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Information League Constitution

Discussion in 'The Flashback' started by Darkwing, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Darkwing

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    Jul 15, 2011

    Flashback no# blur.png
    : League Constitution :

    The Flashback is a NCAA Football dynasty based on infusing a tradition focus into the game. Our name comes straight from our concept. Each year here at The Flashback, we will be celebrating what happened 25 years ago on the college football landscape. Our dynasty will “live” through the past and thrive into the future. Your duty as a head coach will be to re-write the history of your program. Don’t like the lack of success a school has suffered through? Change it. Think you can run a top program better than it was? Challenge yourself.

    In this league we will have a premium on honoring the history of the gridiron. But don’t get me wrong; we want everyone to embrace building respectful programs and taking pride in what you’re doing. In the end, you need to be happy with the job you are doing because remember two things, the record book will not be forgiving and you can’t get fired.

    The Flashback is interested in coaches who are in-depth with all they do. This league is to emulate real-life football. You are playing on Tradition Sports Online. If you feel SIM play is required then leave; everyone should want to play in a realistic manner. This is of upmost importance; you are a member of this community before a member of this league.

    League Setup
    For 2014, we will be running a Coaching Career Dynasty. All coaches will start with :1stars: programs and attempt to build a viable football program at non-traditional football powers. You are welcome to take a new job if it is offered, but there will be restrictions on which jobs you can take. You must have spent the past 2 seasons at the school, and you can only move up 1 prestige level. For example, no one will be allowed to take a new job after the first season. After the second season if you have elevated your program to a :3stars: prestige level you may take any job offered to you at the :4stars: level or lower. After you accept the new job you must spend 2 seasons at the school before you move on.

    We will be playing on All-American difficulty, 7 minute quarters.
    Sliders will be posted later.

    Advance Schedule
    We will advance every 48 hours for all weeks. For the most part this will be a hard schedule. The only exception will be for a user game. Extensions to play user games will be issued at the commisioners discretion. To be granted an extension, I must see activity in trying to schedule the game and prefer to have a time set for the game before we go past the scheduled advance. Please remember this is to keep the league moving.

    Game Play Rules
    This page must be read and understood. Period.

    In addition:
    • There is a scoring cap of 70 points in a blowout. If you exceed this, your game results will be tossed and the game simmed entirely on advance. If the problem reoccurs, expect recruiting sanctions.
    • If ahead by 21 points or more in the 4th quarter, you must bench your starting offense.
    • If ahead by 40 or more in the 1st half, you must bench your starting offense.
    • If you have a restart you will be penalized by that game resulting in an automatic tossed results/sim on advance. You will also suffer from the loss of 1/3 of your available scholarships for the next season. Restarts to avoid losses are not going to be a part of this community. The burden of proof is on you to show why there was a restart.
    • Jump snap aggressive = Not Allowed
    • Strip ball aggressive = Not Allowed
    • Catch ball conservative = Not Allowed
    • Protect ball conservative = Not Allowed
    • Conservative play clock = Not Allowed (Except for < 2 minutes left at the end of each half or if up 17+ with under 5 mins left in the game)
    These adjustments are known to work too well. I.e. unrealistic so not allowed. Also, make note of run/pass committing. You are not allowed to abuse these. Run them only in realistic situations. You should not be running run commit every play and dropping back coverage or vise versa.

    Starting during the 2017 season we will change the scholarship limits a little bit.

    The amount of scholarships that can be offered at any given time will be dictated by the following formula:
    A = number of seniors graduating
    B = 70 minus current amount of players on roster
    C = 2 Scholarship buffer in case of early draftees

    D = Extra scholarships won during previous season's contest (Over/Under, Johnny Football)
    For example, if I have 65 players on my roster and 10 graduating Seniors, and I won the Over/Under contest from last season my formula would be

    10 + (70 - 65) + 2 + 1 = 18 Available Scholarships

    If you go over your allowed scholarships, you will have to cut the # of players that you are over the limit, and the league gets to vote and decide which players you have to cut. For example, you have 12 available scholarships, and you sign 13 players. The league will vote on which player you have to cut. If the league decides you have to cut your QB signee, you must cut them. Even if it leaves you with a walk-on at QB.

    Players Leaving
    If the following players declare for the NFL draft, they may not be swayed back to school:

    • >94 OVR
    • A JR that has won the Heisman
    • A JR that has won a major award & is > 89 OVR (except here for Ks & Ps)
    What is mandatory for league membership:
    • Play that meets TSO and league standards for SIM football
    • Active participation
    • Having fun
    What I expect from you as a coach:
    1. You are honest
    2. You want to win but not at the cost of integrity
    3. You enjoy details, no you need details
    4. You are level-headed
    5. You love competition
    6. You understand respect must be earned
    7. You want to be in a league with others like you
    What to expect from me as commissioner:
    1. Dedication, Timeliness, & Fairness
    2. A helping hand. TSO is a great site, if you need help with anything come to me. I can either answer you directly or point you in the right direction.
    3. Low tolerance. This league will be on a set schedule and in decision requiring matters (if they arise) don’t expect more than a second chance.
    4. Consistent and Reliable Leadership
    At The Flashback we believe you win with people. The group of coaches we have here will set the bar on how great we can be. Friendships, Rivals, and activity here on these forums as well as playing in the dynasty will create our culture. Your goals can only be realized with dedication. You are the coach at a major college football program. It’ not just a game anymore.


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