Kansas City Chiefs Team Management 2011-2012

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    Jun 21, 2011
    just geting it posted in here to start , oh heres injury report from i remember early today when saw few players on injury report , moeki is rule out , forgot the other one whoever that is is out lol

    team salary: 109,061,000 , free cap room: 10,939,000 and week 11 injury report berry and moeki are key players both questionable but berry is getting better but he cant play this week vs new england .

    depth chart ( starters)

    chiefs offense
    qb cassel , rb charles , fb MCclain, wr bowe , breaston , te pope filling in for injury moeki , lt albert , lg asamoah , c o hara , rg lilja , rt stinchomb

    chiefs defense , le tyson jackson , nt kelly gregg , re glenn dorsey , left side outside linebacker andy studbarker , the guys in the middle are belecher and siler , right side outside linebacker tamba hali, corner's are flowers , rodgers cromartie , safetys are sharper and piscitelli filling for berry

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