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Jon Gruden's GMFL Weekly Rundown - 9

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by QuietStorm, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    COACHES CORNER: "Gruden sit's down with Panthers HC Philstyle3005

    1. Cam Newton is a phenom, where are you applying XP gained for his guy?
    I'm not. I haven't used any of his XP's this year that I've gained. Will probably start to use them on his accuracy at one point, but I really haven't thought about it too much just yet. He's been great for us so far without adding anything.

    2. You changed the philosophy known here in Carolina for some time, how hard is it to make receiving stars out of Louis Murphy and Greg Olsen?
    Murphy, even though he drops a lot of passes and isn't the type of guy you can just throw it up to and tell to go get it, he does have some great speed that helps him get away from the defense. Olsen has really been great this season, and Newton has found him any chance he gets. It seems the opposing teams linebackers are really having trouble sticking with him. He's become Cam's favorite target by far.

    3. Panthers are in control of the NFC South, what teams do you expect will threaten your reign?
    I honestly don't know. I was not the owner with this Panthers team took on the Bucs, so I don't know much about them. If I had to guess though, I'd say the Bucs will be the team that pushes us for the division title.

    4. Week 9, big game against the Redskins up in Landover MD, what's your game plan for Rookie QB Robert Griffin?
    Take Fred Davis out of the game and make Griffin beat us with the other receivers. I've already decided that there is no way we let him find his favorite target and get comfortable. If we lose because we paid too much attention to him, so be it, but we're not going to let Fred Davis have a big day.

    5. What is your immediate action if WR Steve Smith retires after this season?
    Well, Smith hasn't really been a factor for us so far this season so losing him, while it'd still be a big blow to our receiving core, wouldn't be a huge loss overall. If he does decide to retire after the season, it may change how we draft, or we could be interested in making a trade over the offseason. We'll see how things play out.

    Game of the Week: (1-1)
    The Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) will be travelling to NJ to play the (4-4) New York Giants. In a pivotal game because neither team can afford to lose ground within the division with the year half over. The Giants are a tough balanced team behind the rushing attack of David Wilson (R) and hard-nose veteran A. Bradshaw. Of course the offense is led by Eli Manning who’s new favorite target Victor Cruz leads the team in all receiving statistics. While establishing the run the usually suspect Giants O-Line has only allowed 2 sacks on the year! This will play key if the Steelers are unable to apply pressure to Eli. On the flip side Jason Pierre-Paul leads the league in sacks. Protecting the QB and getting after the QB, this usually translates to success! The Steelers like to pass the ball, getting it in to the hands of their extremely quick receivers Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace. Mendenhall will still get his touches on the ground too however as he’s averaging 15 touches a game. The Steelers on D are up to their usual antics, while Polamalu leads the team in tackles, the other safety, Ryan Clark is busy blowing people up. Clark has forced 5 fumbles by his self, make note of this Mr. Wilson & Bradshaw, run support from Clark & Polamalu is superb!​
    A nice battle between two aggressive defensive coaches, one likes to run, one likes to pass. Who will be able impose their will on the other? After a big win over the Redskins, the Giants faltered against the Cowboys, I foresee the Steelers kicking the Giants while they're down.​
    Score 24-17
    Upset Alert: (2-0)
    The 5-2 Buffalo Bills will travel out to Houston (2-5) in this Week 9 Match-up! The Bills are atop of the AFC East lead by the Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick. Ryan has been very constant this year with his above 90 QBR. Bills employ a 2 system running back system with pretty much even carries split between the work horse Jackson and CJ the Thrilla, Spilla! While Jackson is being shopped around the league he’s still doing work for these Bills, spelling CJ very effectively. On the other side of the ball you have the Houston Texans. A team searching for a solution at QB, yet fortified by a stout running game and vicious defense. I predict one of the three QB’s will emerge as the starter for the rest of the year for Houston, who’s currently in second place for top QB prospect Ken Marshall out of Wake Forest Univ. The Texans will smother the Bills, pulling the upset out in Houston which is always a tough place to play.​
    Final score, Texans 24 – Bills 14
    Power Rakings Lite
    1. Baltimore Ravens ^1 Hot - Playing divison foe Browns
    2. Washington Redskins ^2 Big win VS Steelers(LW9) Another tough game vs Panthers
    3. Indianapolis Colts -2 Tough Loss to Titans, hosting division rival this week
    4. Denver Broncos ^1 Playing constant, tough Bengals squad coming to town!
    5. Detroit Lions ^2 Hot ... HUGE GAME vs Jaguars! GOTW/2
    6. Carolina Panthers ^2 Getting Hot .. HUGE GAME vs Redskins GOTW/2A
    7.Oakland Raiders ^3 HOT! Hosting Bucs
    8. Kansas City Chiefs - 2 Tough battle vs Hot Raiders last week.
    9. Pittsburgh Steelers ~ Steelers hanging tough through hard sched. GIANTS this week! GOTW!
    10. Green Bay Packers -7 Jaguars smacked around Rodgers. 43-10

    ON RISE: Jaguars, Giants, Eagles, Bills, 49ers
    MUST WIN NOW: Seahawks, Rams

    CONGRATS to CrackinBacks for the big WIN, in the MUST WIN column from week 8!

    2012 MVP Consideration:
    QB-Matthew Stafford LIONS
    RB-Ray Rice RAVENS
    QB-Andrew Luck COLTS
    QB-Robert Griffin III REDSKINS
    QB-Christian Ponder VINKINGS

    On the Brink
    RB-David Wilson GIANTS
    QB-Alex Smith 49ERS
    WR-Andre Johnson TEXANS

    THE KEN MARSHALL (Matt Barkley) Chase
    1. Arizona Cardinals
    2. Houston Texans

    2012 Rookie Outlook:
    QB: Matthew Stafford
    QB: Robert Griffin III
    QB: Christian Ponder

    RB: Ray Rice
    RB: Bernard Pierce
    RB: Lamar Miller
    Honorable Mention: Donald Brown, Chris Johnson

    WR: Andre Johnson
    WR: Demaryius Thomas
    WR: Justin Blackmon
    Honorable Mention: Calvin Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne

    TE: Kyle Rudolph
    TE: Vernon Davis

    OL: Marshal Yanda
    OL: Chris Snee

    DL: Jason Pierre-Paul
    DL: Jared Allen

    LB: Nick Perry
    LB: James Laurinaitis

    DB: Kam Chancellor
    DB: Ed Reed
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  2. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    What's it gonna take for the Jags to crack that top 10 spot in power rankings?! ;)
  3. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Got the hot Lions this week, I'd say they'd do it ;)
  4. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    We'll see how that goes. Im gonna hold you to it tho.
  5. CTfromDC

    CTfromDC Where my money?

    Mar 15, 2012
    I mean, you can chalk it up to the lilltle FA signing of Schaub by Coach CT, causing a distraction during the week, but if you do, that's really unfair. We lost as a team, man, that's my quaterback, we lost as a team!

  6. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Team is often thrown around. But individual plays trumps all lol. Coaches, QBs and Kickers know this.

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