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just griping

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by ChickenOfTheSea, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. ChickenOfTheSea

    ChickenOfTheSea TMFL Goat Herder

    Jul 24, 2009
    just griping

    man nothing frosts me more than having a opponent pick the time for our TMFL game then no-show.

    I let my wife know I'll be using the front room and main TV for a couple hours, then I rearrange my schedule, get there 30 minutes early to do some practice just so I'm warmed up and my timing is good. Switch to waiting for my opponent and wait like that for 30-60 minutes Occasionally running back to the PC to check and see if he had the courtesy to at least post on the forums "Oh hey, I decided to do something else more fun than Madden" or "Something came up" ........Back to the TV to stare at the fucking friends screen........Then I give up go play online Poker online and my wife is watching Netflix on the 360 two hours later and yells "Hey isnt so-n-so who you were waiting for?......He's online!" Only now its too late to play.

    TMFL is my only league. I'm not juggling 4 leagues and several other games. I'm juggling TMFL and LIFE. So when someone sucks out 3 hours of my evening and leaves me in a siutaion where i cant reschedule its frusterating.

    Ok, I'm better now. Thanks for reading.....or not reading.

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