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Introduce Your Rookies!

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by controllerabuser, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    Who did you draft and why?
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  2. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    Matt Gray - OG - He is a stud which is a good thing because the rest of my draft sucked balls. Gray or Verducci will be taking over at the Center spot due to Gurado retiring. Hal screwed me twice by taking Tyler Clay in the first and a stud OLB in the 2nd round.

    I did draft a fast TE in the 2nd round that could be a nice weapon for the Rams Offense but beyond that, my draft sucked.
  3. uagrad90

    uagrad90 Walk On

    Oct 25, 2010
    1 Round LG Justin Dolph - Will be counted on to learn and develop quickly to shore up the average NY O-line. Dolph is a strong young man that just needs to adjust to the NFL level and he will be a starter for years to come.

    2 Round DT Joshua Donoghue - Donoghue is another player the Giants are looking at to develop quickly and move into the starting lineup. With the departure of Canty NY is looking for someone to help stuff the run game and with his big body and exponential strength the Giants are hoping the Donoghue is that answer.

    2 Round CB Tarus Bogan - In a secondary that is already crowded with excellent cover corners, Bogan may be the first rookie from this class for the Giants to make the starting lineup. Bogan brings posses excellent cover skills and has a keen nose for the ball. Dont be surprised to see Bogan playing full time by November.

    4 Round SS Terry Jones - The Giants are looking for Jones to help deep and could see playing time this year.

    5 Round QB Jim Spond - The Giants were looking for a solid backup for Eli and Spond looks to possible be that guy. Not a franchise QB by any means but very capable of backing up the existing franchise QB. Will need to work on his passing down the field but has the arm to get the ball there.

    6 Round TE Hunter Gentry - With the Giants looking to utilize a power 2 Te offense which emphasis an H-Back instead of the traditional FB, Gentry posses the speed, hands and most importantly the blocking skills to earn playing time.

    7 Round WR Terry Waters - Without a doubt the surprise of the draft for NY. Not really in need of a WR the Giants listened to their scouts and took a chance on Waters. With his excellent speed and quickness all he needs is to refine his catching route running and improve his catching ability just a little and Waters could start pushing for playing time.
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  4. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009


    2nd Round, 7th Pick HB Jerrod Jackson
    Jackson has a lot of upside but will have to battle for time with fellow incoming rookie, Jonathon Seaver as well as starting HB Jyhe Davis. Jackson packs a heavy punch coming at 5'9 and weighing 238 pounds. He is very strong(88 strength) and has great ball carrier vision(84). You don't want to tackle this guy as he 92 trucking and 91 stiff arm. Jacksonw will get a lot of reps on 3rd and short and goalline formations.
    2nd Round, 17th Pick DT Trevence Barton
    We really lucked out by drafting Barton. He came in at 83 overall, our highest draft pick. Barton was projected as a 5th round draft pick. With guys from our board dropping like flies, we decided to make the call. DT was our biggest need and we weren't going to wait to see if he'd last to the 5th. The guy has great techniques and moves. Strong as a bull and has decent speed(77). He will for sure be the #1 DT when Week 1 hits.
    3rd Round, 7th Pick WR Fabian Rabasa
    We wanted someone who could play opposite Dez Bryant that was big, had some good speed and could go get a ball whenever we needed a conversion. The guys we wanted to take with our 2nd round pick had all been taken. Fabian Rabasa was another 5th round projection that graded out to have just as good of skills as his competition. The guy has undeniable talent that some would call raw. He comes in at 6'4 232 pounds with 87 catch in traffic and 89 spectacular catch. A great addition to a deceiving WR core.
    4th Round, 7th Pick HB Jonathon Seaver
    Seaver was on our board and available when it came to the 4th round. So, we took the chance on him. 96 speed, 96 carry and 76 catching will give us the change of pace back we need to create big plays. He will get a lot of opportunities throughout the year.
    5th Round, 7th Pick LT Ben Gibson
    A decent pick up in the 5th round considering how many offensive lineman that were taken throughout the early rounds of this draft. Pass blocking(73), run blocking(76), impact blocking(82) and strength(84) make Gibson a work in progress that could have a wonderful outcome.
    5th Round, 17th Pick RT Stephen Lunsford
    Another lineman that we needed so desperately for depth on this Cowboys team.
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  5. pitt4life21

    pitt4life21 RTJR!

    Jul 16, 2010
    Marcus Bane
    I picked him so JJ Watt could have a great pass rusher on the opposite side of him. He is strong fast and pursues the ball very well. All things you want in a DE.

    Karmah Wilder
    I picked him to help patch one of the holes on our offensive line. He is a very strong pass blocker in a few years he could be one of the best RT in the NFL.

