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Joe Rogan sits down with TFC trainer Hot Rod

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by NYJuggalo45, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Joe Rogan sits down with TFC trainer Hot Rod


    Hello TFC fans, Joe Rogan here [​IMG], your color commentator for all of the TFC events.

    I had a chance to sit down with Hot Rod, one of the top trainers in the TFC and discuss everything from his training program, to his current fighters, to his decision not to partner up with any of the fight teams in the TFC. Here is what he had to say:
    Joe Rogan: I'm here with arguably, the best trainer in the TFC right now, Hot Rod. How you doing man? I imagine your really busy these days with your fighters and their training regimen?

    Hot Rod: We're always busy at camp. We have 2 title defenses coming up at the next PPV so everyone is putting in a lot of work around here.

    JR: People have said your one of the top trainers in the TFC. Records speak for themselves. Currently you have the HW Champ Cheick Kongo [​IMG], the LW champ Sean Sherk [​IMG] and up and coming WW Anthony Johnson [​IMG] in your camp. Combined, your 3 fighters are a ridiculous 10-1. What's your secret man?

    HR: The main thing that I stress to my fighters is to be more prepared than their opponent. My guys spend a lot of time in the gym working on their craft and we don't mess around here. I don't allow any slacking, when you come into my gym I am going to make you work hard as hell. When you are the more prepared fighter it gives you the advantage. When my guys get into that octagon we are there to win and we don't think anyone can beat us and so far that has been the case.

    JR: All 3 of your fighters are wrestlers. Is that something you prefer? Having a wrestling background over say BJJ?

    HR: Wrestling is what I know best. I do appreciate the other styles like BJJ and Judo but I feel for the style of fighting I like to teach wrestling fits the best. What I like best about wrestling is the fact that the ability to be successful with takedowns and slams allows the fighter to be the aggressor and stay on offense.

    JR: Your plate is pretty full these days. Rumble Johnson is on the current TFC card fighting the debuting Mitsuyo Maeda. And Kongo and Sherk have their 1st title defenses coming up at our next PPV against Brock Lesnar and Grey Maynard. How do you manage training all 3 guys for 3 very different opponents?

    HR: We bring in some outside guys to spar with depending on what styles our fighters opponent may be. We like see what advantages/disadvantages are present for each style. We take a look at our opponents' previous fights to see what kind of strategy we could expect. We do our research and find out what our opponents strengths and weaknesses are.

    JR: Who do you think your fighter's toughest challengers will be? Guys they haven't fought yet that you think might give them some trouble? Who do you want to see them face?

    HR: Well for Kongo I think Brock Lesnar will be a tough test for him. Lesnar is a physical specimen and I know Cheick won their first matchup but Lesnar has more fights under his belt so I expect a tougher fight the second time around. I also think we'll end up having another big meeting with Arlovski down the road. In the lightweight division I'd say Kenny Florian will be tough competition. Florian matches up pretty well with Sean. I don't see anyone else giving Sherk any problems the way he has been fight. For Anthony Johnson I really want to see what he can do versus the top contenders in the welterweight division. Thiago Alves and GSP have proven to be the cream of the crop so Rumble needs to prove he can hang with those guys if he wants to be champion.

    JR: Last question Hot Rod, you have not partnered up with any of the TFC's fight teams? Is this by choice? Do you think doing your own thing is for the best? Or is something in the works, maybe even forming your own fight team?

    HR: You know, when the TFC was formed I saw a lot of these fighters joining camps and I did consider joining a camp. When it came down to it being the competitor that I am, I wanted my guys to have free reign to fight any and everybody. I want all my guys to dominate the TFC and we want to keep our own brand of fighting in house. I like being the lone star so to speak. As far as forming my own fight team, that might be something to be considered down the road. I would like to see how the TFC shapes up over the next few PPVs. If it looks like some fighters could use some of my tutelage and it will benefit the league then I would be willing to form a team. Right now I'm just focusing on making my 3 guys the best in the TFC.

    JR: Thanks alot for your time and for being so candid in this interview. Good luck with your upcoming fights.
  2. Texboogie

    Texboogie Guest


    Texboogie sits with Dana, to discuss his preperation and thoughts on the new treo of dominate fighters in the TFC.

    Dana: So Tex, did you get to watch the interview with Joe Rogan and todays top trainer Hot Rod?

