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LA Times Oakland Raiders Review/Wk4 teaser

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by Hulk_hagen_55, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Jul 2, 2010
    LA Times Oakland Raiders a quarter of the way into the season

    Week one -

    Oakland Raiders Fell to the Inianapolis colts that sunday 45-3.
    IT was Terrelle Pryors First QSF start in his career, and it Showed. After
    Having the first two drives being nice long, Hard fought Drives (thats what she said)
    Pryor fumbles the ball, and ensuingly lets the pressure boil his brains the rest of the game.
    The Indianapolis Colts Showed that they are AFC Contenders Currently as written has wins over
    the 49ers, Dolphins, and Raiders by a margin of no less than 14 points

    Week Two-
    The Raiders Came home to the Colleseum from what we have heard will be the Raiders
    home for at least another season to play the Jacksonville Jaguars. this high scoring affair was
    large in part due to 6 interceptions thrown By Rookie Starting QB Matt Scott Out of Arizona.
    Raiders large in part did not take charge and win the game, and there were many bad playcall on
    both sides of the ball, but with the large overhaul of the defense, some gems have started to
    make themselves known.

    Week Three-
    Oakland Vs Denver In the QSF game of the Week. All pundits asked voted for the Broncos
    to win, a no brainer to most. All but those who bleed silver and black. The Raiders were off to a fast start,
    The Defense wasnt perfect, seemingly allowing the big play on any 3rd down, but the offense was opportinistic.
    The raiders at one point had a 21-7 lead. However the broncos made some key halftime adjustments, and outscored the
    Black and Silver 21-3. After the Game the Owner Looked fairly please but not overly so, due to the fact that they
    didnt actually win

    Week 4 Preview- Raiders VS Redskins-

    The Battle Between RG3 and co including Orakpo and Kerrigan
    and the Scourge of the NFL Raiders. look for both teams to finay get their option offenes into full motion feeling
    the desperation that 1-2 may provide. also watch for hard Hits from Both Defenses, and this may be huge as
    both teams will have chances at fumbles. Overall Redskins are the better roster, however the Raiders have really
    Started to gell as of late
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