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In-Season Recruiting Roundup

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by hornfaninbama, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    This is just something I thought might be interesting. Personally I am really excited about this recruiting class, and wanted to see what others thought of theirs. This might be something that belongs in one of the recruiting threads, but I thought it deserved its own spot. EDIT: Don't know why it deleted my writeups on Burns and Harrison, but I put them back in.



    Corey King :4stars: #10 QB
    QB who I think will be perfect for the transition to a spread offense. Is only soft committed now, but I feel very confident in landing him. He has decent wheels and a good arm, but what sets him apart is his elusiveness. If he gets in a 1 on 1 situation, he should be able to shake the defender. He is penciled in as the starter for next season, but we'll see how he does in Spring practice. Nebraska should beat out Auburn and Oklahoma for his signature, but Iowa is closing fast promising immediate playing time and an option attack to showcase his running abilities.

    Jerrell McDonald :5stars: #10 WR
    WR who is expected to contribute from Day 1. He doesn't have outstanding speed, but he is a great route runner and uses his hands well to pluck the ball. As Nebraska transitions from their multiple scheme to a true spread he will be on the field quite a bit as a true freshman and should make a huge impact in his freshman season. North Carolina and Oklahoma missed out on McDonald.

    Brandon Smith :5stars: #12 WR
    Another WR who is expected to step in and immediately bolster the WR corps the Husker trot out now. He is the #12 WR in the country meaning Nebraska signed 2 of the top 12 WR. He is faster and a better route runner than McDonald, but he doesn't catch nearly as well. A WR corps with Kenny Bell, Erick Fountain, McDonald and Smith should be a dangerous group to try to cover. He will be used as a deep threat next season, but should step into the starting lineup immediately. Coach Bulgy beat out Michigan and Penn State for Smiths's services.

    Willie Ransom :4stars: #6 TE
    The Huskers needed a TE this year and grabbed one of the best from the high school ranks. He comes in as an above average blocker in both the running and passing game. But he has the speed and hands to make an impact in the recieving game also. Depending on the depth chart he will take a redshirt and maybe a move to FB. Nebraska held off a late charging Michigan and Miami to sign Ransom.

    Mark Keenan :4stars: #6 LT
    Keenan was the 1st lineman to commit to Nebraska this year. Coach Bulgy is undecided on his position going forward. He is a big body (6'4" 316 lbs) and growing and has the skills to play inside or outside. He blocks well in both phases of offense, but he has great strength in the running game. He's what you would call a "Road Grader" on the line. Nebraska was able to beat out Boise State and Arkansas for Keenan.

    Akim Morris :4stars: #6 RG
    Morris is the second commit on the O line for Nebraska and he looks to be a little better than Keenan. He is more polished than his counterpart in the running and passing game, but he lacks the prototypical size. Coach Bulgy wants to get a look at the 2 of them in spring training and see if they can swap for each other and slide Morris outside to tackle. Nebraska beat North Carolina and Penn State to secure Morris.


    Austin Harrison :4stars: #6 OLB
    Harrison is the only LB committed to Nebraska at this point, but he is a good one. He isn't exceptionally fast, but he has enough speed to range sideline to sideline and make plays. He has good awareness, tackling, and block shedding skills which allow him to scrape and fill holes in the run game well. He may redshirt, but it will take some other LB stepping up to keep him off the field. Harrison looked at staying in state with the Texas Longhorns, and TCU Horned Frogs, but chose to get out of state instead.

    Corey Burns :3stars: #11 FS
    Burns is a diamond in the rough I am very excited about. He plays low level football in Texas so the jump in competition will take some time for him to acclimate to. He will be moving to SS and should cause opposing offensive coordinators many sleepless nights. He has exceptional speed and tackling skills most DB's don't have. He tackles just as well, if not better than most LB prospects. He also shows an ability to get off blocks and pursue the ball carrier. He is expected to blitz off the edge early in his career until the coaching staff can teach him some cover skills. Burns looked at taking his talents to South Beach or Austin before committing to Nebraska.

    George Peterson :4stars: #6 SS
    Peterson is a tall, rangy SS at 6'5, and figures to be perfect to cover TE in the B1G. He has good speed and cover skills for a player his height, and should knock a few balls down that otherwise would go for completions. He's a good tackler, though not as good as Burns. He is more of a "jack of all trades, master of none" that Nebraska needs at one of the SS positions. Boise and Miami wanted Peterson bad, but not as bad as Coach Bulgy.

