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Introduce Your Rookies

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by thebouncer24, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    I know there is threads out there to keep everyone updated but this thread is more of an introduction and how you expect them to play because as you know you weren't able to scout everyone so I would like to see who I missed out on and how they plan to fit in your system.
  2. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    Round 1: C Adam Riley​
    Adam was projected to get picked in the top 10 and when I would have never thought of him to fall down to pick number 29, all things such he did fall and Titans have already named him starter. He will be a huge asset to the team and should impact right away​
    Adam Riley Attributes: 80 run block, 86 pass block, 87 impact block ​
    Round 2: LG Jerome Stackhouse​
    6'1 315 LG that was projected to go in the 3rd but Titans took a slight leap on him due to having a bunch of players on board gone. This pick is going to be more for a building guy as he is behind the great Steve Hutchinson. He will get the immediate backup and will take the spot eventually. He is a good pick and with some development he should be great​
    Jerome Stackhouse Attributes: 85 run block, 73 pass block, 87 impact block​
    Round 3: CB Harris Madru​
    Madru was a guy that was barely scouted from the Titans. Titans took a second look at him on the draft board and knew they needed to take a chance on him to fill a spot on the roster. This guy is great in man to man and should be good with some development. As of now he is 5th on the depth chart meaning he will not get any PT unless we use the quarter package.​
    Madru's Attributes: 86 man 68 zone 94 jump 93 speed​
    Round 4: WR Nolen Evans​
    Nolen was a stretch of a pick as they had recruited 2 or 3 things on him. We took a chance because we thought it was too early for another pick that we got in round 5. Nolen has impressed a lot in the first practice as he caught a TD. This guy is going to get PT and should end up being a big contribution to the team.​
    Evans Attributes: 86 CIT 84 spec catch 81 route 85 jump 86 speed​
    Round 5: WR Dominique Jackson​
    Jackson was someone the Titans spotted during scouting and felt like they found someone decent. He was projected round 7 but Titans didn't want to chance it. They grabbed him and he hopes to get developed and turn into someone great for the Titans.​
    Jackson's Attributes: 83 spec 82 CIT 88 jump 90 speed​
    Round 7: RB Travis Davis​
    This guy was suppose to go undrafted but Titans took a chance and feel like they have a gem after practice 1. He is a big bruising back who has great balance. He will find some PT and will get a good amount of carries. ​
    Davis' Attributes: 94 agility 87 truck 86 speed 87 strength​
    all this info came from site and I couldn't find development if you want to post it for your players go ahead. I will post it when I find out what they are.​
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  3. thirdalarm

    thirdalarm Walk On

    Jun 13, 2012
    Chicago's young cubs......... Bears find 3 starters and strike gold in the 6th round!!!

    1st rnd # overall....CB Randy Butler 6'2 215 Tenn.
    -a physical specimen out of the SEC with 91 speed and great agility the Bears will rely on him to start from day 1

    2nd rnd OLB Christopher Arollo 6'5 244 USC
    In line with some of the great USC linebackers Arollo has the size/speed combo along with 89 agi that coach thirdalarm loves. Arollo will start from day 1 as well.

    4th rnd MLB Devonta Reed 6'3 248 VA Tech
    Another size/speed combo. A bit of a project MLB with lots of work to do but he looks like a player that can be molded into a great linebacker for years to come.

    5th rnd TE Gabe Bethune-Jones 6'5 257 SMU
    A great combo of size and agility, he needs to work on his hands but the dude is a great athlete.

    6th rnd MLB Bill Carr 6'1 235 UL Lafayette
    Has to be one of the biggest surprises of the draft!!! a 76 overall with 87 hit power 84 speed 90 acc 88 agi the Bears struck gold with this man. He will start in place of the sudden retirement of Brian Urlacher which shocked the Bears and all of Chicago.

    7th rnd DT Caleb Myers 6'3 329 Rutgers
    This guy was a freak on the benchpress at the combine showing of his 97 strength and plugs up holes in the middle.

