I'm tired and don't care what I name this Week 5 Thread

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  1. Diddy81

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    Jul 11, 2009
    500 yard man​
    -RG I-N-T 5 more picks for the rookie Skins lose 30-17 to Dirty Birds​
    -over 150 and a score for Roddy White; 2 picks each fro Grimes and Dunta Robinson​
    -What Schnide??? Steelers beat in-state rival Eagles 33-17​
    -Boxscore gives me little feed back but the Steelers D must have done some scoring​
    -Pack sneak past Colts 27-24​
    -Luck and Rodgers toss 3 each but Luck threw 2 picks Rodgers 1 seems to be costly ​
    -On and On, surprise Vikes keep winning 28-20 over Titans​
    -153 and 3 TD for AP vs. 2 yes 2 yards and 0 TDs for Chris Johnson​
    -Weirdest score of the year goes to Bengals 35 and Dolphins 5​
    -Tannehill throws 4 pics 0 TD​
    -145 and 2 for the Law Firm BenJarvis Green-Ellis​
    -Ravens get a win 38-13 over Chiefs​
    -Flacco bounces back with a 4 TD 1 pick day; Cassel 3 more picks but he did throw a TD!!!!​
    -Kevin Boss had 10 catches for the Chiefs​
    -Seahawks win shoot out 48-35​
    -Newton was sidelined in this one​
    -509 yards passing and 5 TD for Russell Wilson​
    -210 yards for Steve Smith in the loss​
    -Bears get it done 27-24 over Jags​
    -3 picks for Gabbert; Cutler 2 and 2​
    -Alshon Jeffrey breaks out with 115 and a score​
    -Corey Wooten adds 2 more sacks​
    -Pats win 20-17 over Broncos​
    -5 catches 105 yards 2 TD for THE GRONK​
    -Lopsided Affair 49ers beat Bills 34-0​
    -107 and 2 for Frank Gore​
    -Barnburner 38-35 Saints beat Chargers​
    -Brees 440 yards 3 TD 1 pick​
    -10 catches for Graham and 6 for Sproles​
    -Rivers tosses 3 and 1 in the loss​
    -Punished, Texans lose to Jets 34-3​
    -Schaub 5 picks 0 TD​
    -Zona wins 17-13​
    -6 sacks and 3 AJ Jefferson picks lead a nice defensive effort for the Cards​
    -idk whats going on with Gmen v Browns but im posting​

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  2. Cole Copeland

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    Aug 18, 2012
    Once again, great work as always
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