    Kevin Arnold :4stars: #7 SS
    The "Wonder Years" may soon be in store for Nebraska with Arnold making his plans known to head to Lincoln and become a Blackshirt. He's slow for a SS, but he makes up for it by never being caught out of position. He is very good in coverage, both man and zone, and also will make it very difficult for the slot manto get off the line if he's asked to jam. He plays in a 4-2-5 in HS and has shown a great ability to shed blockers. He is also a great tackler, very good in pursuit and will lay the lumber when he hits the ball carrier. It will be crowded at SS in the coming years, but Arnold figures to have an important role to play. Arnold met Bevo and Touchdown Jesus before comitting to Nebraska.


    Keith Rhodes :4stars: #17 Athlete
    Rhodes is a speedy athlete whose skills translate well to CB in college. In high school he plays QB, WR, CB, SS, FS, and returns kicks. He figures to redshirt to get some time in the system and adjust to the college game. But he could mature into a lock down corner in the future. He is from Iron Mountain, MI and spurned both in-state schools to come to Nebraska.

    Projecting Out
    Nebraska has 10 players inked already, and stands to gain another from QB Cory King in the near future. There are 17 graduating Seniors on the roster so Coach Bulgy will have his work cut out for him during offseason recruiting this year. Assuming no players transfer or enter the NFL early that will leave 6 slots to fill. Nebraska has the top ranked user class this season and figures to make another jump in the rankings when the class is full, if for no other reason than volume. The players coming in are talented enough to get the Huskers into contention for a B1G title and a MNC in the future. But potential just means you haven't done shit yet.

    Coach Bulgy is very excited to add 2 great WR to an offense that has 2 true Freshmen RB over 1000 yards with double digit TD's this year. If they can step in and play up to their abilities the Husker offense may conjure images of the unstoppable force that used to play in Lincoln. Most of the offense will stay intact next year, but look for some more big uglies to get offers to lead the way for one of the best up and coming offenses in college football.

    Nebraska needed to add a few SS who could make plays in the run game and the passing game to shore up some deficincies. By adding, Arnold, Peterson and Burns they figure to have several players who can make plays on the defensive side of the ball. Most of the rest of the defense didn't need too much, but look for Nebraska to try and add some DL depth in the offseason.
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  2. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    nice, gonna hit one of these up tomorrow.
  3. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Wake Forest 2012 Recruiting


    :3stars:QB Scott Powell - 6'5 / 200 - Powell is a QB that will have a very good shot at taking the rains once Sousa is gone- which coaches figure should be Powell's junior season. He has great size and enough arm strength and accuracy to be productive in Wake's system. He will need to work on his mobility, but better recruiting on the offensive line could negate that need. When it's Scott's turn, he should be a fun player to watch- he will have that little x factor of wanting to show the other big time programs what they missed out on.

    :1stars:FB Corey Williams - 6'2 / 272 - From a first glance, Williams is just plain ol fashioned a big kid. Look for him to either bulk up and move to offensive line (probably guard or center if he can adapt to the position), or lose some weight and be a nice H-back for Wake. Either way, Corey should be contributing by his sophomore season.

    :5stars: WR Terrance Campbell - 6'1 / 162 - The undisputed crown jewel of this recruiting class, Campbell has all the traits of former Wake great Chris Givens (ample speed, great hands, a knack for getting yards after catch). Barring some outstanding offseason progress from the rest of the current WR's, look for Campbell to start from day one, more than likely opposite Michael Campanaro (a possible idea of moving Campanaro to a slot position and putting 6'6 Matt James opposite Campbell has been talked about as well. Currently redshirting freshman WR Mark Bradley also shows a lot of potential (sitting at 74 overall I think as a true frosh, should progress in offseason). Either way, Campbell has potential to be one of the greatest receivers in Wake history, and should be fun to follow.

    :4stars: WR Larry Miller - 5'11 / 172 - Another top 25 WR for Wake, Miller will likely redshirt but could really benefit from it. He has some nice raw skills, but a little help from a coaching staff that has done well with WR's lately and Miller could really be a great player. With his smaller 5'11 frame, look for Miller to follow in Campanaro's footsteps, and maybe put up about the same stats opposite Campbell as Campanaro did opposite Givens. In essence, Miller could see a lot of one-on-one opportunities.

    :3stars:OL Clint Young - 6'1 / 300 - Young is one of those kids that just kind of dominated HS off size alone. Coaches are hoping to get him in a little better shape and work on his technique before putting him on the field. He has the raw strength and ability to be a good offensive lineman, just another guy that needs some polish. Look for Young to likely move to Center to fill a need.

