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Archived Impact Freshmen Season 2

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Maximus21, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Maximus21

    Maximus21 BCS Chaos - Syracuse

    Dec 8, 2009
    Impact Freshmen Season 2


    #3 WR Antonio Goodwin - FR(RS) - 81 OVR with 98 acc, 80 catch and 87 spectacular catch - the slot receiver is an important part of any offense, and the Tigers have a good one in Goodwin.

    #2 DT Kenneth Carter - FR(RS) - 78 OVR with 86 str, 88 acc, 83 tkl and 83 fmv - Carter will have to use everything in his bag of tricks to hold up in the SEC. Only time will tell if he can do that.


    #1 RG Frank Morris - 78 OVR - a 6'2" 273 lb man with 75 spd and 98 acc is hard to find, even moreso with blocking ratings in the upper 70's to mid 80's

    #2 QB C.J. Peterson - 79 OVR - his 86 thp and 83 tha may not seem like much, but when you combine that with 88 elusiveness, 77 break tackle, 82 spin move and 80 juke move it makes for quite the package. He will see only spot duty this season since Kellen Moore is still around, but the Broncos offense will be in good hands during his sophomore season.

    #1 RE Adam Stanley - 65 OVR - the fact that Stanley is starting is more of an indictment of Coach Gabeastmode's predecessors recruiting ability. Boise St. carried little depth into season 1 of BCS Chaos, and that will make things harder on them.


    K/P/KOS Eric Carter - 80 OVR - Carter is the lone freshman seeing any playing time with the Gators which speaks to the wealth of talent that Urban Meyer left to Mr2Bits. Carter brings 80 kpw and 81 kac to the table, which is nothing to sneeze at given the sad state of the high school kicking game.


    Bobby Bowden and Jimbo Fisher left Coach Forever gobs of talent so no freshmen are getting significant time with the 2011 Seminoles.


    #3 WR Keith Guillory - 62 OVR - the high school students of America really hate Illinois for some reason, so Guillory is the only freshman playing an important role for the Illini. Coach NDcolts has already won the Big Ten and rose Bowl with a rag tag bunch, so it's on the rest of the Big Ten to stop that from happening again.


    #1 MLB Adam Richardson
    - 80 OVR - Richardson singlehandedly lead the Tigers to switch to a 3-4 defense so he could get onto the field. He possess 88 spd, 88 acc, 90 tkl, and 80 agi, with no real weaknesses in his game.

    #3 CB/#1 KR/PR Brandon Anderson - 81 OVR - his greatest strength is his 98 spd and 93 acc. He has good coverage ratings, coming in with 84 mcv, 85 zcv, and 80 press. CB Ron Brooks is graduating and there is a strong possibility that JR CB Morris Claiborne will leave for the NFL Draft, so Anderson will be leaned on heavily in 2012.

    K/P/KOS John Martin - 81 OVR - Martin's kicks sound like sonic booms, given his 96 kpw, but he has a lot of room to improve his 67 kac. The power certainly helps on kickoffs, as he already has 6 touchbacks in 2 games.


    #1 FB Eugene Scott - 77 OVR - Scott came out of Willoughby, OH, which makes him a huge traitor for signing with Michigan. He has 90 spd and 79 trucking, with passable blocking ratings. Perhaps his signing will lead to more triple options from the Wolverines.


    #1 LOLB Adam Jackson - 81 OVR - Jackson flies all over the field and attacks the ball carrier. He has 87 spd, 99 acc, 88 pursuit, and 85 tkl, with 81 hit power thrown in for good measure.

    #1 LT Justin Dixon - 80 OVR - Dixon measures 6'7" 315 lbs. He moves his big ass pretty damn well with 67 spd and 90 acc. Don't think he is a pansy though, as he has 86 strength. His blocking strength and footwork leaves little to be desired as well.

    #3 CB Jermaine Payne - 82 OVR - If memory serves, Payne was the #1 recruit of 2010, and his overall ability is unquestioned. Just a few high notes - 97 spd, 95 acc, 85 mcv, 90 zcv.

    #1 FB Josh Wade - 64 OVR - He is a passable run blocker, but don't ask him to do more than that.


    K Drew Basil - FR(RS) - 86 OVR - 93 kpw and 83 kac - Good luck finding a spot for a freshman to play on the pre-season #1 team.


    #3 WR Kenny Stills - FR(RS) - 79 OVR - He is very good after the catch with 83 spin and 89 juke moves. Oklahoma is a pass happy squad, so look for Stills to put up solid numbers.


    The Trojans are using a truckload of freshmen this season, partly due to a spate of transfers after the NCAA sanctions were handed down.

    #1 C Robert Phillips - 82 OVR - 74 spd and 95 acc make Phillips great for pulling and toss plays. He has 82 pbk and 82 rbk, and 86 str.

    #1 LG Robert Sowell - 82 OVR - Another speedy lineman for USC, Sowell has 70 spd and 98 acc, making his 88 str and 83 impact blk even more effective. He has 80 pbk and 85 rbk but has to work on his footwork.

    #1 FB Chris Mays - 80 OVR - no one thing really stands out about Mays, but he is solid in almost everything. I expected better than 75 str and 74 impact blk for a 263 lb guy, but what can ya do?

    #1 LOLB Bryan Kennedy - 76 OVR - Kennedy will do his best to stick to the opponents TE like glue. He has 85 spd, 99 acc, 85 pursuit, 72 mcv and 79 zcv. Apparently he moonlighted as a QB in high school with 88 thp and 77 tha.

    #1 ROLB Hayes Pullard - FR(RS) - 77 OVR - Pullard is not a great tackler (73) but he tries to make up for that with 90 spd, 81 acc, 91 hit power, 87 pursuit, and 86 block shedding.

    #2 HB/#1 KR D.J. Morgan - FR(RS) - 79 OVR - 91 spd, 99 acc, 99 elusiveness, 92 spin move, and 97 juke move should make Morgan a monster in the very near future.

    K/P/KOS - Scott Harrison - 81 OVR - 81 kpw and 82 kac is not bad, similar to Florida's Eric Carter. He may throw in a fake every now and then with 64 thp and 52 tha.


    No one of note.
  2. bigtubb_

    bigtubb_ Walk On

    Dec 10, 2009
    lol my 5th string QB
  3. NDCOLTS1979

    NDCOLTS1979 I love you red solo cup

    Oct 17, 2009
    Lol awesome we are still a group of rag tags and didn't score on offense this week but still won
  4. Mr2Bits

    Mr2Bits 352

    Oct 16, 2009
    Quality work
  5. DrunkenSoldier

    DrunkenSoldier Luck Of The Irish

    Jun 30, 2009
    great job Max.
  6. Gabeastmode

    Gabeastmode Walk On

    Jun 1, 2010
    nice write up
  7. Jvigorous1

    Jvigorous1 Hokie

    Nov 2, 2009
    Awesome write up Max!

    LOL at VT weak recruiting class last season.

    LSU, Notre Dame and USC are going to be super powerhouses (what UF and Texas is now) in a few years.

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