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Iowa Hawkeyes Recruiting

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by JCspartan2, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. JCspartan2

    JCspartan2 Sparty Party

    Feb 21, 2009
    Coach JC has quietly put together one of his best recruiting classes of his entire TF career this season at Iowa. So far, all 9 commits are ESPNU 150 recruits.

    1. :4stars: Mike Herring C(#3) 5'11 294 Ibs Nevada, Iowa Mike will be an excellent all around blocker (B- in pass and run blocking with B- Strength.
    2. :4stars: Troy King WR(#5) 6'0 164 Ibs Menominee Falls, WI Troy embodies the type of WR Iowa loves. A guy with great hands and the ability to make the clutch reception.
    3. :4stars: Jon West DE(#17) 6'2 229 Ibs Ronkonkoma, NY Jon could be one of the nations top pass rushers even as a freshman. He possesses excellent moves (B+ finesse and B power moves as well as B block shedding) and has the ability to chase down the ball carrier (B pursuit).
    4. :4stars: Clint Freeman ATH(#4) 6'0 193 Ibs Garden City, NY Clint projects as a 2-way player at safety and WR. He has great speed (B+) and good hands (C catching) but lacks the coverage skills of a good CB. He does, however, tackle extremely well (B+) and hits like a truck (B hit power).
    5. :4stars: Marcus Wilkerson G(#12) 6'3 288 Ibs Wausau, WI Marcus has good strength (B-) and decent all around blocking skills but will need a redshirt year to grow into his frame and improve his technique.
    6. :4stars: Josh Smith DT(#5) 6'4 271 Ibs Hillview, KY Josh is a DE in a DT body. He has great pass rush skills and can really get after the ball carrier and stuff the run.
    7. :4stars: Terrell Marshall MLB(#7) 5'11 219 Ibs Mesquitte, TX Marshall is a run stuffer to the extreme. He has good speed for a linebacker (B) and great pursuit and hit power (B+ for both). He may need a redshirt year to work on his coverage skills.
    8. :4stars: Justin Huffman QB(#4) 6'4 235 Ibs Mission Hills, KS Justin needs to hone his passing skills slightly, but he's going to be a good future QB for Iowa. He has size and good speed (B) and elusiveness (B). He's a smart kid (C awareness) but needs to work on his accuracy (C). Justin will most likely redshirt.
    9. :4stars: Jermaine Young SS(#4) 6'7 206 Ibs Sapulpa, OK Jermaine is probably the most intriguing recruit for this years class. He doesn't have top end speed (C+) but moves quickly (B+ Acceleration). He has good hands for a defensive player (C+ catching) and with his massive he can hit the snot out of people (B+ hit power and pursuit). He is also excellent in zone coverage (B+) and decent in man (C+).

  2. JCspartan2

    JCspartan2 Sparty Party

    Feb 21, 2009
    2013 Recruits signed thus far:

    :4stars: DT(#22) David Johnson 6'0 277 lbs Ankeny, IA
    B- Power Moves
    C+ Finesse Moves
    C+ Strength
    C+ Block Shedding

    :3stars: HB(#107) Calvin Reddick 6'1 179 lbs Levelland, TX
    B Speed
    B- Agility
    C+ Acceleration
    C- Route Running
    C+ Juke

    :3stars: HB(#44) Chris Reddick 5'10 166 lbs Vienna, VA
    B- Speed
    B Agility
    C+ Acceleration
    B- Elusiveness
    B Stiff Arm
    B Juke
    C+ Spin

    :2stars: FB(#3) Greg Porter 5'9 239 lbs Dickson, TX
    C+ Speed
    C+ Strength
    B- Stiff Arm
    B- Carrying
    C Pass Block
    C Run Block
    B Impact Blocking
    C- Catching

    Overall nothing to get excited about, but I only need to sign 8 guys and last years class was phenomenal, so this class is just a filler class.

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