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Introducing the 2015 Dallas Cowboys

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by CaptMoe, May 30, 2013.

  1. CaptMoe

    CaptMoe Walk On

    Jul 27, 2012
    After two consecutive 8-8 seasons, Dallas is looking to take the next step and pry the NFC East away from the NY Giants. This year, because of very limited salary cap space, they had to do their retooling thru the draft. Let's meet some of the new faces. Starting with an addition that was actually made prior to the 2014 season.

    WR Golden Tate was a pleasant surprise in 2014. First of all, the fact he was a free agent. He's young, fast, great hands, explosive and dangerous with the ball in his hands. He slid into the slot WR position for Dallas and looks to continue building on a solid 2014 season with a new, multi year contract. A guy like Tate takes the pressure off of Bryant and Austin on the outside while keeping teams from doubling up on Witten.

    This year, Dallas tried but could not keep LT Tyron Smith. This was a huge loss. And with the 16th overall pick in the draft, there was serious concern that a chance to draft a valid replacement would be missed. But, still around when Dallas' turn came up in the 1st Rd was #1 over projected LT Broughan Minton. Dallas' rep nearly tripped over himself as he ran to turn the pick in. However, in the 4th Round a little known LT, Jonathan Crane, was drafted and after this year's OTAs, it appears he has leap frogged Minton and emerged as the starter at OT. It just won't be at LT. The front office has decided to move RT D. Free back to LT, the position he played before Smith was drafted. Free possesses great athleticism, something all of the great LTs have had. Crane is a mauler who has received high praise for his run blocking so far, a key trait for RTs in this league. What will all of this mean for Minton's development? That remains to be seen.
    In the 2nd Round, Dallas went for the Best Available and came up with WR Eddie Bartholomew. He brings decent speed, good hands and route running and will provide depth to the group.
    In the 3rd, the front office decided to add some beef to the DL, drafting DT Collin Moore, who brings good size and strength with his 330LB+ frame. Ratliff, Lissemore and Foster are all athletic DTs. So Moore should come in and fill his gaps nicely.
    In the 5th, FB Craig Willis was added. He brings something to the FB that Dallas hasn't had in a few seasons. Speed. He can flat out fly. He gets to the edge quick and locks up his man, sealing off the defender and allowing the RB to turn the corner. Vickers really needs to have an outstanding preseason or else Willis will be the Opening Day starter at FB.
    Of the remaining 2 picks, 7th rounder Nate King, P, was the only one who filled a need. A very accurate punter with decent leg strength, he will fill the hole left by the departure of C. Jones.
    The rookies will blend in with the current core group of veterans and, hopefully, the end result will be a Championship caliber team. That core group includes: QB T. Romo, who has a new backup in strong-armed Shawn Catlin. RB D. Murray and speed back Ben Lampley. WRs D. Bryant and M. Austin. TE J. Witten who has 2 very athletic backups in J. Hanna and R. Cage. The OL brings back LG M. Justice, RG M. Bernadeau and C Z. Rotenkolber. A solid interior that will complement the new OTs nicely.
    On defense, many familiar faces return. On the DL, DEs J. Hatcher and T. Crawford team with DTs J. Ratliff and S. Lissemore. The LBs are a familiar and fiercely competitive group: OLBs Ware and Spencer and ILBs B. Carter and S. Lee. The secondary also returns CBs Claiborne and Carr, SS B. Church and FS K. Baisden.
    Special teams continue to feature D. Bailey at PK and returners B. Lampley and G. Tate.
    How will all of these pieces fit? What will be the end result for this 2015 season?
    Stay tuned...
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