    Tex: Accually no I didnt, I was busy training with some of the Other great talent in the UFC, and my wife was kissing my one eyed yogart slinger. But I did get a chance to sit down with a trainer or two and discuss the interview.

    Dana: Oh, really and what did the other trainers think of Hot Rod's statements?

    Tex: Honestly?? No one was suprised with the comments. We expect a man who is currently dominating, to say he wants no friends and branch off and try to create his own Identity. He believes that if he doesnt join a camp, he can fight anyone and everyone. This is true, but

    Dana: Thats a pretty good point. But it does look like his way is working. And like he said he's fucking 10-1. You cant even deny that the man is making his boys look like Boston Celtics Big 3.
  3. Texboogie

    Texboogie Guest

    ESPN SportsCenter TOP STORY - New Full MMA Camp out of Binghamton NY "Premeir MMA Gladiators" (P-MMAG)!!!


    Texboogie sits down with Stuart Scott, to discuss his training and thoughts on the treo of dominate fighters under the coaching of Hot Rod the in the TFC.

    Stuart: So Tex, did you get a chance to watch the interview with Joe Rogan and todays top trainer Hot Rod?

    Tex: Accually no I didnt, I was busy training with some of the Other great talent in the UFC, and I think my wife was kissing my one eyed yogart slinger. But on the other hand, I did get a chance to sit down with some of the trainers and discuss all the things he said in the interview.

    Stuart: Oh, really? And what did the other trainers think of Hot Rod's statements? Im sure that got a couple trainers fired up to put all of his fighters on the mat.

    Tex: Honestly?? No one was suprised with the comments. We cant wait to pop his big ass head and kill that win streak. He doesnt want to join a team so he can branch off and try to create their own Identity. He believes that if he doesnt join a camp, he can fight anyone and everyone. This is true, and I agree. I want my fighters to fight EVERYONE in their weight class. Even if they are part of my team or gym.

    Stuart: So then you agree with him? You want to start your own gym with just the 3 fighers you train, and fight everyone else.

    Tex: I only agree with letting my fighters everyone on the roster, wheather we train in the same gym not. And to be honest I think those make for some of the best matches. I mean if the champion and the number one contender are under my gym I would hope that they would get to fight just like every other competitor. I dont want to close off my gym to the top fighters in the world. I want Guys like Lyoto Machida and any other current champions to be to come to my gym train like animals. So when they leave my Gym, you have learned somthing new about their opponenet.
    All the fighters from my camp will be prepared like true Gladiators. I will give them my knowlege of the game, and I would hope they would do the same. I want guys who are ripping it up the division to come in and show that their win was not just a fluke. I want my gym to be like no other. I will teach my fighters how to Dominate in all facets of their game.

    Stuart: Wow, it sounds like your trying to create new breed of fighters?

    Tex: Your right, I want the facility to be a factory for those who want sharpen their skills, learn more about this MMA world. The age old Saying is "If you want to be the best; you have to play the best".

    And just so "Hot Rod" understands; MY Gladiator fighters are going to destroy his little reign. And as we begin to train as a team, we are looking to bring all 5 belts to Binghamton NY under the P-MMAG flag. Its just a matter of time.

    Stuart: So where is this "Factory?"

    Tex: The newly remodeled and worldclass Dojo is in Binghamton NY. It is up and running, and is called "Premeir MMA Gladiators". We have been working with a underground up and coming fighter named, Maximus Decimus. He will be perfecting his craft and training with Hall of Famers until he is ready to enter the TFC. I still need to introduce him to the Commish.

    But, I beleive I have alot to teach my fighters, And my fighters have a lot to teach me.
    I mean think about it; who else do you know that trains like St. Perire or Randy Coutour? Who do you know that has the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game like a Gracie or Penn Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt? How much do you think you could learn about the clinch from guys like Anderson or Wanderlei Silva. The whole meaning of my camp it to create the most Dominant, Devastating, Skilled, and Well Rounded GLADIATORS.

    Stuart: Well, I cant deny your first two fighters had a terrific start and looked impressive. I mean Wilson's win over Liddell by Guillotine choke made the Top 10 plays of the week. Well Mr. Wilson That's all the time we have. It has been great and I look forward to seeing Maximus Decimus enter the ring soon.
  4. Texboogie

    Texboogie Guest

    I heard something about a new Anti-HotRod Gym opening up... lol

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