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/::/ Jacksonville Journal Gazette /::/ Jaguars 2018 Draft Analysis

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by CHUNKNESS, Mar 26, 2014.


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    Trading out of the first round in order to acquire a proven starting running back in Vince Kerr, the Jaguars decided they were impressed enough by Doral Rawson to select him with the 44th pick overall. Rawson is just as his name sounds; still a bit "raw". However, the Jaguars expect the OT to hone his skills and improve upon his 77 PBK, 74 RBK, and 90 IBL over the season.


    The Jaguars refused to shell out over $3M annually for punter Brad Nortman in the off-season. Instead, they found a more viable option in Taylor Kenney for 1/6 the price. Kenney, who boasts 92 KPW and 89 KAC; was a no brainer as the 76th overall selection.


    With the intent to continue to improve the offensive line, the Jaguars selected John "The Beast" Fulton with the 90th pick overall. Fulton is expected to take over for his predecessor, Eugene Monroe, either in the off-season or soon thereafter. With attributes like 83 PBK, 85 RBK, and 84 IBL; Fulton has already developed the skills necessary to compete for a starting position on O-line.

    Rajaan Hasis.png

    The Jaguars released veteran Mitch Petrus in the off-season in order to create cap space for re-signings in the 2018 season. Rajaan Hasis aka "Big Daddy" was an impressive enough prospect to compete with Keithen Cross for the starting center position. The Jaguars decided to pick Hasis with the 108th overall selection.


    Wayn Amerau displayed raw speed and decent block shedding ability for his size and position. The Jaguars were impressed enough to select the rookie with the 172nd pick overall. Amerau will compete for time as a back-up and on special teams.
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