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I'm Watching WVU v Pitt..

Discussion in 'The Cheap Seats' started by Cimmy24, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009
    I'm Watching WVU v Pitt..

    ..in the 2008 Backyard Brawl on ESPNU and I can't WAIT!!! for college football season. How WVU is going to miss Pat White and how the rest of the Big East won't. Watching this brings up some questions for all you college football lovers....

    Who are your picks? Who is gonna win it all? Who is going to be a darkhorse and make a run for it? What Non-BCS team, if any, is going to make a BCS bowl? Most overrated? Underrated? Heisman's most likely? Least likely?

    It's about football season baby, and Saturday's (if I'm not at work), I'll be sitting in that student section at Happy Valley or watching the Nittany Lions on the flat screen!! Let's see some football debate!!

    My Homer Opinion: PSU Wins Natty, Daryll Clark Wins Heisman

    My College Football Fan Opinion: I gotta pick Florida, but Oklahoma and Texas are both right there, Big12 could win it all this year. Heisman winner should be a QB...McCoy or Tebow. Virginia Tech makes it interesting as they have one helluva squad, but also one helluva schedule. Houston has a team this year...BCS worthy? Idk...Boise St more likely.

    Cal v PSU in Rose Bowl....should be a better game than last year.
    VaTech v Pitt in Orange Bowl...VT is too much for Pitt.
    Boise St. v Oklahoma in Fiesta...Rematch. Revenge for OU.
    LSU v OSU in Sugar Bowl...LSU

    BCS Natty: Florida v Texas...Good Game...Good Teams..Heisman QB's
    -Florida gets it done.
  2. Sweetness

    Sweetness Banned

    May 3, 2009
    IDK what you are smoking with Clark winning the heisman ;)

    My College Predicition: I love my Buckeyes, but they won't be fully built enough to play with Florida caliber teams untill Pryor is a Junior. I saw the spring game, his passing looks great. I have every tOSU game on tape, Pryor's passing is P-E-R-C-E-F-T. Yes, he may have only completed 5-6 passes a game, but 1-2 of those were touchdowns and perfect passes. I say Pryor shocks to world with his double attack and wins the Heisman along with the
    win over USC in the Rose Bowl.

    Rose Bowl NC- I hate to say it, but Florida v Texas. Texas puts up a great battle, just is not enought though. Florida wins it 21-17.

    Rose Bowl- USC v tOSU. USC beats tOSU at home in week 2, but tOSU knows the damn Trojans well enough to finally get another Bowl Win. tOSU 24-USC 21

    Orange Bowl- I don't really know or care. VT vs WVU.
    Eventhough VT gets shut down by Alabama, they still maintain to beat everyone else. Including WVU. VT 31- WVU 17.

    Fiesta Bowl- I like your pick for this. So I agree with you. Boise State v Oklahoma. Bad Revenge. 0U 42 - BSU 14.

    Sugar Bowl- LSU v PSU. My gutt feeling is LSU, but I know how good PSU is. PSU wins it in the last quarter. PSU 28- LSU 24.
  3. Bamaboiking

    Bamaboiking Walk On

    Jul 6, 2009
    Ok ill take a stab.

    My College Prediction: Florida Will Not get the the NC game. WHy because they will slip up in the SEC Champ game and lose TO ALA, with one lose already to a hungry LSU.

    Rose NC-AlA- Oklahoma, why because AL has 9 Def starters returning and OFF all they need is JUlio and INgram and it helps Trent Richardson, and two top ONline Prospect are comming to help that line. Oklahoma will lose to MIA but that should give them enough incentive to Go Undefeated the rest of the way. AL 28-OK 24

    Rose- OSU-USC- THe door for USC is closing as they arent bringing in people like they should with the SEC and BIG 12 cleaning up this season and it hasent even began. OSU will win this one because Pryor is very good, The sweater vest is a winner and snaps his BCS losing streak and USC isnt as strong this season as years past in my opinion. tOSU

    Orange- VT-WVU- Should be fun as this rivalry dosent get played anymore they can do it on a big stage. VT wins

    Fiesta- TEX- FSU FSU returns to the big stage hungry to help bowden get his wins back play lights out with Jimbo fishers system finally under thier belts with 2 years of work. FSU

    SUgar- FLA- USC gets the at large this as everyone want to see two empires clash. FLA


    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    There should be a ton of great games this year. These are the games I'm most looking forward to.

    Oregon @ Boise St 9/3 Boise wins
    Georgia @ Okie St. 9/5 Pokes win it
    USC @ Ohio St. 9/12 My calendar is already circled (40 days) Buckeyes win! and the Terrelle Pryor legend is born.
    Tex. Tech @ Texas 9/19 Texas kills them. I just want to see this because last years game is in my top 5 games ever! Damn what a great game that was.
    Iowa @ Penn St. 9/26 Penn St. beats the life out of the Hawkeyes
    TCU @ Clemson 9/26 TCU gets over it's biggest hurdle to an un defeated season. That Defense will be nasty!
    LSU @ Georgia 10/3 LSU goes between the hedges and escapes with a win
    Florida @ LSU 10/10 Might be the best game of the year when it's all said and done. If it's a day game Florida wins a close one, a night game will be loud enough to start an earthquake and LSU will get them.
    Oklahoma vs. Texas @ The Texas State Fair 10/17 Talk about a good game. Holy crap I can't wait for this one. The winner goes on to the national title game, and if McCoy or Bradford light it up they become heisman front runners. Texas won't beat them two years in a row. I like Oooooklahoma.
    USC @ Oregon 10/31 one of USC's three or four regular season losses.
    Texas @ Okie St. 10/31 Texas wins 75-72 in a game that takes 6 hours.
    OSU @ PSU 11/7 OSU wins and the undefeated talk starts, and SEC fans around the country protest OSU's likely spot in the national title game.
    LSU @ Bama 11/7 over/under on concussions 4. Bama wins a street fight.
    OK. St @ OU 11/28. OU wins a shootout.

    Just my thoughts :) Who doesn't love College Football? 33 days until Ohio States opener vs. Navy.

    In all reality Ohio St won't be ready until next year, but look out next year. Florida probably wins it all, but Texas or Oklahoma could get it too. One of the three I think for sure. McCoy wins the Heisman.
  5. mcyork

    mcyork Walk On

    May 17, 2009
    They will lose to Miami next year so OSU is 2 years away!!!!
  6. jmillhimes

    jmillhimes Walk On

    May 18, 2009
    Ohio St Wins Big 10

    Oregon St Wins the Pac 10

    Texas wins the Big 12

    Texas over Ohio in NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

    Heisman -McCoy

    Letdown - Florida Loses 2 games

    Surprise- Oregon St Wins Pac 10

    Teams To Watch - Houston, Oregon, Ole Miss, GT

    I hope Houston really puts together a great year. Maybe Top 25 but no BCS. Penn St will give it a good run but lose to Ohio St or be upset by Iowa.

    Here are some games I am looking foward to...

    10/12 - Texas vs Oklahoma

    11/28 - Kansas vs Missouri

    11/13 - Cin vs WV

    11/7 - Tulsa vs Houston

    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    In football? ????? (n)
  8. VTEaZyE86

    VTEaZyE86 Guest

    Guys, don't forget VT/UNC on Thursday night in late October. Thursday nights are always fun in Blacksburg and UNC is a program on the rise. Could decide the Coastal division

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