    Roland Butler
    I am very excited for this WR I feel it was a big steal to pick this guy at #20. He is one of the best WR vs the press I ever seen. He will be the new #2 WR in Houston. He was also the best rated overall out of any of the Texans draft picks.
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  6. G_T_G


    Jul 21, 2010
    #3 OVERALL PICK - QB Cole Lowe - Michigan State
    At the beginning of the college season, many believed that Cole Lowe out of Michigan St. would be the first QB selected in this year's HK draft. However, after a strong showing by UNLV QB Donta Callaway in the NFL combine, he leapfrogged Lowe as the top quarterback prospect.​
    It was upto Callaway and Lowe to sell themselves to the Chicago Bears to be selected with the #1 pick in the draft. Callaway's physical and athletic superiority ended up giving him the slight edge over Lowe. Despite this, Lowe didn't fall far and was selected with the #3 pick by the Dolphins; a team in desperate need of leadership at the quarterback position.​
    Lowe, ever the competitor, took the slight setback in stride after being chosen after Callaway. He had this to say to the Miami media after being selected:​
    "Of course I wanted to go #1 in the draft. Who wouldn't want that?," stated Lowe in a conference call. "But none of that matters anymore. I have a job to do and am happy to be in Miami. I know they have a new coaching staff here, and I think we are going to bring a winning atmosphere back to the Dolphins organization."​
    Lowe was successful in his first preseason game, throwing a 72 yard TD pass on his first throw. If Lowe can lead the Dolphins like he has so far through OTAs and the preseason, the Dolphins' future is as bright as Miami sunshine.​
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  7. OnIowa

    OnIowa Zeroes to Heroes

    Jul 24, 2010

    Washington Redskins Draft Recap
    Round 1 Pick 8 - LG Xavier Stumph (80 OVR) - Georgia Tech​
    Stumph will start from day 1. Rated an 80 overall with very solid overall strength and blocking skills, he will be a mainstay on the Redkins line for years to come.​
    Round 2 Pick 8 - WR De'Adrian Dixon (83 OVR) - BYU​
    Dixon will start in the slot for the Redskins this season. With good hands, 96 speed, and 96 acceleration, he will be another solid target for RG3. Dixon is also slated to return punts and kickoffs for Washington.​
    Round 3 Pick 25 - LE Ryan Thompson (68 OVR) - Northwestern​
    With good tackle (82) hit power (90) and strength (91) matched with above average speed, Thompson could play a key role in upcoming years with many of Washington's defensive ends having expiring contracts.​
    Round 3 Pick 32 - MLB Brice Coleman (64 OVR) - Boise State​
    Coleman will be the third string MLB to start the year. with solid tackle, speed, and cover ratings, he could develop into a strong presence for Washington.​
    Round 4 Pick 8 - CB Dalen McGriff (57 OVR) - Norfolk State​
    McGriff has the tools needed to become a solid corner in the NFL (75 MCV, 81 ZCV, 92 SPD, 92 ACC). Time will tell if his skills can produce numbers good enough worthy of a spot on the Washington roster.​
    Round 4 Pick 25 - RG Jordan Stover (63 OVR) - Cincinnati​
    Stover will be the backup right guard on the opening day roster for Washington. With average blocking skills and above average strength he could fill a void should Washington have the need to put him in the game.​
    Round 5 Pick 8 - Carl Fanning (56 OVR) - Illinois​
    Fanning will have a hard time making the roster for Washington. With second year starter Maka Lafontant and veteran Barry Cofield ahead of him, it is not likely to see Fanning on the opening day roster.​
    Round 6 Pick 8 - ROLB Carlos Marshall (69 OVR) - Southern Illinois​
    Marshall may be the backup to Brian Orakpo when the season starts. With solid overall skills he should have a secure roster spot for the time being.​
    Round 7 Pick 8 - WR Burness Hill (70 OVR) - Clemson​
    Hill will return kicks alongside fellow rookie De'Adrian Dixon. His 95 SPD, 93 ACC, and solid hands could also propel him into some packages for the Redkins offense.​
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  8. DrunkenSoldier

