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Iowa pulls off major upset, takes down #6 Purdue

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by NYJuggalo45, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Coming off a close, heartbreaking loss to Illinois, Coach Juggs has little faith that his team could hang with Hot Rod's Purdue squad and their insane offense. The only chance we figured we had was to basically do what teams to in real life to the Colts. Play bend but dont break defense, hop for a lucky turnover, and try to keep the Purdue offense on the sidelines as much as possible with a ball control/clock draining offensive attack. Amazing, it worked to perfection.

    We won the time of possession game almost 2 to 1. We ran 35 run plays to only 21 pass plays, and prob about 10 of those 21 came on a drive right before halftime. For the most part, we kept Purdue in front of us. Gave up a ton of yards but made them work for them. And we were able to win the turnover battle 3-0, including 2 late interceptions when it looked like Purdue was destined to tie us up.

    The scoring summary online is focked, so I'm not real sure the order of scores as I got real drunk last night. To summerize though, I believe it was tied 17-17 early in the 4th. HB Marcus Coker, who torched the Boilermakers all day, then broke off a long run for a score, followed by a Purdue quick answer to tie it up again. We went 3 and out, but then forced a fumble. Coker would break off his 2nd long TD of the 4th qtr, and 3rd of the game, to give us a 7 pt lead. Purdue was driving to answer again, but we picked off QB Rob Henry on our side of the 50 with about 3 mins to go. We went into full ball control/milk the clock mode. With about 1 min to go, on a 3rd & 4, and Purdue out of timeouts, Coker converted what we thought was the game winning first down. Except a flag for holding came out late. Coach Juggs, who wasn't on mic, could be heard screaming and cursing like a maniac back in NY. We failed to pickup the 1st down and had to give the ball back to Purdue with like 45 secs left and a chance to tie, but pined them inside their own 20, so they had the entire field to go.

    Boom, bang, pow....Purdue was inside our 25 with 10 secs to go. Our defense was gassed, so we had some backups on the field. I debated calling a timeout but decided I didn't want to give Hot Rod a chance to pick his favorite play to try to tie it up, so let the backups play. And they came thru. Backup safety Danny McBride jumped in front of a pass to the endzone and picked off Henry for a 2nd time to seal the upset win.

    Our defense came thru, our offensive gameplan worked to perfection, and I gotta think we were able to frustrate Hot Rod enough to throw him off on offense just enough to get a few turnovers.

    If he wasn't in the Heisman consideration before this one, Junior HB Marcus Coker certainly made it known he should be on the ballot. He carried us today, running hard, breaking tackles, picking up key first downs, and generally was our entire offense. 28 carries for 263 yards and 3 TDs, including 42 & 63 yard long TD runs late in the 4th to help seal the win.

    Hopefully this win can propel Iowa to a 7-8 win season and a bowl berth. They still have Michigan and Wisconsin on the road though, both games they will be heavy underdogs in. But with no disrespect to anyone on our schedule this season, Purdue is the game I figured was the most difficult of the year, simply cause of Hot Rod's passing game and our shitty secondary
  2. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    Great win, nice use of Marcus "the Cock" Coker.

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