    :3stars:OL Chip Carpenter - 6'6 / 315 - Wake has really been getting some size in this class on the offensive line. If Chip can show the quickness required for the position, look for him to move to RT where he can use his size and create some movement on the edge to open up running lanes and roll out opportunities for Sousa. Chip has the long arms you would expect from a 6'6 offensive lineman, and you can't coach that kind of thing. Look for him to be on the field in a year or two.


    :3stars:DT Kelechi Burley - 6'3 / 251 - Burley will definitely need to bulk up in order to play the position, but everyone said that about current Wake sackmaster Nikita Whitlock who has accumulated 15+ sacks on the season. If Kelechi can maintain his natural quickness at the position while putting on some weight, he could be a nice, nice player for Wake. He has the high motor required for the Wake system, as often times d linemen will have opportunities for coverage sacks.

    :3stars:DE Johnny Mitchell - 6'1 / 230 - Mitchell is a little undersized, and a move to OLB is not out of the question. If he can show that he can learn coverages, and work on his athleticism Johnny could make a run at a rush OLB type position.

    :3stars:MLB Brent Oliver - 5'9 / 245 - Brent is a little short for the position, but he packs a lot of pop in his tackles. He was a big get for Wake, who were able to lure him away from South Florida after the Bulls led on him all season long. Oliver is a bit of a wild card, because I'm not sure how talented he will be when he gets on campus- he could be low to mid 70's , or a low 60's guy-- what he arrives at will determine a lot.

    :3stars:OLB Sean Lee - 6'2 / 208 - Sadly, not THAT Sean Lee. That said however, Lee could really be a solid outside linebacker. He is a lot like current Cowboy's Sean Lee, in that he just has a nose for the ball carrier and making the tackle. Hopefully he progresses well before it his time, because I think he can be a solid linebacker for the Deacons.

    :3stars: ATH Matt Mason - 6'3 / 247 - Mason will either be an OLB or defensive end, and we will just have to see. Mason's another wild card, so we will just have to see with him; either way he is a player the coaching staff is excited about and thinks is just a gamer.

    :3stars:CB Trent Roberts - 5'11 / 160 - Roberts is the style of CB that Wake likes to get after; one that can play man to man all game. Roberts will need to bulk up to play the physical style of coverage that Wake does, so look for it to be 2 - 3 seasons before he gets on to the field on a consistent basis.

    :3stars:SS Wayne Maxwell - 6'1 / 172 - Wayne will be a project player like Roberts. Wake has done a good job of molding talent in to what they need; this season they had two new safeties starting, and they haven't missed a beat in the secondary for the most part. That said, Wake doesn't ask a lot of its safeties outside of helping deep to allow the CB's to jump the short throws. It's an aggressive system that hopefully Wayne can adapt too. If he shows he can play man-to-man at this level, he could possibly move the CB as well.

    There ya go...
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  4. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    anyone else wanna participate?
  5. UofCWildcat

    UofCWildcat Bear Down!

    Mar 13, 2011
    I haven't delved too much into my recruiting. Waiting for next season to jump in hard core.
  6. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Your sig is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo big-- compensating much?
  7. UofCWildcat

    UofCWildcat Bear Down!

    Mar 13, 2011
    Nah. Showing off my badassness.
  8. The Natural

    The Natural Public Enemy #1

    Jun 11, 2011
    Yeah WTF is up with sig? You might as well attach your resume to it or something.

    Graduated Top of class 2005
    Picked First in Kickball 1999
    Teachers Pet 2001
    Undefeated in YMCA Bowling League 2006-2008
  9. JQwon13

    JQwon13 Walk On

    Apr 15, 2010
    I don't feel like posting all my guys, but my class is solid. Tough for a 3-star program to get a lot of love from 4-star players. Putting together a decent class though. So far I've got ten 3-stars on board and here are my two 4-stars.

    :4stars:Ath Matt Lee 6' 175-lbs Port Lavaca, TX
    Other offers: Texas A&M
    B+ spd, B agi, C catching and ctch in traffic, and C+ route running

    Definitely a WR for me and hopefully will be the game breaker I need on offense with Bolden gone.

    :4stars:C Chris Bell 6'3, 285-lbs Piqua, OH
    Other offers: Ohio, Louisville, Cincinnati
    C+ strength & run block, C run block footwork, run block strength and impact blocking, C- pass blocking, pass blk strength and pass blk footwork

    Overall a solid lineman. Nothing special for a 4-star and will most likely redshirt his freshman season but has the potential to be a 4 year starter after that and a very good player.

    Also, I'm on top right now to land a 4-star tackle and 4-star power RB who perfectly fits my scheme.

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