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Illinois Preview....

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by OMlawdog, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    I figured I haven't done a great job contributing lately, so the least I could do is give a solid preview of my team this year.

    Lets start with your two-time National Champion Illinois Fighting Illini - They lose 9 of eleven starters on defense with only Willie Watkins and David Nash returning and he is being challenged for playing time by Anthony Hayward a RS Jr who had a nice offseason. We are breaking in new starters every where on defense, but we are excited with the potential of players like Alex Shaw a mammoth DT who at 6'7" 317 lbs, anchors the middle, along with Eric Clark and Brent Robinson who are hoping to be the next super star corner combo at Illinois. At DE youth will be served with Timmy Smith, Jamal Summers and Stan Lee all getting reps at DE, with Summers and Lee probably only playing on passing downs. This defense is extremely young with only three seniors starting, so get your licks in this year.

    Offensively, the Illinois attack will be more air based and there is a chance we will see a little no huddle due to having solid depth on the OL and some really talented WR's. Scott Thomas and Shaun Livingston are big time playmakers who are primed for a big year. With Chris Cummings and Ryan Jacobs also looking to have break out seasons, it should be interesting. The ring leader of the offense could be Anthony Kimbrough a big time back that has had big time games as a Freshman and Sophmore and was crucial in Illinois winning back to back titles, but hopefully his role will be diminished this season. The trigger man for this season will be Phllip Thomas who had a nice sophmore season, but expects bigger things this year. Thomas is mobile and a solid arm and should be able to have a big time season. Waiting in the wings is Matt Walton. This genetic freak is ready to take over now. The debate is whether to redshirt him or play him, and right now Coach Lawdog is planning on putting him in specific sets and see what he can do. The kid is just too talented to keep off the field.

    Prediction - 10-2 (6-2) Illinois takes a step back this year due to only having 8 seniors and being young on the DL.

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