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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by joshwitt, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. joshwitt

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    May 30, 2011
    Hey -4- I had an idea that might solve the gameday issue - how about just setting up a website for the gameday stuff? I wouldn't care to do it - looks like agsaturday.com is available. If anyone could think of a better URL and go to GoDaddy.com and find out if it's available, I'll be more than happy to purchase and take care of the costs associated with hosting. (it's cheap)

    I don't know if you have any web design experience at all, but I could set it up to where you can edit it pretty easily.

    Let me know what you think!
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  2. Nautica

    Nautica #whatisdrugs?

    Jul 27, 2009
    What would be the point of that? IMO it would be just a waste of money for something that a whole 12 people would see.

    I don't mean to be a downer here, its a good idea if we were any place else besides tradition.
  3. -Balla-

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    May 27, 2011
    Definitely being a downer bro....

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