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League Description and Owners

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Jmustang1968, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010

    The GMFL is designed to be a fast paced 'GM' style Online Franchise where an emphasis will be put on franchise progression and reward smart GM team management.​

    • League Name - TSO GMFL
    • Password - theGMFL
    • Twitter - @GMFLTSO
    • When joining, create a coach. DO NOT use an existing coach

    Salary Cap - ON
    Skill Level - All Pro
    Quarter Length - 7 Minutes
    Accelerated Clock - OFF
    Minimum Play Clock Time - OFF
    Game Speed - Slow
    Player Progression Frequency - Every four weeks
    Coach Firing - OFF
    Game Play Tuning - Yes
    Injury - ON
    Pre Existing Injury - ON
    Trade Deadline - ON
    Trade Type - Enable All
    Fill Roster - OFF
    Re-sign Players - OFF
    Progress Players - OFF
    Sign Offseason Free Agents - OFF
    League Type - Coach Only
    Maximum Users - 32
    Public/Private - Private
    Legend - No
    Speed Threshold: 40​
    Injuries: 60​
    Fatigue: 60​
    Commissioner: Jmustang1968​
    AFC Commish: Qui3tstorm​
    NFC Commish: The Richuation​
    Trade Committee:
    • Jmustang1968
    • The Richuation
    • Qui3tstorm
    • DirtSouthDan
    • RyanC
    Advance Schedule - 3 advances per week with a 48 to 72 hour advance window. More time can be taken as needed at commissioner's discretion.​

    Team structure - Full 32 user CCM​

    Sim Structure - At this point, we won't be simming seasons/games​

    GM Rules - An emphasis will be put on smart and sim GM management. Trades will be reviewed by a 5 man trade committee. We will limit trades to 2 per season per team if involving a player, and unlimited trades involving purely draft picks.​

    Position limits
    • QB - only QB can play QB, with the exception of limited use of Wildcat formations.
    • HB - HB, FB
    • FB - FB or TE. HB (speed <85, Weight > 230)
    • WR - WR, HB (4th or 5th on depth chart), TE (3rd or lower on depth chart), DB (4th or lower on depth chart)
    • TE - TE, FB, T, WR (speed <85, Weght >230)
    • OL - No restrictions
    • DT - No restrictions
    • DE -
    • 4-3 Defense - DE, DT, OLB (weight >240)
    • 3-4 Defense - DE, DT
    • OLB -
    • 4-3 Defense - OLB, MLB, SS (weight >225, speed <86)
    • 3-4 Defense - OLB, MLB, DE, SS (weight >235, speed <86)
    • MLB - MLB, OLB, SS (weight >235, speed <86)
    • CB - no restrictions
    • SS,FS - SS, FS, CB (speed <90)
    • K, P - no restrictions
    • An owner may appeal for an exception to the position limit rules. If you want to make an appeal, you will pm the members of the Trad committee via pm, with the player info and position you want him to play.
    Roster Management -
    • Roster moves, trading block, and trade reviews will all be posted in the Team Management sub forum following the stickied format guidelines within.
    • All trades will be approved by trade committee before they are processed. Trades with cpu will be reviewed with a harsher standard.
    • A user needs a 3/5 vote from the committee to get it passed.
    Waiver Rules -
    • During the season, and after the FA bidding period in the offseason, all released players will be subject to our waiver wire rules
    • When you release a player, you will make a reply on your team roster thread and tag me and/or a co-commish in the post
    • That player will be on waivers for 24 hours. All teams interested will make a post in the waiver wire thread stating the player interested.
    • Once the time has passed, I will reward the player to the team with the lowest record at the time, or if in pre-season, the worst record from the previous season.
    Off Season- Free Agency will last 2-4 days as needed. The draft will be live and I will have a Skype chat going for those interested. The use of Skype will be encouraged, so everyone should look into getting it. If you cannot make the draft, I can attempt to draft players for you if given some instruction.

    Participation Rules -
    • Communication will be key. I will post an advancement notice for each week. Members should use this thread to communicate any complications or expected finish times for their games.
    • If you fail to keep up with communication and forum content, you will be replaced in the league.
    • Owners need to keep up with their weekly team scouting and other CCM functions.
    Scheduling User Games- The scheduling subforum should be used to schedule games against other users. I have posted an example format as to how this should be done in there. Members are expected to both initiate and respond to these scheduling requests. This will be the primary means to schedule as it helps me keep track of who was making effort to schedule. I cannot check texts or emails etc...

    Game Summaries - Members will be responsible for writing recaps and posting results of all games. For cpu games, posting results and a short recap is all that is reqired, user games will be expected to have more content.

    Gameplay Rules - Standard TSO sim gameplay rules apply. These rules apply here: http://forums.traditionsportsonline.com/threads/tradition-rules-and-general-expectations.1161/
    Unless otherwise stated in this post.​

    4th Down Rules -
    • Entire game - 4th and 2 or shorter inside the opponent's 40
    • 2nd half - If trailing by 14 or more points, going for it on 4th and is allowed
    • 4th Quarter - If behind, going for it on 4th is allowed.
    • Above all use your head and make it realistic, occasional surprise fake punts etc are allowed.
    Clock Management- Members are expected to get their plays in a consistent timely manner. No running of the clock unless you are in the lead and there is less than 3 minutes in the 4th quarter.

    Running Up the Score - This will not be tolerated vs the CPU and especially vs another user. Win with class. If you are up by 25 or more points in the 2nd half, passing isn't allowed. Use good judgment and be courteous to your fellow members as there will be differences in skill level.

    Mix up playcalling on offense and defense.
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  2. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
  3. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
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