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Introducing Match Play Championships at Royal County Down

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Vlad, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Vlad

    Vlad Inaugural Masters Champion

    Mar 6, 2011
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    The Royal County Down tournament will be held in match play format.

    We will actually have 2 separate tournaments:
    European Match Play Cup - PS3 players
    US Match Play Championship - XBOX 360

    This might be trickier to schedule, it will involve head-to-head play,so if you have other plans for the week and not be able to play,please let us know.We will try to finish the tournament in the same week,however reasonable extension will be provided if necessary.

    As of now both brackets will consist of 16 players,however we can expend/contract if we have more players committing to this tournament.In any case we have more or less players then the normal 8,16 or 32 spots,lower seeds will be assigned a Round 1 bye.

    Rules and conditions

    1.Seeding for this tournaments will be determined by the Tradition Cup Standings.

    2.All matches will be 18 hole 'match play' with sudden death extra holes if necessary

    3.The lower seed will be the host for the match,however it will be responsibility of both players in the match,to find time convenient for both.

    4.In case of one of the players being unable to play within reasonable time,he will be considered withdrawn from the tournament and his opponent will advance.

    5.The winner will report the score in the scoring tread for the tournament in the appropriate format (1 up, 2&1, 3&2 etc).We will help if you are unsure how the scoring works.

    6.Playing conditions will be determined before the start of the tournaments

    7.All standard gameplay and CAGs rules apply

    8.TCCT Cup Points awarded will be:

    Winners 450
    Runner Ups 350
    3rd places 250
    4th places 200
    5-8th 150
    9-16 75
    17-32 25

    We may adjust this depending on how many players play in every tournament (i.e. if X360 winner needs to play an extra match compared to the PS3 winner,he will obviously get more points)
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