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Jeremy, since i cant get you on txt or AIM

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by natedawg212000, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Jeremy, since i cant get you on txt or AIM

    What happened with Sci?
  2. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    I can perhaps shed some light on this. Part of it is disconnect issues.

    Sci and myself had our game set up and started. Halfway through the third quarter, with me leading 14-10, we got d/ced.

    We discussed a few things, and because I was winning, I got final call. I chose to play one half with score carryover.

    In the second game, he owned me, and adding up the scores, he won by 8. Because we also both discussed not wanting to play the CPU (per rules), I was prepared to finish the game while not exactly giving 100%....essentially, he won the game between us, so I was gonna play it out with him winning.

    We then paused at halftime so he could eat dinner. This is where we have different stories.

    According to Sci, on his end (and he has a screenshot) it said that I quit the game. On my end, I had it paused and was talking to him on AIM when it disconnected for the second time. I have no idea why it says that I quit. I've been beaten by better and worse owners by worse margins, and I NEVER quit. We all take time to play this stupid game from family, girlfriends, friends. We commit to this; least I can do is see it to the end no matter how bad I'm playing (and I've played badly in a few games; just ask Nate).

    I cussed on AIM because I was ready to end it as a Jets win. He won, he earned it. I was content with that.

    We talked on AIM and tried a third time to get it in. After the first quarter with him up 7-0, we disconnected for the third time. I was aggravated at that fact and said no more that evening. We agreed to play the next day and get a full game in if possible. If not, we were to do a full sim. We both didn't want that.

    The fourth game did not go his way on the scoreboard. He apparently accused me of running nothing but tosses and outside runs with Best the entire game. He never talked to me in game about it once. Never mentioned anything about any gameplay issues to me.

    I heard about it from Jeremy.

    I ran between 4 and 6 tosses, I know that much. The longest one went for 7 yards (I know because it shocked me that I broke one, since he kept sneaking a safety over to contain it, and did a good job honestly). I ran a few stretch plays (5-7) looking to cut back in hoping he's overcommit. Some he did; some he didn't. I also ran some inside zones (5 or 6). I also ran 6 QB scrambles when nothing was open downfield with Stafford. Stats show 19 rushes for 97 yards for Best, with a long of 17 yards. Wow, busting that outside area with him, wasn't I? Cheesing it up. :)

    Anyway, according to Jeremy, this was the straw that broke Sci's back. For a while he's been complaining about "non-sim" play and how he wanted it "more sim". I guess a game with me, where I was, according to him, borderline cheese, broke him. I don't know if he saw me as a kindred spirit in simhood, or what. But I know that I have never been accused of cheese tactics or quitting. Ever. And I don't plan on getting that rep now.

    That is the jist of it, as I have heard and participated in. Maybe that sheds some light, Nate.
  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009
    What Winuvas said.

    Scikotic has landed a new job and has already stepped down from ONFL due to time issues. Add this to his team underachieving and then losing a game he had already won and that spells quitting. But he chose to replay the game and accept the outcome.

    I do not believe Winuvas quit no matter what the picture shows.

    I did everything short of begging him to stay but he just didnt want to hear it.

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