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Interested in xbox 360 NCAA dynasty

Discussion in 'League Openings' started by priestmvp, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. priestmvp

    priestmvp FOOTBALL!!!!

    Mar 21, 2010
    Not currently in any. Would be open to CC. I'm in CST, usually on evenings after 6pm during week and on weekends. Skill level would only be average, I'm sure I'm not half as good on the sticks as most here especially on NCAA as I have only even played 12 a handful of times but since I have 13 preordered and time to play it this time I have started fooling around with 12 more after getting a copy late. Definately SIM in regards to how I play the game and would expect that from the dynasty. I have a mic that I can have ready during game to discuss anything that comes up and game is paused but I'm not someone who keeps it on during game talking the whole game.

    Would like conferences not changed all up, teams moved around. Ideally regular conference/team alignment with team selections being maybe 3-5 star. I'm open to different scenarios though.

    Could take over a team now if there is a 12 dynasty still running till the drop of 13, to get my feet wet, get to know guys in OD and how it all works in preparation for the dynasty starting over in 13.

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