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Interview with Osiris Monster

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by carolinaeasy, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. carolinaeasy

    carolinaeasy Walk On

    Jul 19, 2010
    Coach Monster,

    A couple of questions for you before tonight's big matchup with Iowa.

    1. How do you plan on attacking the stout Hawkeye's defense?

    2. Do you have any concerns going into this game?

    3. With Alabama's loss at Penn State last week, and Ohio State's upending of Miami, is this game a litmus test of the SEC's perceived dominance in the game?

    4. Any recruiting information you would like to share?

    5. How are your time management skills these days?
  2. OsirisMonster

    OsirisMonster Walk On

    Jul 9, 2010
    We plan on challenging the Iowa secondary and forcing them to stop our passing attack. Iowa has strong CBs but look weak at the safety position and that is were we will focus. Success in the pass will force them to loosen up upfront and open our rushing attack.

    Going into this game the Iowa rushing attack is a concern. Iowa has an explosive tandem in the backfield and unless we can play tough in the trenches we could very well loose this game. Look for us to focus on stopping the run and keep Iowa in 3rd and long situations. Their QB hasn't shown much so far this season. If we can force him to beat us instead of the backs, we have a much better shot at winning.

    The Alabama loss was tough for the SEC to stomach but it isn't the end of the SEC world. Penn State played superior ball with superior coaching and won a close game. They look like a strong team and should they win out the Big Ten they will be in the National Title game. Loosing to a team like that isn't anything to be ashamed of. The Ohio State win doesn't impact SEC football at all.

    As for this game, it is huge for both LSU and Iowa. LSU lost 4 of our first 5 games start the season last year and critics are still questioning our top 10 finish. At the same time, OnIowa inherited a National Title berth and the league is eager to see if he can win the big game as Iowa coach. All eyes will be on this game. I expect a good game.

    On the recruiting front, we have signed the top CB in the nation as we continue to build on our strong secondary. This will mark the second 5* CB signed by LSU and a testament to how much we value a strong secondary. With so many teams running the spread these days you need to shut down the pass if you hope to win games. Besides that we have some recruits we are eyeing highly but I won't go into any details here. 5* scholarships are extremely limited for each school and we don't want to squander any on a player that isn't an need for the team. You don't build depth with 5* players, you build a foundation.

    I don’t have time for this question.
  3. egofailure

    egofailure Sim habits die hard!

    Aug 19, 2010
    Awesome work, guys. Can't wait to see how this one shakes out!

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