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Layoff Hurts Ravens, lose at home 17-16

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by coachmimz20, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. coachmimz20

    coachmimz20 Walk On

    Nov 21, 2010
    With a first round bye and many of the east coast shut down due to Superstorm Sandy, the Ravens passing attack looked out of sync in their 17-16 loss to the ravens.

    The defense continued to force turnovers, however it was a blown coverage on a 75 yard td on 3rd and 15 that really hurt the ravens. With about a 1:45 left in the first half the Ravens used a time out to get the ball and try to score some more. However safety Ed Reed came up and whiffed on a 15 yard pass as indy took the ball into the end zone and took a 14-10 lead at half.

    After half the Ravens and Colts locked down defensively as the Ravens could not capitalize on 2 turnovers inside the 40, only scoring 6 points.

    Indianapolis took the ball 60 yards and kicked a game winning field goal with 1 second left. Joe Flacco after the game was quoted "We took off a bit too long, instead of focusing on football our minds were elsewhere" Flacco threw a season low 110 yards.

    GG James, I fucking hate you
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  2. klaximilian

    klaximilian Walk On

    Apr 14, 2010

    Sounded like a tight one. Kris, better hit the sticks and come back strong.
  3. cry_havoc

    cry_havoc Walk On

    Jul 27, 2012
    Kris...i know you have that taste of winning still, but the loser isnt suppose to post the recap :D

    Now heres the real recap....

    Colts celebrate as they take down the #1 seed Ravens in a "battle of blood" Divisional Matchup.​
    Could this have been Lewis' last chance at the title?​
    [​IMG] 16 - 17 [​IMG]
    Nothing better than a matchup between two teams who know each other oh so well. They hadn't faced each other all season, but have kept tabs on each others success throughout. Coach Music and Coach Mims go way back....back to the Platsburg days in upstate NY, where both enjoyed making homeade ice cream together. Now fast forward to present day, both have put themselves in a position to take one step closer to the Big Show. The Colts come in to Baltimore with a very young and aggresive team. A week ago they lost there top WR TY Hilton for a week with bruised ribs. So someone had to step up against the #1 Defense in the league.
    Ravens took the opening kickoff. Right off the bat they went to there 4th rank run offense. Rice chewed up yds as they pounded out a long 4 minute drive resulting in a 11yd pass to Rice. That would be all the the offense the Ravens could put together. As one quarter went by the Ravens would lead 7-0. The Colts took there first possession back the other way, chewing up there own rushing yards. Luck would execute on a big 3rd down play and would keep the drive moving. Brown would eventually punch it in from 9yds out. On the Ravens next possession, Flacco would try and go deep as Bethea would read the play and make a pick to get the Colts the rock back. First play, Brown took the the handoff and got blown up by Suggs forcing a TO and setting up the Ravens. The Colts would hold and Baltimore would be forced to kick the fg. The next possession would prove to be the game changer. The Colts got stuck in a 3rd and 15 on there own 11 yd line. Luck read the safety and hit Alexander up the hash for a 89yd td to put the Colts up at half 14-10.
    Opening the second half, the Ravens would come up big again. Fleener over the middle got jacked up by Pollard forcing there 2nd TO. Again the stingy Colts D would stuff the Ravens and they would have to settle for another fg. Both teams would trade punts and we would get to crunch time in the 4th.
    As both sides went back and forth the Ravens found themselves in a great position to take the lead late. Flacco would convert on 2 crucial 3rd downs and set the Ravens up for yet another fg to take the lead 16-13 with roughly 4 mins left. This is where we found our star in the making. Again, against the #1 Defense in the league and only a rookie...Luck would step up to the plate. The Colts would mix up the run and nifty pass plays and move the ball down field methodically. Luck hit Fleener on a huge 3rd down and set up Raynor for the game winning fg.
    Absolute shootout. The Stampede will now sit back and wait to see the winner between the Chiefs & Jets.
    GG Kris-tof...you know you love me.
    Luck 11/19 236yds 1 td
    Brown 12att for 52yds 1 td
    Fleener 4rec for 58yds
    Alexander 1rec for 89yds 1td
    Flacco 14/22 94yds 1td and 1int
    Rice 21att for 103yds
    Boldin 3rec for 36yds
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  4. coachmimz20

    coachmimz20 Walk On

    Nov 21, 2010
    I still hate you.

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