynamic duo finally goes off the board. The question around NFL circles is just how much these two guys (Ratliff and Walker) benefited playing next to each other for 2 seasons. Teams couldn’t double team them and thus they just created havoc, being one of the most electrifying DT duos in recent history. While Ratliff doesn’t have quite the athleticism of Walker, he is the stronger of the two.

    Publik: 15. Green Bay -Shaquelle Bernard CB Wisconsin

    A close to home pick and the third Badger drafted in the top 15 Bernard is a great fit for the Packers. His size and speed make him very valuable as the Pack try and shore up their secondary.


    HSKR:16. Cleveland Browns-SS Andre Grimes-Florida St 5‘11 198

    The Browns war room erupts as the best S in the draft slips to them just when they let Donte Whitner walk. SS is a position lacking playmakers in TMFL right now and while Grimes may be undersized, he brings alot of heart and playmaking ability to the position.

    Publik: 16. Cleveland Javon Meyer HB OSU

    Cleveland reaches for a HB from their ownerships alma matter here. While a lot of scouts have him rated second round talent, I'm really high on this kid after a great combine.


    HSKR: 17. Carolina Panthers-C Andrew Chapman-Alabama 6‘1 304

    This may be considered a bit of a reach but Carolina has a terrible offensive line and need to do something to address it right away. Publik pointed out earlier how LT Ramorious Finley had played 4 OL positions in college so Carolina may look his way due to his versatility but we have them taking Chapman.

    Publik: 17. Carolina Cedric Russell LOLB Wisconsin

    4th Badger selected in the first rd. Russell didn't have an amazing combine but he is a great tackler and can shore up the strong side of the defense.


    HSKR: 18. Washington Redskins-WR Taray Guy-Ohio St 6‘1 206

    2 Years ago, Washington drafted franchise QB Duncan Hamilton. Last season they grabbed a HB who looks to be the future in Jack Walker. It must be time to find their WR of the future.That position is old and terrible and if Hamilton is going to succeed he needs some big time targets. Guy is good with the ball in his hands and may provide a playmaking spark that Washington needs.

    Publik: 18. Redskins Nathan Duncan C

    Washington isn't a team with a lot of needs so I see them taking the smart pick based on need here. Might be a bit of a stretch but Duncan would make their offensive line extremely solid


    HSKR:19. Buffalo Bills-LT Ramorious Finley-Penn St. 6‘5 306

    The Bills addressed one of their biggest needs by getting AJ Green from the Bengals. If they can snag a solid OL here we can consider this trade a success for them. Finley is the best prospect left and his versatility will come in handy for Buffalo.

    Publik: 19. Buffalo Deangelo Griffin CB LSU

    Buffalo could very well win this draft if Griffin slides to 19.
    After trading from 2 to 19 and still getting a player of Griffin's ability the organization would be all smiles.

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  3. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    Featured Threads:

    HSKR: 20. Baltimore Ravens-RE DeAndre Cole-Nebraska 6‘5 308

    Cole would fit perfectly in Baltimore’s 3-4 defense. He’s strong and has the strength to set the edge while still disrupting the pocket. The Ravens would have loved to have seen one of the WR’s fall here but we can’t see them reaching for any of the ones left.

    Publik: 20. Baltimore- Stephon Curtis WR Tennessee

    Baltimore gets Periman some help here. Curtis might be a bit of a reach here but the Ravens need a WR and he is the best fit for them.

    HSKR: 21. New Orleans Saints-OLB Thomas Jordan-Nebraska 6‘2 257-Nebraska

    The second Cornhusker in a row goes here as the Saints attempt to add some playmaking ability to their defense. Jordan is more suited to a 3-4 but he may be able to put his hand in the dirt and disrupt things with this ability to shed blocks and pursue the ball.

    Publik: 21. New Orleans- Case Hill RG Tennessee

    Saints shore up that RG spot as Vols go in back to back picks. Hill looks to be the best G in the draft and the Saints fill one of their few needs.


