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Illinois 2015 Team Preview:

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Twister18, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Twister18

    Twister18 I aint got time to bleed!

    Oct 26, 2009
    The Illini come into the season with big expectations as they pulled off a miracle and captured the NC last season. Gone is QB Miles Osei but Senior Riley O'Toole and Demarcus Jones seem to be ready to step in. The main ingredient is they have Donovann Young back at HB and he has a bullseye on the Heisman.


    QB: JR DeMarcus Jones and SR Riley O'Toole will battle it out for starting QB honors. Right now O'Toole has an advantage but Coach Twist won't hesitate to pull the trigger if he needs to make a change.

    RB: Very strong position on the Illini as D Young will anchor it. A very solid power runner, he has his eyes set on the Heisman. SR Josh Fergusen is a speedy change of pace back who will also be a main RS on ST. SO Brandon Brown and Sam Osborn will be the main backups. At FB, Adam Thomas will lead in the blocking chores.

    WR: SR Micah Howard leads a solid group with sure hands but medium speed. Mark Bush and Jeremy Whitelow are the trio of WRs in a wide set.

    TE: Potential AA Colby Brown leads he team in receiving but :5stars:TE Zeph Thurman will see alot of playing time in 2 TE sets.

    OL: The strength of the offense, imho:

    LT: Julian Robertson: RS JR : 83
    LG: Chris Boles: RS SR : 85
    C : Davis Johnson : RS JR : 86
    RG: Ted Karras : RS SR : 80
    RT: Mario Jackson : RS SO : 83

    Specialists: Brad Janitz is gone. :( But we do have RS FR Mark Smith has 96 kP and can boom the KOs as well. Nick Fergusen and Nick Forzley will handle the bulk of the RS chores.


    DE: AA RS SR Darius Caldwell starts on one side and JR Dennis McCutcheon starts on the other side, giving the Illini a deadly duo of pain.

    DT: Willie Beavers(6'6" 318) and Clint Tucker( 6'2" 302) anchor the line.

    LB: LOLB will be manned by JR TJ Pearson. The MLB spot will be manned by Orlando Jones and the ROLB spot will be manned by Henry Dickinson. #1 OLB last year Cody Graham will see alot of playing time this season as well.

    DB: CB Jack Washington and Joe Swan will man the starting CB spots with Nick Forzley and Jack Mitchell handling the NB and DB spots.

    The FS will be Dondi Kirby but Ryne Barrett will be pushing for playing time. The SS will by RS SO Mark Brown, who is backed up by Marcus Moore.

    Looks to be a promising season and hoping to meet a user in the NC again this season.
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