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Jon Gruden's GMFL Weekly Run Down - 10

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by QuietStorm, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    COACHES CORNER: "Gruden sit's down with Colts HC Jmustang1968

    1. So you know I made a subliminal shout out to you in Week 8 when I interviewed the Jags, he admitted he doesn't expect to win, you think he playing possum?

    "Gngsta4lyphe is a formidable opponent, but he has had his share of diversity so far this season and I have had a surprising jump start. This isn't his 16-0 Redskins he had in Madden 12 that's for sure. He is going to work a lot harder for his wins this release. Maybe the trade of MJD might have been premature? Pierce is running well for his abilities, but it is easy to think what he might have with MJD... I have had his # the past few times we played, but he came back strong in our first meeting this season and took a late lead, so I expect a battle that I could easily lose in our divisional rematch"

    2. Did you expect to have such success here in Indy, with life after Peyton?

    "Not at all. There is some promising youth on the team, but a few aging veteran stars as well. I expected to take my lumps for a few seasons while developing my young guys and drafting replacements for the old guys. I expect 6-8 wins max to be honest. Luck has been very strong for me and a QB I will look forward to having for the life of the league. I will need a new WR at some point to replace Wayne, and I my older pass rushing stars Mathis and Freeney wont be in top form forever, but I have a good base to build off of and my guys are playing better than anticipated thus far"

    3. How is the adjustment to the 3-4 Defense coming along?

    "Surprisingly well actually. I expected to put up some points on occasion with Lucks arm and the talent of Wayne and Fleener, but I didn't expect my defense to be holding opponents back as they have been. Freeney, Mathis, and Redding have put great pressure on opposing defenses. My secondary have been ball hawks securing a lot of turnovers. My nickel back Cassius Vaughan has been the biggest surprise with 5 or 6 ints so far this season and helped me win a game by himself. Angerer is a good run stuffer and his fellow MLB Connor is raw but coming along nicely. I have debated running a 4-3 anyway and putting Mathis and Freeney back at DE and Connor at OLB, but I would be lacking the other starting OLB and right now the 3-4 puts my best 11 on the field"

    4. Last week you played the Dolphins, who was the MVP of this game

    "This game was a mess. I had stuttering lag on my end that the Dolphins owner said wasn't affecting him. I was unable to user control players effectively on defense and couldnt make cuts with my running backs. Attempts at tackling in the open field resulted in big scoring plays for the Dolphins. We were going to quit the game at about half time, which we did, but the game was somehow recorded as 42-0 when the score was actually 42-14 in the game. Weird glitch or something occurred in that one..."

    5. Week 11 divisonal match ups Coach Stringer, give me the winners to the following games:
    Eagles @ Redskins " Redskins (if the coach is available) Redskins have been playing too hot."

    Ravens @ Steelers " My game of the week. I will go with the Ravens until they are taken down, but if there would be a team to do it, it would be JrRawlins Steelers."

    Packers @ Lions " Lions, Packers are reeling after their fast start and are looking for answers."

