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LA Wins in new stadium over Chiefs, Pryorities in LA

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by Hulk_hagen_55, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Hulk_hagen_55

    Hulk_hagen_55 Hulkamaniac

    Jul 2, 2010
    It was a game Neither KC or LA could afford to lose this early in the season. both teams are struggling mightily to get W's in the win colums. and both suffering multiple losses in extremely tight games.

    well this game turned out to be just that. two teams on paper have mighty rosters, but on the field things get dicey quick

    the first half saw KC QB boisture drive KC downtown on thier first two drives and were near automatic. LA's defense had many big plays and hurries only too see troy and CO maintain composure and before LA could think they were down 14-0 and things then just clicked in coach hagens head and started to utilize pryors threatening legs to open up some holes. Pryor would score LAs first TD on a triple option keeper from 7 yards out. with about a minute left in the half LA recieved a punt and was able to drive very quickly on a few long passes to set up another designed run by pryor from the pistol.

    the 2nd half the raiders recieved the ball. and it was about 130 into a drvie when pryor found FB Reese on a texas route on a heavy blitz from the KC defense, and Reese didnt waste the opportuniy by rumblyin into the endzone from 44 yards out. and that would be the final dagger as the rest of the 3rd and 4th quarters KC was unable to force a quick stop on D. the Raiders went into win conservation mode by making sure the clock kept moving at all costs, and almost scored but kc intercepted pryor AGAIN. the game ended on a Raider Kneel.

    Gg troy
  2. redlishus

    redlishus PMFL Staff - El Guesser

    Jul 22, 2010
    GG. Most productive Madden game of my life. Was able to fold two baskets of laundry and check a few work emails while my team played defense.
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