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Inside The Pittsburg Steeler War Room

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by smace767, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Coach Tomlin Going over notes


    Special draft Reporter Eva Mendez is here inside the Steeler war room we have GM/Owner smace-


    [​IMG] Smace you have made some moves and many question what you are doing. What the Hell are you doing?

    I will lay it out to you. Our goal was to get better. We finished upper middle of the pack. Made the playoffs. we were 8-3 in games played vs users but in those 3 we were blownout every time. Those games had a common theme. Their front 7 dominated the line of scrimmage and we didnt have playmakers make plays. We needed to change that.

    [​IMG] Eva- What were you thinking with that trade?

    Smace- We were sitting at 21. We looked at our roster and liked the young guys we have. Many will contribute when they gain experience. Looking at the draft we felt we would not get a player that makes us much better. The top of the draft has the game changers.
    The end result is the Steelers have the
    #2 overall pick, a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th in 2015.
    and a 3rd, 3rd, 4th,5th, 6th, 7th in 2016

    we still have 6 picks in a deeper draft and get the #2 player. There is lots of speculation that in a deep draft there is no need to move up. But to us there is a big difference in elite and good.

    [​IMG] Eva- Who are you looking to pick in this draft that is worth the trade?

    Smace- We looked at the Superbowl teams. We looked at our roster we looked at our defense and they are good enough to win. We needed the offense to improve.
    One of the number one prospects is Pablo Parker but Dejaun Harris is an A speed, acceleration, and agility back and he has B+ vision. He also has Leveon Bell who has B+ vision and is a good inside runner. So Parker wasnt in our plans but we worked him out. was not as quick as advertised. He did improve his quicks from when we worked him out but still not elite quicks.

    WE have looked at these areas;

    QB; Landry Jones has a good arm and slightly below accuracy but he is still developing. He threw over 20 picks which could get in his head and he will regress some.

    We Had Cortez Simmons in for a workout. Liked what we saw.
    We had Todd Hammond in for a workout as well.

    If we went this route we doubt either of them make it past 12. smoke screens. If we wanted one we needed to move and the only one advertising a trade down offer was sitting at #2

    TE - Clay Harbour and Kyle Rudoff have potential as pass catching threats. Kyle has that 93 spectacular catch that wows you in practice.
    we have worked out Reshawn James and javante Grove
    We feel they can pressure the defense to defend them vertically and open up the offense. again neither of these guys lasting past 6

    To be kind our oline was manhandled at times. Run blocking was an issue, but pass blocking was a bigger issue. we really ony feel comfortable with Center and Right Gaurd. But even they were young and needed to get better.

    WE had Terik Coles and Huston Longo in and saw some things that we really liked. From day one either of those guys would start and make our line and team better. Dejuan and leveon would benefit from day one. These two seem clearly to be special plays and elite talents you dont see everyday. They are projected 3rd and 5th. Lots of talk of the sliding. We doubt it. Looking at the most successful teams. They had great talent up front. We want to model that success.

    [​IMG] Eva- Talk about Free Agency and if that affected your draft strategy.

    Smace- In FA we wanted to get the depth and sure up the defense. We did that. We also targeted Cameron Jordan as a major piece to our puzzle. We paid Our last DE 6.1 Mil and he had a subpar year. In our league the outside runs are strong weapons for the offense. Besides having fast LBs, a 95 OVR, blockshedding, run stopping defensive end can help contain the run. Jordan can disrupt things and that will allow MLB Cobb and OLB Heildt to make plays as well.

    So 11 mil on the open Market when his project market value was up to 14 mil was worth it and we had the money.
    When i was hired we had Lamar Woodley on the Books for 15 mil this coming season so we just saved some money. And truth be told Jordan is only making about 7.8 mil the first year of the deal.

    Being an OU graduate, when i saw Trent Williams available we made an offer. we saw him as at least a 4year starter and upgrade at either tackle position. He didnt have the consistency we expected from a veteran when we worked him out. But he will still be a major upgrade to the oline.

    [​IMG] Eva - So is it safe to say you will draft one of those 6 players you talked about?

    Smace- Yes you can print that one of those 6 will receive a phone call tonight welcoming them to Steeler nation.

    [​IMG] Eva- Well thank you for your time smace. I see you at least have a plan as a Jerry Jones type owner/ GM. Good Luck.

    Smace- So are we Done? Eva let me holla at you for a minute in my office.
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  2. G_T_G


    Jul 21, 2010
    Lol good stuff (y)
  3. bigtubb_

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    Dec 10, 2009
    Homie got EVA in the building.......

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