    The youth movement is on in Chicago
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  4. Cimmy24

    Cimmy24 Candy Ass Self

    Jul 6, 2009
    New York Giants :: 2013 Rookies

    1st Round (24) - G Aaron Cane : Baylor
    The New York Giants needed to bolster their offensive line and Cane was their target for the first round. There was no hesitation in the war room when the 24th pick came up on who it was going to be. Cane was the choice and he is now the projected starting RG for the Giants offensive line.​
    2nd Round (48) - TE Johnathan Klem : UCONN
    It was no secret that the Giants needed a TE. After Martellus Bennett decided not to resign with the NFC East Champs, the Giants had a rough offseason trying to find a replacement. Johnathan Klem was a guy they had looked at and was their choice for the 2nd round pick. He has work to do, but New York needed to fill this need. Look for Klem to get a lot of action during the preseason.​
    3rd Round (74) - DT Garrett Uekman : Tennessee
    Defensive Tackle was another position the Giants wanted to add solid depth too, and when they saw that Uekman slid to them at the 74th overall pick, there was no passing him up. This young mans strength and power made him a force in the rugged SEC and the Giants were intrigued by his fierce style of play.​

    4th Round (98) - DE Brock Crayton : Auburn
    Crayton being available at this pick was another surprise for the Giants, as they had scouted him as going earlier in the draft. Leading the Tigers in tackles and sacks last season, Crayton proved to be a force for opposing offensive lines. His ability to track down the ball carrier and make the play is what he excels at, look for him to learn from the best in the league and develop into another stud New York Giant DE.​
    5th Round (109) - WR Labrece Gaines : Oregon

    Gaines may not be the All-American, All-Conference player that most would search for, but the Giants scouted him as a work horse. He may not be the fastest receiver in the draft, but Gaines will go up and get the ball. With no fear of fighting the leagues best CBs in one on one situations, look for Gaines to be a red zone threat for New York.​
    5th Round (111) - QB Steven Adams : New Mexico

