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Interview with PAGamer07 Purdue Head Coach

Discussion in 'The Redshirts' started by BDSDIGITAL, Aug 14, 2013.


    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    With Purdue breaking their month long losing streak, I figured this would be a good time to ask him some questions.

    This has been an up and down season for you. You went from unranked, to flirting with the top 10, to a 4 game losing streak. What do you attribute to the ups and downs? How has it affected your team?-

    Honestly it was off the field turmoil (mainly work) and me feeling a bit rushed and anxious during my game. Couldn't stay focused on defense and just gave up a lot of points. We also turned it over more than we normally do. Just really a loss of focus hurt us. We made it a goal to end the streak against Illinois, and win our remaining 3 games so we end the year on a hot streak. I have no clue who we will get in our Bowl, but we'll win. (shots fired again)

    Do you think that blood bath of a win vs. Michigan St had anything to do with your October swoon?

    Haha. No. We won ugly, and that didnt affect us at all.

    The Big 10 really made a resurgence this year after a few down years in the national eye. What do you think caused that resurgence? Even with some of the perennial powers like Wisconsin and Penn State having down years?

    The Big Ten clearly has the superior coaches on the field. (shots fired) Granted our non-conference schedules were not all that tough. Expect that to change for 2014. I have no clue how well we are recruiting though. Ill get a look at that in the offseason, but hopefully we are at least ranked higher than the PAC-12.

    What’s the best team you’ve played this year?

    Ohio State was a tough game. We couldnt stop Braxton Miller. But the game with Michigan State was incredibly frustrating. We couldn't move the ball at all.

    Who’s your team MVP right now?

    QB Danny Etling. He's making all the throws without much talent around him.

    Who on your roster has made the biggest surprise impact?

    DE Ryan Russell has been a beast this year. 24 tackles for loss and 15 sacks. He's just too big for most Right Tackles, and just blows them up.

    With Indiana as your last game, it looks like you’ll finish 8-4. Are you able to step back and see that as a success in the grand scheme of things, or is it a disappointment?

    A big disappointment. After losing to West Virginia, the wheels fell off. I think that had a lot to do with losing our focus. We should have won that game but to quote Denny Green "We let them off the hook"

    You have one of the younger teams in the big 10, with several contributing freshmen. Could you comment on the play of your youngsters, especially Etling and Gregory?

    Etling has been better than expected and fits our pro style offense perfectly. Gregory has stepped up with the loss of Akeem Hunt, but he will take a back seat to finish the year off. Hunt is a bit more explosive. We also think Sophomore CB Frankie Williams will step into the spotlight next year as our #1 Cornerback.

    What bowl game do you think you’ll be playing in, and is it where you thought you’d be when the season started?-

    We'd be happy with the Gator Bowl, but Im guessing the Meineke Bowl or some other dumb bowl game. We always think we have a shot at the Rose Bowl, so that will be our goal every year.

    How good can this team be next year?-

    I think we can be better. Our biggest loss will be possible Joe Adkins Award winner CB Ricardo Allen. But we know the loss of our 92 OVR Right Tackle will sting. We have a lot of young talent, and our offensive line needs to improve.

    How do you feel about your recruiting efforts, and the kids you’ve been able to convince to come to West Lafayette?

    We're not too impressed so far. We've got a couple of good guys left on the board, but so far haven't signed anyone worth a damn. We have our sites set on two game changers on offense: WR Justin Shelby (76 OVR) and HB Kalvin Rhoden (71 OVR). If we get those two, and all the linemen we are recruiting I really like our class. But at this point.. we don't like it much.
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