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Indianapolis Colts Team News

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by mustang20241, Oct 15, 2009.

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    Sep 24, 2009
    Indianapolis Colts Team News

    The Indianapolis Star
    Author: Tyler Cohen


    One of the most consistent teams in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts, have hired a new coach/general manager today. Coach Mel Mustang, a former top-teir high school football coach, received a call early Tuesday morning. A former state champion high school football coach, Mel Mustang is the first NFL head coach to be hired without even coaching college or pro football team, nor having any experience on any. One fan commented, "He's a nobody from no where! Terrible replacement for Dungy, and an insult to the Colts organization."

    But I'll tell you what, as long as Peyton Manning is behind center, this team will continue to win. Owner Bill Polian commented, "It wasn't easy finding someone to replace Tony Dungy. Coaches like Tony are very rare to find and we are sad to see him go. But we as an organization have found someone capable in Mel Mustang of taking this team to a superbowl and winning rings."

    Coach Mustang said this at the press conference this morning, "It's great to be here in Indy and I want to thank Bill for giving me a shot to coach this great football team. This oranganiztion has a lot of history, and I plan on upholding and expanding on that great history. Coach Dungy has brought this team to elite status and I also plan to expand on that, we are going to bring in some real ball players to this already potent squad." (On Peyton Manning) "It's truly a blessing to a coach to already have a coach on the field. Peyton and I spoke on the phone earlier this weekend and he told me he really wants me here and believes this team is peaking. He's a great field general and one of the best QB's if not the best in the NFL."

    Well Colts fans, while this guy may have came from no where, he surely is sure of his team and himself. I think we are all in for a bright future in Indianapolis with coach Mel Mustang at the helm.


    By: Tyler Cohen

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