    The conference leader in completion percentage, Adams did not project to be a top QB taken in the Draft. To everyone's surprise, they did not expect the New York Giants to be the team to draft a QB. However, for the Giants final pick in the first HK Draft, they got their back-up stud in Adams. He doesn't have the greatest arm strength, but his accuracy is top notch and he has an Elite QB to learn and develop from.​
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  5. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    Round 1(2) - RB DeRay Ray
    20 Years Old - 6'0" 198 LBS - Florida
    After trading away MJD, the Jags were in need of a replacement and they got a very special player here. Not only does he have great speed but he has great all-around abilities. The big question mark for Ray is whether or not he can stand up to the toll of being a feature back. With only a 64 stamina, he will have to improve at this.​
    Round 1(18) - LG Bubba Logan
    20 Years Old - 6'1" 344 LBS - Wisconsin
    The Jaguars had been in talks to move up and take LT Minton, but after that fell through, they were thrilled to see Bubba Logan fall to #18. Logan was such a good player, that they had even put some thought into taking him at #2. Logan will be a key piece for the Jaguars for many many seasons to come.​
    Round 2(2) - RB Tobias Bray
    22 Years Old - 5'10" 188 LBS - Wingate
    Probably one of the biggest surprise picks of the draft. Already with a RB taken #2 overall, the Jags went RB again with Tobias Bray and they did it in the 2nd round with a guy projected to go in the 7th. An afterthought for most teams could turn into a real surprise. 99 speed, 96 acceleration, 94 juke, 91 carry, 94 kick return, 90 jump, and 83 agility. But, only 15 awareness. Will the awareness hold back his physical ability or will he be able to strive despite that?​
    Round 2(25) - CB Brian Kimble
    22 Years Old - 5'11" 202 LBS - Cincinnati
    Kimble is another player projected to go late in the draft that the Jags would draft in the 2nd round. The Jags got Sean Smith in a trade but they don't have any other stand out players at CB. At this point in the draft, only one CB had better zone coverage ratings than Kimble and the Jags like to run zone coverage. They took Kimble over this other player simply because of him being a better athlete and the coverage difference wasn't drastic.​
    Round 3(2) - QB Bradford Barut
    20 Years Old - 6'5" 233 LBS - Nebraska-Omaha
    Barut had the biggest arm in this draft with a 98 throw power. His accuracy isn't all that bad though it definitely wasn't anywhere near the best. The real killer to his overall is an awareness rating of 30. The Jags have high hopes that this won't hold down his potential. The talent is there to be a force in the NFL.​
    Round 4(2) - QB Jordan Mapa
    20 Years Old - 6'2" 244 LBS - Navy
    Another QB? And back-to-back? Who cares! Mapa is a legit NFL caliber QB and should've gone higher than this spot. This guy has it all and could end up as the Jags day 1 starter this season.​
    Round 5(2) - FB Benji Kanuch
    20 Years Old - 5'10" 242 LBS - NC State
    Kanuch is probably a reach in this spot, but he does have the potential to become a solid player in the NFL as a run blocker. The bigger question for him is whether or not he'll have a spot on the roster come Week 1.​
    Round 5(25) - RE James Smith-Gonzalez
    20 Years Old - 6'5" 261 LBS - Northern Arizona
    The Jags are really excited about JSG and to get him here. He's your prototypical edge rusher. 83 speed, 93 acceleration, 84 finesse moves, and so on. The Jags weren't expecting to get him but he will likely be on the team in Week 1.​
    Round 6(2) - SS Dejon Mahone
    21 Years Old - 6'1" 191 LBS - Grambling State
    With only a 59 overall, the Jags were scratching their heads here, but then they dug deeper. Mahone has NFL caliber skills, but like others, he's being brought down by his awareness. A big preseason could see this man make the team.​
    Round 7(2) - CB Alex Poteat
    21 Years Old - 5'10" 204 LBS - Kentucky
    Poteat breaks the mold of all the other Jaguar CBs. He's horrible in zone coverage, but with 80 man coverage and 83 press, that difference could earn him a spot in a jumbled group of Jacksonville CBs.​
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  6. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    1ST ROUND - CB Josh Ramos - Ramos was the highest rated corner on our board. That being said, we expected to be picking at the original #25 position but got the opportunity to move up. He was too good to pass up. Speed, size and coverage skills boost him already to the #2 CB position on our depth chart opposite the newly acquired CB Derek Cox. This gives us little weakness in a secondary that has been lacking for years.
    2ND ROUND - MLB Orlan McCurley - McCurley was someone who was on our original draft board but we didn't get the opportunity to scout full. He turned out to be a decent grab for us and may actually start somewhere in the near future. 74 tackle, 85 hit power, 79 speed, 80 strength, 84 awareness, 89 acceleration, 76 block shedding, 79 pursuit, 75 play recognition. His downfalls are coverage and injury prone with a 73.
    4TH ROUND - RE Blake Nieves - Blake comes in with a big chip on his shoulder from the University of Montana. Great size with decent speed gives us a raw athlete that could have been brought in to replace Jared Allen at some point with rumors circulating of us moving him. Very tough and gritty kid that will improve or could have the chance to play early.
    4TH ROUND - DT Charles Wade - Wade didn't come in as the sexiest pick but he has some things to take a look at. He is 6'2, 320. Some say he reminds them of Pat Williams. The guy is tough(84) and very strong(95). His moves are lacking a lot but he was mainly used to fill gaps. He can tackle very well(81) and if he gets a chance to put his strength and body into you, good luck with his hit power(84).
    We had a 7th round pick but I wasn't around for that and I don't remember who it was anyways.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2012
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  7. OnIowa

    OnIowa Zeroes to Heroes

    Jul 24, 2010
    Washington Redskins Rookies

    2nd Round Pick (7) - WR Dyson Orr 6'2" 214 lbs from Iowa State University - Orr looks to be a #5 receiver for the Redskins this year, but with Santana Moss potentially nearing his last days as a Skin, Orr could become valuable in the future. Not the fastest guy out there, but Orr can catch the ball, and that is exactly what this team needs.

