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Discussion in 'Overdrive' started by BigKing, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. BigKing

    BigKing Enforcer of Freedom

    Mar 13, 2011
    Hey Everyone,

    I’d like to provide everyone with an update on where we are with the two of the main issues with NCAA Football 12. Once I have more information to share, I’ll provide another update.

    - No Huddle Issue introduced in title update #2

    We’ve identified and fixed the “No Huddle” bug that was introduced in title update #2. Since becoming aware of the issue, we immediately began work on a resolution and this will be released in the next title update. Title Update #3 is currently in our own internal certification process and we’ll provide an update once we make it through the 1st party certification process (Sony and Microsoft).

    - Transfer Fails

    The team has been working around the clock to identify and address the transfer fail issues that some of you have been experiencing. While we have been successful in addressing many of the transfer fail issues that users who were stuck in “Bowl Week” were experiencing, we are still investigating the other versions of the transfer error. It’s important to let you know that the “Transfer Fail” message is a generic message and could be one of several different issues. We have been reaching out to the community to collect additional information about their Online Dynasties to help us track down and solve these issues. With the number of customizable options available in Online Dynasty, it’s imperative that we get these details in order to replicate the issues. We thank you for your continued support and detailed feedback on the issues at hand.

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