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Jaguars Meeting Schedule Heading into Sunday's Primetime Draft

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by bawvu97, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. bawvu97

    bawvu97 Let's Goooooo Mountaineers

    Jul 26, 2010
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    Friday - Quarterbacks
    1.) Ronquese McRoy - Slated to be # 2 Overall off the board but given Bortles continued regression and inaccuracies, he may be the first player picked. He's a little on the small side at 6'1 225 but had a great year at Tennesee
    2.) Madison Dowling - Slated to be # 5 overall after his collegiate career in the showers of Penn State. Mediocre arm but great accuracy.
    3.) Lucky Turner - Michigan State - At 6'4 228 he should have no problem seeing over the LOS looking for the WR receiving corpos.

    Saturday - Wide Receivers
    1.) Montra Miles - A balanced receiver out of Texas A&M used to a west coast style offense would fit well with Justin Blackmon and 2nd year Player McBride
    2.) Roshawn Albury - Currently slated for the second round would be a huge asset in the red zone for the Jags at 6'5 - 241.

    Sunday Morning - Variety Mailbag
    1.) JT Cunningham - DE - Slated for 19 Overall a balanced player that is not necessarily great at Shedding Blocks, but has some Fabulous Power Moves.
    2.) Darqueze Ford - DT - Slated for 20th pick in 2nd Round The jags could use his skill set on a porous front 4
    3.) Jerron Baldwin - CB - Ranked 17th OVR after scouting him and his questionable off the field issues the Jags will most likely take a pass.
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