    3rd Round Pick (7) - LE Cassius Barnard 6'5" 286 lbs from Tulsa - Barnard comes in as the highest rated rookie for the Redskins at 77 overall. While he won't start, he will provide great depth at the defensive end position. Rumors are that Washington is shopping a few of their defensive ends so look for Barnard to climb the depth chart in no time should those deals go through.

    4th Round Pick (7) - RT Marcus Wallace 6'4" 311 lbs from the University of California - Wallace is a big man, and while his overall rating may be low, this guy can block for the run, which is exactly what this team needs. He won't be a starter day 1, but look for him to contribute in the future should he continue to excel.

    5th Round Pick (7) - ROLB Daniel Tanner 6'4" 245 lbs from Troy - Tanner was drafted purely for depth behind Brian Orakpo and will fight 2nd year man Dezman Moses for the second string position

    5th Round Pick (19) - HB Roderick Smith 5'8" 191 lbs from Tulsa - The second player drafted from Tulsa by Washington, Smith may be the surprise of the draft for the Skins. This guy can flat out play and he's fast. Smith broke multiple tackles in his first game for Washington when he rushed for over 130 yards on just 12 carries. He will fight Roy Helu Jr. for the starting job from day 1.

    6th Round Pick (7) - MLB Dior Cook 6'2" 241 lbs from W. New Mexico - Cook is another depth addition who will have to earn his spot on the team. He is a solid tackler, with good cover skills who could develop into a solid player if given the chance.

    6th Round Pick (25) - TE Kale Schwertner 6'4" 247 lbs from McNeese State - Schwertner will have to earn his spot on the team this preseason, he can catch the ball and does a fairly good job and blocking, but with rumors of the Redskins looking to add another weapon at tight end, his days could be numbered in Washington.

    7th Round Pick (7) - FS Kadeem Reid 6'2" 194 lbs from Florida State - A guy who was not projected to be drafted, the Redskins took a stab at Reid with their last pick in the draft. He will have to greatly improve his zone coverage skills to play at this level, but Reid could be on the roster as a backup when the season starts.
  8. bcduggan

    bcduggan Walk On

    Sep 12, 2009
    Buffalo Bills draft picks

    1st round #30 SS Dejon Eliaan LSU 70 overall
    Key attributes Hit power 91, Pursuit 81, Zone coverage 76
    Was disappointed in his ratings, was hoping he would be ready to start before George Wilson's contract is up. Until then he will back up Wilson and learn from him. If Eliaan was faster, 81 speed, he could return punts.

    3rd round #74 RT Sam Ackerman ND 83 overall
    Key attributes Strength 95, Run Block 86, Impact Blocking 80, Awareness 81
    Should start for Buffalo for many years, he is ahead in the battle for the starting RT slot

    4th round #106 LOLB Sione Johnson Kent State 67 overall
    Key attributes agility 85, block shedding 84
    Probably will not see playing time

    5th round #138 LE Byron Deen Iowa State 73 overall
    Key attributes 90 power moves 82 tackle 89 strength
    Will see limited playing time all over the Dline, Could be next Mario Williams

    6th round #189 WR Terry McFadden Kent State 71 overall
    Key attributes 99 elusive, 92 agility, 90 juke, 86 spin, 80 route running
    Should replace Brad Smith in 2-3 years

    7th round #202 FS Leo Dyles Citadel 66 overall
    Key Attributes 93 speed, 83 zone coverage, 82 hit power, 80 pursuit
    His speed will get him thru preseason. Who knows from there?

