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It's Back HK Season 2 Long Titled Recaps by this Guy . . . for Week 1

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Diddy81, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Diddy81

    Diddy81 Walk On

    Jul 11, 2009
    7 Picks CMON MAN​
    (if your game isnt on here it was played after I wrote this hours ago)​
    Week 1​
    -Bears rain on Luck's parade (3 picks), 17-15​
    -13 Catches ??? from the Street to the field Plaxico goes for 150 and a score in the loss​
    - Charles Tillman leads Bears charge with 2 FF and a pick​
    - Vikes sneak past Jags 27-24​
    -Ponder throws 3 TD's in the win, Gabbert does too but he also throws 3 picks​
    - Huge Debut for Blackmon with over 200 yards and 2 TD​
    -What in the name of Fitzpatrick, 6 picks in the loss to the Jets 41-17​
    -2 picks apiece for David Harris and Darelle "Lock em Down" Revis​
    - Where's the offense??? Pats blanked by Titans 34-0​
    - CJ2K with 144 and 1 in the win​
    -Rams get 138 and 1 from SJax(Hes big and hes mean) to blow out Lions 38-12​
    - Stafford throws 3 picks in the L​
    -Brees bests RG3 by a TD 35-28​
    - RG3 throws for over 180 and a TD rushes for over 120 and 2 TD but tosses 3 picks​
    - 4 TD passes by Mr. Brees, 3 to Jimmy Graham​
    - Weeden and Vick throw 4 picks each but Browns shut out Eags 17-0​
    -TRich gets his first NFL TD in this one​
    -Falcons all over Chiefs 49-24​
    -Matt Cassel throws 7 picks in the loss WOZAS​
    -Asante Samuel gobbles 4 picks on the day​
    -49ers aint havin it beat up on Pack 38-24​
    -3 TD and a pick and 250 yards each for Rodgers and Alex Smith​
    -Gore the difference going for over 100 and a score​
    -Bucs hold down CAM CAM win 24-3​
    -Freeman, Blount, Martin oh my combine for 200 yards on the ground with a TD each​
    -Manning gets first win as Bronco beat Steelers 40-21​
    - Manning tosses for nearly 300 and a score. Big Ben tosses 3 TD and 4 picks​
    -Baltimore beats down Bengals 48-20​
    -237 yards and 3 TD for Ray Rice says it all​
    - 3 picks for Bruce Gradkowski not sure what happened to Dalton possible injury news​

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  2. NeuroticTruth

    NeuroticTruth dont know , dont care

    Nov 30, 2011
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    So glad you're doing this again.
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  3. Trailerparkwifi

    Trailerparkwifi Mr. Irrelevant

    Aug 18, 2012
    This is very nice.
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  4. Flyinhi2005

    Flyinhi2005 Walk On

    Jul 12, 2012
    good shit man.. sucks we cant upload vids in ccm
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