LA Clippers confirmed trades

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    Sep 13, 2009
    LAC will be proposing the following 2 trades as soon as we start. Bondzai007 has approved each deal.

    Trade 1 - Chris Paul (93 OVR) to New Jersey for Deron Williams (90 OVR). For whatever reason, Chris Paul will exercise his player option in NJ. I tried 5 sims and EVERY time he extended with the Nets. I guess he wants to hang in Joisey with the Situation and Paulie D.

    Trade 2 - Caron Butler (81 OVR, 3 years $24m, no potential) and LA's 2012 1st round pick to Houston for SF Terrance Williams (72 OVR, B- potential, 1 year $2.37 mil with a team option), Jordan Hill (67 OVR, B- potential, 1 year $2.86 mil with a 2 year team option) and SG Courtney Lee (70 OVR, B- pot, 1 year $2.22 mil). Trade gives Hou a huge improvement at SF, and a dangerous threesome of K-Mart, Scola and Butler. Trade gives LAC much needed depth in the frontcourt and SG.
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