  9. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009

    I forget the order I drafted these guys but here are your Steeler rookies:

    1st Round: MLB Bryan Latta 6'1'' 243 pounds out of UCLA comes in at 74 overall
    The last UCLA LB to be drafted out of UCLA by the Steelers was Bruce Davis in the 3rd round of the 2008 draft.
    He would start right away next to Lawrence Timmons but was taken to replace Larry Foote when he decides to call it quits or when he passes him. A pretty quick step (85 acc) and decent speed (80) will allow him to go sideline to sideline. He can shed a block at (85) and then make a tackle (83) and bring the hammer also (95) hit power.

    OLB Austin Watson 6'1'' 238 pounds from Georgia Tech comes in at 70 overall
    Another guy that was drafted to replace another old player in James Harrison. This kid can get off the line of scrimmage and into the backfield quickly at 92 accel but he isn't able to maintain the speed at 83. He will be able to come of the edge with an 83 block shed but he will need to work on his tackling at 70 and will seldom lay the wood with a 75 hit power.

    DT Marc Reese 6'3'' 307 pounds from Virginia Tech, rated 70 overall
    After the departure of Casey Hampton the Steelers were looking to replace the long time center piece of the defense. They believe they found a suitable replacement in Reese. Marc can get off the line of scrimmage with an acceleration of 87, he has decent hands to get the blocks off of him (76) but has a good power move that will need to develop (85). He will see a decent amount of snaps this year backing up Alameda Ta'amu, last years draft pick.

    WR Dominick Bowles 6'4'' 208 pounds out of Bloomsburg, 68 overall
    Finally the Steelers grab their big WR as Bowles is the only guy over 6'2'' on the roster that features explosive, speedy guys on the outside. He will see time at the #4 on the depth chart behind, Wallace, Brown and Sanders. He has an excellent first step at 94 acceleration and then 89 top end speed and 80 release for the pressing CBs. He will need to work on his route running but he can catch the ball in traffic (85) while his catching is at 75. He will be the guy to go down the middle to open up the outside for Wallace and Brown but then will see some redzone target because of his frame.

    CB Reginald Baker 6'1'' 201 pounds out of S.D. State, 63 overall
    Baker doesn't come in with the type of overall that you see slated starting outside but the kid has size, speed (92) and acceleration (89). He can get up and press the receiver at 83 and then run with them at 88 while his zone is a little underwhelming in the zone blitz scheme but that will be improved on with seasoning.

    Tackle Dennis Oliver 6'7'' 313 pounds out of Culver-Stockton, 60 overall
    Depth reasons not impressive overall but can block downhill at 82 and grab an impact block 83. His pass blocking will need improvement if he wants to compete at the NFL level (72). A developmental pick.

    RT Brian Hall 6'7'' 301 pounds from Rhode Island, 53 overall
    Will most likely make the team despite his shortcomings in his overall skills. He has the ability to turn out to be a good blocker all around with a 79 pass block, 82 run block and 73 impact blocking. A developmental pick.

    Mr. Irrelevant OLB Tyrone Barkins 6'1'' 241 pounds from Wayne State, 59 overall
    Another project guy and depth to an aging outside linebacking core. A decent first step 88 with 83 speed, shed a block at 81 and can wrap up and tackle 81. A developmental pick.
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  10. DrunkenSoldier

    DrunkenSoldier Luck Of The Irish

    Jun 30, 2009
    Raiders 2013 Draft Picks

    1st Rd 13th pick TE Bryan Zabal (California)
    Good size with great hands not overly fast but should catch everything thrown his way, also is a great run blocker

    1st Rd 20th pick DT Aramide Yancy (Louisiana Tech)
    Great speed and acceleration for such a big man, also has great block shedding, tackling and pursuit which should help bolster the run defense

    2nd Rd 13th pick DE Shaynon Newman (Pittsburgh)
    Prototypical DE at 6'5" 275 lbs with great acceleration should be a great pass rusher

    3rd Rd 13th pick CB Ladarius King (Penn State)
    Has good speed and acceleration but needs to improve on his man and zone coverages, will have a chance to battle for the nickel CB position