    DrunkenSoldier Luck Of The Irish

    Jun 30, 2009
    1st RD 25th Overall- DE Larone Peters - Iowa​
    Peters will have a tough time getting minutes in the rotation, but has some good pass rushing intangibles to build on​
    1st RD 32nd Overall- HB Francis King- FAU​
    He will be thrust into the starters role, but will more likely split carries with a stable of RB's in Oakland​
    2ND RD 25th pick- RG Devin Howard- Fresno St​
    Wasnt as good of a pick as i was hoping, he will be a project and will have to work hard to ever become a starter​
    3RD RD 8th Pick- MLB Brandon Merchant -Wisc​
    Solid back up MLB, will probably replace Ruud as the back up to McClain next season​
    After that not much of a draft as the rest of the guys are not really that good​
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  9. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    C Tyler Clay
    1st Round - 12th Pick - Oregon​
    Tyler was the top center available in the draft and he should make an impact for the Jaguars for a long time. With 90 run block, 80 pass block, 86 impact blocking,​
    and 90 strength,he should become an anchor on the Jacksonville OL.​
    ROLB VJ Fleming
    2nd Round - 12th Pick - Auburn​
    Fleming had a great year at Auburn, but his stock really rose at the combine. 90 acceleration, 95 hit power, 88 pursuit, 82 agility, 81 speed, and 80 tackle all show that he can be a force for the Jags. However, he has some serious short comings in pass rushing and pass coverage attributes. He will be starting at ROLB for the Jags and could make a big impact with his ability to close on the ball and hit hard.​
    RG Nolan Nelson
    3rd Round - 3rd Pick - Penn State​
    Nelson will start at RG this season for the Jags. He comes in with 76 run block and 75 pass block, but 90 impact blocking and 92 strength. So there's plenty to like about him. The Jags were a little disappointed with his football knowledge(10 awareness), but they don't feel that it will detract from his play.​
    RT Xavier Edwards
    4th Round - 3rd Pick - LSU​
    The Jaguars are really happy with the value they got here. Edwards will be the backup this season at RT, but he could definitely turn into a starter in a couple years.​
    ROLB Derrick Leslie
    4th Round - 12th Pick - Florida State​
    Derrick Leslie has moments where he reminds people of former FSU OLB Derrick Brooks. With 87 tackle, 90 hit power, and 82 acceleration, he could be a real threat off of the edge. He'll mainly be backing up 2nd round pick Fleming for now, but the Jaguars think he could also be a starter one day.​
    QB Cody Murphey
    5th Round - 12th Pick - TCU​
    The Jaguars were really just looking for a spot filler here. What they got actually surprised them. Murphey has 86 thp, 72 short acc, 76 med acc, and 80 deep acc. He also has 73 speed and 73 throw on run. He turned out good enough that he could potentially battle for the #2 spot with incumbent Bradford Barut but would have a long way to go to catch Jordan Mapa.​
    TE Dan Coleman
    6th Round - 12th Pick - NC Central​
    With the Jags parting ways with Marcedes Lewis, they were in need to find a TE that could be a receiving threat. The Jags were surprised to see Coleman fall this far so they decided to give him a shot. He came in with 85 speed, 89 acceleration, 80 agility, 88 catch in traffic, 84 spectacular catch, 80 release, 80 juke, 77 trucking, 77 stiff arm, 91 jumping, and 71 impact blocking. This 6th round pick has ended up contending for the #1 job in Jacksonville.​
    LOLB Falo McAlister
    7th Round - 12th Pick - Shippensburg​
    McAlister fit the mold of the other 2 OLBs the Jags took in this draft. He hits hard and gets there quickly. With 86 acceleration and 90 hit power, defenses should take note of him when he's out there....but that probably won't be too frequent.​
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  10. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009

    QB Mason Thierrien
    Mason will be the backup if we don't decide to bring in a FA QB. He comes in 70 Overall with 85 TP, 87 SAC, 71 MAC, 79 DAC, 83 Throw on the run which don't come out to bad but he is not a suitable starter if Newton goes down.

    CB Gregory Phillips
    Greg comes in and will start at nickel back for us and he was going to be our first pick of the draft but felt we would have reached a little too much. Coming in at 58 Overall but his coverage skills are a lot better, 85 MCV, 78 ZCV and 83 PRS. He lacks some speed only a 90 and acceleration at 85.

    FB Latavien Carson
    I gaffed and came away with the best draft prospect for the Steelers as the computer selected this FB. Latavien will start after the releasing of FB Will Johnson and comes in at 79 Overall.

    FS Oliver Thomas
    Oliver was another high target after FA Ahmad Black stiffed us for another team. If it wasn't for Black then Oliver wouldn't have a home in the Steel City. Thomas will try to unseat incumbent starter Ryan Mundy after the retirement of Ryan Clark. Oliver comes in 64 Overall, can't man cover 51 but plays zone well 81 will be a liability when tackling at 71 but better be strapped up with his hits (95 hit power).
    WR Alfred Arterbridge
    With four WR on the team already, we decided to go with Alfred. Coming in 66 Overall but will go get what is thrown his way, 82 CTH, 90 CIT, 77 SPC, needs work on his route running 78 and can get off the line with an 84 release. He isn't the fastest guy with 89 speed and 91 acceleration.
    DT Ben Akins
    With the draft winding down and wanting to try and strengthen our DT position but that isn't happening in the seventh round. Ben comes in 54 Overall, undersized, 85 strength, 74 power and 70 finesse moves while getting off the block at 74. He will likely be the first out of the rookie class to get cut when that time comes.
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  11. ChildPlease9

    ChildPlease9 @HKSeahawks

    Nov 26, 2010
    Round One: Sani Tubbs is a guy we traded up to ensure getting. He will be a force on the interior in this league and will immediately see 10-15 snaps a game as a rookie and will be a perennial Pro Bowler down the road.

    Round Two: Jarrell Pierson showed up to camp out of shape and with an attitude. He is purely a depth guy and is looking to be a major bust with a very important pick. Ooops.

    Round Four: E.J. Reeder is the heir-apparent to Laurinaitis at MLB and makes James expendable. He is a special teams monster and is dominant in the run game.

    Round Four: LaSteven Gilmore was drafted solely on his name. Gilmore looks to be a solid nickel back down the road and should contribute on special teams throughout his career.

    Round Seven: Shaquille Samuels is a hard-nosed guy with an outstanding work ethic. His ceiling is likely as a fourth linebacker, but he has a sweet name and is solid against both the run and pass.
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