    HSKR: 22. San Francisco 49ers-MLB Travis Parham-Michigan St. 6‘ 239

    Navarro Bowman is only getting older and the 49ers can’t pass up this opportunity to grab a playmaking MLB who probably should have already been gone.

    Publik: 22.San Fran Mikhail Prewitt CB Oklahoma

    The last time the 49ers passed on a Sooner CB, they regretted it as Arizona swooped in and made him an immediate impact player. Prewitt has the size to help guard one of the best up and coming Wrs J.T. Patton.



    23. Miami Dolphins-CB Marcus Jordan-Oklahoma 6‘ 181

    I originally thought the Dolphins were going to go QB at #6 and finally move on from Tannehill but after the trade I just don’t see a QB here who would be an upgrade over Tanny. They would have loved to snag MLB Parham who went just 1 pick before and may even reach for MLB Adrian Davis but we think they take another CB to team up with DROY Jewonne Peppers and have one of the most impressive young CB duos in the league.

    Publik: 23. Miami Lamar Farris OLB Tennessee

    Dolphins traded back and get a stud at OLB with this pick.
    A great fit for their scheme and was a combine stud. If he falls to Miami look for him to make an immediate impact.

    HSKR: 24. Seattle Seahawks-CB Antwan Kenny-Florida St. 6‘ 187

    I think the Seahawks ideal situation is to come out of the first round with a new starting CB and WR. If they can snag a decent CB this late in the first, this draft will be a huge hit for them.

    Publik: 24.Seattle - Rasheem Scott WR

    Seahawks need a playmaker at WR and Scott would be the best fit at this point. They could put him in the slot and let this man eat.


    HSKR: 25. New England Patriots-SS Chris Fernandez-Alabama 6‘1 227

    The Patriots have to be another team hoping one of the top CB’s fall to them but they will settle for finding a replacement for the recently released Patrick Chung. Fernandez has all the tools to be a big time S in the league. He has a big body, is strong and can cover so he may be a great pick here.

    Publik: 25. New England - Marcus Jordan CB Oklahoma

    A perfect fit for the new Raiders of the decade. Patriots love the speed guys and Jordan doesn't disappoint. Also able to finally fill the need at CB.


    HSKR: 26. Detroit Lions-HB Lonnie Franklin-Michigan St. 6‘ 224

    It’s a new era in Detroit as Stafford is testing FA and the team has holes everywhere. If they can snag the best RB in the draft all the way down at #26 they will be extremely happy and have an offensive playmaker to help kickstart their reboot.

    Publik: 26.Detroit Lions - Ethan Jordan QB Texas A&M

    Jordan comes in to replace the departing Matthew Stafford. Jordan is very raw but with the right approach could turn into a serviceable QB. There are many other needs for the Lions but gotta feel they go QB here to prove they won't be one and done as division champs.


    HSKR: 27. Arizona Cardinals-DT Avius Bryan-Michigan St. 6‘4 333

    An elite nose tackle is not an easy thing to come by these days and the Cardinals would be extremely lucky to get one for the rest of the cycle at pick 27. Bryan doesn’t have the strength you’d like to see out of an elite NT but he does have the body and some time in an NFL weight room may make him a force no one would want to deal with.

    Publik: 27 Arizona- Deandre Cole RE Nebraska

    The Cardinals are deep pretty much everywhere but defensive line. I believe they go the safe route here and add some depth in the trenches

    HSKR: 28. Tennessee Titans-DE Adaviyan Jeffery-Georgia 6‘3 243

    The new guy had Jeffery as a top 5 pick and I can see that kind of potential in him, he just doesn’t have the polish yet. This makes him an ideal candidate for Tennessee who will soon be looking for an edge rusher to replace Derrick Morgan. Jeffery could easily make the transistion to 34 OLB with his pursuit and athleticism.