    3rd Rd 20th pick HB Josiah Harris (Navy)
    Great speed and acceleration, most likely will only contribute as a KR in his first year

    4th Rd 13th pick HB Quinton Caro (Minnesota)
    Just a depth player, not eally sure what CPU was thinking with back to back HB's

    5th rd 13th pick ROLB Ryan Grosso (Rutgers)
    Another depth player that will see limited snaps his first year

    6th Rd 13th pick LE Andrew Wells (Stillman)

    7th Rd 13th pick SS Quayshawn Eaves (Dartmouth)
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  11. uagrad90

    uagrad90 Walk On

    Oct 25, 2010
    Dumb me forget to write down the order but here are my Draftees​
    HB Christian Davis 5'11" 238 Lbs from Miami, 72 Ovr
    Davis was brought in to battle Daniel Thomas for the role as the short yardage back. What he lacks in speed and acceleration when compared to the other HB in Miami he makes up for it with his ball carrying and trucking abilities. This battle with Thomas could go to the wire.
    WR Levi Watson 6'4" 232 lbs from Pitt, 66 Ovr
    The Dolphins were looking to upgrade their WR crops to bigger stronger receivers who could make catches in traffic and and physical dominate the smaller Dbs. Watson bring to Miami an excellent ability to catch passes while being hit and his ability to get off the line of scrimmage is amongst the best. Watson could be battling for the 2nd or 3rd WR position.
    WR Devin Lewis 6'2" 213 lbs from Townson St, 63 Ovr
    Lewis is another big strong WR that can help Miami with his an excellent ability to catch passes while being hit. Lewis could be battling for the 3rd or 4th WR position.
    TE Thomas Fletcher 6'3" 259 lbs from Georgia, 59 Ovr
    Miami was in desperate need of a TE that could get open and catch passes but could also be relied upon in the run game as a blocker. Fletcher bring good speed and nice hands to Miami, but he really excels in his run blocking abilities. Look for Fletcher to earn the 3rd TE spot and possibly the 2nd spot on the depth chart.
    G Kendall Croce 6'3" 303 lbs from Oregon, 59 Ovr
    Croce was drafted for his run blocking abilities. Croce has a ways to go and will be fighting for one of the backup roles along the line.
    CB Charly Johnson 6' 201 lbs from Georgia Tech, 62 Ovr
    Johnson was drafted looking to add depth to the secondary for Miami where the struggled some last year. Johnson has good cover skills and his ability to change direction and accelerate to the ball could potentially earn Johnson a spot on the final roster.
    CB Calvin Walters 6'1" 201 lbs from Auburn, 62 Ovr
    Walters was also drafted looking to add depth to the secondary for Miami where the struggled some last year. Walters is very similar to Johnson in that he has good cover skills and his ability to change direction and accelerate to the ball. Look for Walters to earn a spot on the final roster.
    S Quincy Anderson 6' 210 lbs from NW Missouri St, 68 Ovr
    Anderson is a ball hawking S who like to hit that will help add depth to the secondary for Miami. Anderson will be fighting for a spot in a secondary that has become crowded in the off-season.
  12. bcduggan

    bcduggan Walk On

    Sep 12, 2009
    To update this RT Sam Ackerman is so good in the eyes of the Bills, the rumor of trading LT Erik Pears and moving RT Cordy Glenn to LT appear to be on the horizon. Glenn is in his 2nd year out of Florida State, I think Florida State.
  13. biggcoug65