    GAME OF THE WEEK (2-1)
    Tough call for GOTW, a bunch of BIG games this week in GMFL.
    RAMS @ 49ers
    SO... I gotta go with my previous weeks rankings, and that pits last weeks #4 vs #6 in a huge game for the Broncos because the Chiefs are waiting for them to slip up!
    The Denver Broncos (7-1) are hot riding a 4 game winning streak. The Panthers sitting at (6-2) are looking to heat up and extend their streak to 4 games by taking on these Peyton Manning lead Broncos. Tale of the tape, Payton Manning has a 98.9 QBR with 14 TDs to 6 INTs. Denvers running game is lead by Willis McGahee, but Aaron Browns seems to be emerging as Denvers main option on the ground. Brown is quite a bit more effective averaging triple the yards per carry compared to McGahee. The Broncos love the big WR from Georgia Tech, Thomas. He leads the team in receptions and yards. And puts up over 120 yards a game. It will be key for the Panthers stingy D to put a blanket on this guy. On the other side Cam Newton isn't suffering from any sophomore slumps, his QBR is one of the' best in the league (127). Cam is a true double threat, as he leads the Panthers in rushing TD's, second in attempts and only trails RB#1 Williams by 50 yards on the ground. The Panthers mix it up pretty well, but Cam's favorite target is TE Greg Olsen. An athletic TE, Olsen poses a problem because of his size and speed. The Broncos have had issues in the past limiting the touches opposing TE's get. This may play key in this juggernaut battle! The Panthers currently rank #1 in total defense, with 21 forced turnovers. I think this will ultimately be the difference maker!
    UPSET ALERT (2-1)
    The Jets are on their heels and the time to win is now! Riding a 2 game winning streak the Jets finally have a true Rex Ryan identity. Run the ball, play D and don't let Sanchez kill you. If the Jets are in the situation to pass they're in TROUBLE. Sanchez has looked dirty all year, and the Seahawks can get after the QB putting up 29 sacks as a team, one of the best in the league. The Seahawks are playing well so this will be a tough task for the Jets. But on their side are injuries, starting Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas will be out as will RB#1 Marshawn Lynch. Leon Washington will get some trick plays, but look for powerback Robert Turbin to get the bulk of the carries. This should be a defensive game coming down to the play of Revis & Cromartie vs the rookie QB. The best tandem in football will force the young QB into a few mistakes this week which will give the ball to the Jets for some much needed extra attempts and short yardage.​
    JETS 20 - SEAHAWKS 17
    Power Rakings Lite
    1. Baltimore Ravens-Playing #4 RAIDERS
    2. Denver Broncos ^3 Hot Playing toughest test yet PANTHERS!
    3. Carolina Panthers ^3 Big win over Redskins LW (CPU)
    4. Oakland Raiders ^3 These guys just keep winning! VS RAVENS
    5. Washington Redskins -3 (Owner away CPU)
    6. Indianapolis Colts -3 Suffered bizarre loss W9​
    7. Jacksonville Jaguars ^4 These guys are on a roll can they stay here?​
    8. Kansas City Chiefs - BIG GAME VS STEELERS!​
    9. Pittsburgh Steelers - Big win over NYG!​
    10. Green Bay Packers - Struggling to hang on to top 10 rank, need solid play from ALLSTAR QB​
    ON RISE: Rams, Giants, Eagles, 49ers​
    MUST WIN NOW: 49ers, Rams, Jaguars​

    2012 MVP Consideration:
    QB-Matthew Stafford LIONS​
    RB-Ray Rice RAVENS​
    QB-Andrew Luck COLTS​
    QB-Robert Griffin III REDSKINS​
    QB-Christian Ponder VINKINGS​

    On the Brink
    RB-Bernard Pierce JAGUARS​
    QB-Alex Smith 49ERS​
    WR-Reggie Wayne COLTS​

    THE KEN MARSHALL (Matt Barkley) Chase
    1. Arizona Cardinals​
    2. Houston Texans​

    2012 Rookie Outlook:
    QB: Matthew Stafford​
    QB: Robert Griffin III​
    QB: Christian Ponder​

    RB: Ray Rice​
    RB: Bernard Pierce​
    RB: Lamar Miller​
    Honorable Mention: Donald Brown, Chris Johnson, Darren McFadden​

    WR: Reggie Wayne​
    WR: Justin Blackmon​
    WR: Demaryius Thomas​
    Honorable Mention: Vincent Jackson​

    TE: Kyle Rudolph​
    TE: Vernon Davis​
    TE: Jason Witten

    OL: Marshal Yanda​
    OL: Chris Snee​

    DL: Jason Pierre-Paul​
    DL: Jared Allen​
    DL: Trent Cole

    LB: Nick Perry​
    LB: James Laurinaitis​
    LB: David Harris

    DB: Kam Chancellor​
    DB: Ed Reed​
    K: Josh Scobee​
    K: John Potter​
    P: Jon Ryan​
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  2. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    I like Josh Scobee winning the best kicker award!

    Also, why is it that the Jags must win now?! We're "rebuilding" ;)
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2012
  3. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Rebuilding or not, still in hunt for position in playoff run haha. So yes the Jags must win now keep Colts within striking distance.
    Our kickers are also both 100% on 19 FGs, but Scobee has a deeper kick. 3 phases to football, love a good special teams!
  4. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    Fair enough. Those damn colts. I wish Chris Rainey did something on special teams. For being a "specialist" in college he isnt all that special on kicks / punts. And i love scobees 97 power.
  5. CTfromDC

    CTfromDC Where my money?

    Mar 15, 2012

    Rodgers played pretty well against the Cards, perfect passer rating, 11 - 14, 280 yards, 4 tds 0 ints, Schaub coming in at the end of that Jags game was a eye opener i guess, some games he has "it" some he has "shit"....He at home chillin right now, just waiting for that division game against the Lions, cant wait to see whats good tho, on;ly played 1 division game in 10 weeks! Vikings look like no slouches either, should be a good final 6 weeks for the strongest division
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2012

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