    Publik: 28. Tennessee- Antwan Kenny CB FSU

    Titans don't need a lot but adding a young corner to develop makes sense here. Kenny isn't a great player but could be very good for some time.

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  4. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    Featured Threads:

    HSKR: 29. Atlanta Falcons-C Nathan Duncan-Auburn 6‘1 299

    The Falcons are a team that put a premium on play in the trenches and they need some help on the OL. Duncan is probably the best prospect remaining of the bunch. If there are no OL they feel are worthy they could go WR or LB here.

    Publik: 29. Atlanta- Andre Grimes SS FSU

    The Falcons need a QB but the struggle with making a deep playoff run is so do teams in front of them. With all of the major players at QB off the board I look for them to solidify the safety position with Grimes, whom was one of the more impressive safeties at the combine


    HSKR: 30. Dallas Cowboys-OLB Lamar Farris-Tennessee 6‘2 243

    Sean Lee can’t play forever and Farris is an interesting prospect in the late first. He turned in one of the absolute best performances at the combine, ranking top 2 in everything except 40 time which he was 4th in. He could learn quickly behind Lee and even step in an contribute immediately in some situations.

    Publik: 30.Dallas- Keenan Gilmore CB Tennessee

    Dallas went TE earlier in the first and I think they use that 2nd first for depth in the secondary. Word out of Arlington is Scandrick has lost a step so I think the young Gilmore makes sense here.


    HSKR: 31. Philadelphia Eagles-HB Cedric Gordon-LSU 5‘11 224

    The Eagles live and die by the run game and Demarco Murray isn’t getting any older. They struggled when #2 Ryan Matthews went down in the playoff stretch last season so they will seize the opportunity to get one of the drafts best players near the end of the 1st round.

    Publik: 31. Philadelphia- Rannel Wilson HB Pittsburgh

    The Eagles have to go no further than down the road to find the future replacement for Murray. He ran a 4.46 at the combine which was tops amongst rookies and he can move laterally as well. He could be walking into a dream situation in Philadelphia if he is selected here.​


    HSKR: 32. Pittsburgh Steelers-MLB Adrian Davis-Tennessee 6‘ 246

    The Steelers are a defense factory and to keep things running they need constant new blood in there. Davis has natural instincts and could play immediately alongside Shazier in the 3-4 defense.

    Publik: 32. Pittsburgh- Johnny McKay LG Oklahoma

    Pittsburgh doesn't have a ton of needs but LG is one of them. McKay might be a stretch here but it is one the Steelers can afford.

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  5. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    Big props to publik drunk for helping me out with this. A lot of work goes into making these mocks and his input will really make it a better content piece.
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  6. publik drunk

    publik drunk King of the East

    Jun 21, 2013
    Thank you for allowing me to help out with this. When I first asked you about it had no idea the amount of time it would take lol. Had alot of fun though and look forward to running it again.
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  7. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Great work fellas!!! You guys are usually pretty damn close. Think you give guys too much credit though actually taking OLINE MEN early lol.
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  8. Ace847

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    Jun 15, 2012
    Guys... You have really outdone yourselves! Excellent content here boys! Pumped for the draft and appreciate the great work!!!
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  9. Trailerparkwifi

    Trailerparkwifi Mr. Irrelevant

    Aug 18, 2012
    Great job guys... This is awesome. With that said.. Panthers OLine isn't that bad honestly.. Likely to go elsewhere with my pick.
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  10. charter04

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    Jul 30, 2010
    Great job guys! Awesome stuff
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  11. GMONEY 15

    GMONEY 15 2015 BCS Champs

    Nov 24, 2011
    Man this is really good work guys.
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  12. BigK44

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    Oct 8, 2014
    Great write up guys!
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  13. QuietStorm

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    Sep 3, 2012

    For consideration of site content.
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  14. CTfromDC

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    Mar 15, 2012
  15. Cheez

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    Oct 21, 2010
    They are both wrong on the #1 pick......
  16. Drifterbub

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    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    Promoted. Good stuff guys!
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