    biggcoug65 49er for Life

    Aug 30, 2011
    49ers 2013 Rookies
    1st Round (27) - Hansen Wood DT Cal - 79 ovr 6'3" 328lbs
    Wood is the replacement for Sopoaga and should fill in nicely. He has great strength, good awareness, and good tackling. He needs to work on his block shedding to become elite, but that should come quickly as he will develop really quickly.
    2nd Round (27) - Jamal Williams CB Miami Univ. - 74 ovr 6'2" 188lbs
    Jamal Williams is a solid corner, with even man and zone coverage skills, he will be used as a Dime DB unless there is an injury to the 3 starters ahead of him, he and Culliver will work well together in the future for the Niners.
    3rd Round (14) - Adam Jones WR UConn - 75 ovr 6'4" 245lbs
    Big bodied WR with above average speed, he will go up and get the ball and should play a key role in the slot this year for the Niners.
    4th Round (26) - Brennan Palmer DT Army - 64 ovr 6'4" 300lbs
    Palmer is a good pass rusher, but needs time to develop his strength, don't look for him to be on the field too much this year
    4th Round (27) - Bryson Layton FS Florida St. - 62 ovr 6'1" 199lbs
    Drafted as insurance if the Niners and Goldson can't agree on a deal in the future, this guy hits hard and finds the ball
    5th Round (16) - Brandon Harris WR UConn - 56 ovr 5'10" 197lbs
    Harris was drafted as a returner and because the Niners heard rumors that he and fellow Husky Adam Jones are good friends and roommates in college
    5th Round (26) - Conner Robinson QB Arizona - 61 ovr 6'3" 247lbs
    Conner doesn't have the arm strength to make all the throws yet, but if he develops he should be a solid backup in the future
    5th Round (27) - Ishaq Lawrence RG Temple - 59 ovr 6'3" 287lbs
    Drafted to backup Alex Boone and provide some depth at the position, Ishaq is not an ideal size for the Niners power run game
    6th Round (18) - Harold Barnes HB Georgia - 64 ovr 5'8" 205lbs
    Harold Barnes was drafted to get more depth at RB, he is built like Gore but runs more like James and Hunter. He is stocky, fast, and tough to bring down as the Eagles found out in his breakout performance this preseason.
    6th Round (27) - Chase Scroggins TE Texas A&M - 46 ovr 6'1" 255lbs
    I know his overall is bad, but he is a solid run blocking TE with decent hands, he will be a good #3 TE
    7th Round (20) - Cordaveous Lyons CB Western Wash - 61 ovr 6'0" 206lbs
    Drafted on name alone, Cordaveous turned out to be a good surprise and will be a good future Nickel back
    7th Round (27) - Josh Ramsey RE Neb-Omaha - 59 ovr 6'5" 275lbs
    This guy is 6'5" 275lbs, has 90 acceleration and 82 speed, he has already returned a fumble 84 yards for a TD this preseason
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2012
  14. BG

    BG On The Rize!

    Oct 5, 2009
    1ST RD #23rd Pick (81 OVR)​
    Not needing any particular position, The BUCS took Raymond because he was the best player available. He is currently 3rd on the depth chart, but may challenge Amobi Okoye for playing time before season's end.​
    2ND RD #55TH PICK (77 OVR)​
    Sporting probably one of the worst pass defenses in the league a year ago, The BUCS went with McCay to try and sure up the mediocre secondary. McCay is currently listed as the nickel back, but may see sufficient time as the #2 CB if he progresses as the coaches think he can.​
    3RD RD #87TH PICK (66 OVR)​
    This was a strictly need pick. With the departure of Dallas Clark to Free Agency, the BUCS needed a TE for depth. He is currently 3rd on the depth chart but may get some playing time as the season progresses.​
    4TH RD 105TH PICK (64 OVR)​
    Another depth pick, Robbins WILL BE A STUD.....in 2 or 3 years. He has a lot to learn, but his upside is very positive, which is why he was drafted here.​
    Other picks were not relevant, but I may add them later.​
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  15. NeuroticTruth

