I wasn't gonna do this on my bye week . . . Week 10 thread

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    Jul 11, 2009
    CD gets it done for Saints​
    - Colts thrash Jags 37-13​
    -Robert Mathis has 2 sacks and a pick in the win​
    -Jags QB's combine for 5 picks 0 TD's​
    -Broncos 39 Panthers 38 in a barn burning affair​
    -Derek Anderson and Peyton Manning throw for 5 TD's and over 400 yards each​
    -Buccs creep past Chargers 34-28​
    -You remember me??? Vincent Jackson has 83 yards and 2 scores in the win​
    -Titans 24-14 winners over Miami​
    -Who are you? CJ2K goes over 100 and scores​
    -Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills beating the NE Pats 27-17​
    -Who are you??? Fitzpatrick 3 TD's 0 picks in the win​
    -The Raiiiiiiiders beat the Ravens 49-42​
    -Where's the D? 356 and 3 0 picks for Palmer; Checkdown throws for over 400 in the loss​
    -tons of fumbles in that game​
    -Giants hold on 26-21 over Bengals​
    -Bradshaw the difference with over 100 on the ground and a score​
    -New Kid on the Block over 100 and a score for Reuben Randle​
    -Saints win 38-34 over division rival Falcons​
    -Matty Ice 519 and 3 in the win​
    -another 100 yard receiving day from Felix Jones​
    -375 2 and 0 for Chase Daniel subbing for injured Drew Brees​
    -Division domination 31-17 Vikes over Lions​
    -so effiecient over 200 yards 2 TD's 0 picks for Ponder​
    -All Day getting 100 and a touch​
    -4 more picks for Stafford​
    -Jets beat coachless in Seattle 38-15​
    -263 a touch no picks for Tebow​
    -Cowboys hot sneak past Eagles 22-19​
    -Cowboys pass rush keeps the Birds at bay​
    -Rams keep it respectable lose 28-17 to 9ers​
    -3 more Turnovers forced for 49ers record pace on takeaways​
    -Texans win 38-11 over Bears​
    -Foster rushes for over 100 former Pitt Panther Dion Lewis scores twice​
    -12 tackles for Urlacher in the loss​
    -Steel City Steel Steel City trick 34-10 win over Chiefs​
    -106 and 1 for Mendenhall​
    -I know you're asking How may did he throw this time???? 4 (Cassel)​

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    Jul 6, 2009
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    Nov 30, 2011
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    Gotta love the title picture too. CD is a man among boys.
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