    NeuroticTruth dont know , dont care

    Nov 30, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    Saints 2013 Draft Class
    #4 (RD 1) WR DeVontry Wilson / Florida State - 73 OVR - 6'1" 191lbs
    DeVontry was the coveted piece of the puzzle the Saints went after in this draft. They gave up a lot to get into the position to draft Wilson at #4 and they expect things in return. Wilson will start immediatly as the #2 receiver and should be a great compliment to Marques Colston.​
    #10 (RD 1) CB Tony Johnson / Syracuse - 81 OVR - 6'1" 202lbs
    The Saints had tried to trade out of the pick, but that fell through and Johnson fell into their lap. Corner wasnt originally a focus of the draft for the Saints but when Johnson fell to them at #10 they couldnt pass him up. Johnson should start the season as the Nickle Corner but as his zone coverage skills improve expect him to move into the starting lineup and replace the aging Jabari Greer.​
    #30 (RD 2) DT Cameron Reed / Missouri - 70 OVR - 6'4" 302lbs
    Reed is a guy the Saints really like. Hes got some raw ability at the DT position and should fill in nicely for the departed Sedrick Ellis. Reed will be looked to as the #2 DT in the Saints 4-3 defense from day 1.​
    #30 (RD 4) DE Nigel Thomas / Auburn - 69 OVR - 6'5" 275lbs
    Thomas is a little more green then the Saints had originally hoped. While they were hoping he would be a guy that would start at RE after the release of Will Smith, Thomas is going to need some time to develop before grasping the starting spot away from 3rd year man Martez Wilson.​
    #30 (RD 5) OLB Andrew Miller / Wake Forest - 65 OVR - 6'1" 236lbs
    Miller is another player with great raw ability. With the return of Vilma, Miller will likely be put on the backburner and given time to progress. There are high expectations for him in the future to take over the LOLB position.​
    #30 (RD 6) QB Garrett Finnegan / North Carolina - 57 OVR - 6'1" 228lbs
    Finnegan was a straight need pick at this spot and will likely be relegated to the practice squad and the #3 QB role.​
    #30 (RD 7) WR Nick Ballard / Franklin College - 64 OVR - 5'11" 191lbs
    The Saints feel Ballard was a steal of the draft for them. Ballard has great potential and when he returns from injury (hes currently out 7 weeks with a torn hamstring), he should step into the #4 WR role in the Saints passing attack. He also has some ability in the return game, something the Saints will also be relying on heavily with his return.​
  16. Trailerparkwifi

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    Aug 18, 2012
    6'1 81 OVR Corner? :eek:
  17. NeuroticTruth

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    Nov 30, 2011
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    Hes an animal.
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    Sep 12, 2009

    Glad to see the pick you got from me was good for you.
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  19. Jshaver

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    Sep 12, 2012
    Great Idea, nice job guys.

    Looks like some solid youngsters coming into the league.
  20. ChildPlease9

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    Nov 26, 2010
    After trading their first and third round picks for franchise runner Darren McFadden, the Bengals have only two draft picks remaining on the roster with a chance to make the team.

    Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 8.30.11 PM.png

    Second rounder Adam Smiley out of Iowa is a lock to make the roster, especially with Manny Lawson set to miss the first two weeks of the regular season. The 21-year-old will be a key contributor on kick coverage teams and excels in defending the run.

    Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 8.30.33 PM.png

    Fourth rounder Jimmie Floyd is another guy looking to make the roster on special teams. Floyd has exceptional man coverage skills and great speed, and the 21-year-old has the potential to be a productive cornerback in the National Football League.

    However, the Bengals are incredible excited about a trio of undrafted free agents performing well in camp. All three boast exceptional size and could develop into very good NFL players. WR Curtis Dozier, a 6-4 205 blazer with jump-out-of-the-gym hops and a knack for making the tough catch, will see immediate time on the offensive side of the ball and looks to be the future across from AJ Green. DE Nigel Davis is a certified run-stuffer with great power moves and strength, a must for the strong side of the Bengals defense. Cornerback Roman Lealuga is a big, strong, and smart defensive back who can play both safety positions as well as cornerback. All three will have noticeable impacts on special teams, and Dozier and Lealuga will see time in passing situations.

    Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 8.29.17 PM.png Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 8.29.41 PM.png Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 8.32.34 PM.png
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