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League Description

Discussion in 'Extreme Makeover' started by majesty95, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. majesty95

    majesty95 Show class, have pride, and display character.

    Jun 5, 2012


    Dynasty Description

    Extreme Makeover was designed as a unique challenge for users to take over a one or two star team and rebuild them into contenders (or benefit from their success by moving on to greener pastures with another team). All users start out the league by taking over a 1-2* team which replaced their actual head coach prior to the 2013 season (Middle Tennessee St being the exception). The users will then create a storyline for their in-game head coach and document it as the games and seasons progress.

    Rules and Guidelines



    Name | PSN Name | Team

    majesty95 | majesty95 | Kent St
    Paytonno1son | Paytonno1son | Florida International
    Glen Cieske | gchessk | Northern Illinois
    CJTHA1 | CJTHA1 | Utah St
    Rhight | RHIGHT | Arkansas St
    bigtubb_ | bigtubb_ | Southern Miss
    BigJim11 | ??? | UTEP
    MarkyMark67 | supermarkymark | San Jose St
    Shnoogans10 | Shnoogans2010 | Temple
    titangator | titangator | Middle Tennessee St
    KNICKSFAN_84 | KNICKSFAN_84 | Idaho
    xx Vols xx | Vols824 | Louisiana Tech

    Sliders & Settings
    To be determined

    Position Changes
    QB:| No Restrictions
    RB:| No Restrictions
    FB:| Restricted
    |Weight restriction > 220 lbs
    |Speed restriction < 90
    WR:| No restrictions
    TE:| Restricted
    |Weight restriction > 220 lbs
    |Speed restriction < 90
    OL:| No restrictions
    DT:| Restricted
    |Weight restriction > 265 lbs
    DE:| Restricted
    |Weight restriction > 225 lbs
    |Speed Restriction < 90
    OLB:| Restricted
    |Weight restriction > 210 lbs
    |Speed Restriction < 92
    MLB:| Restricted
    |Weight restriction > 215 lbs
    |Speed restriction < 92
    DB:| No restrictions
    RET:| Restricted
    |Speed Restriction < 93

    Players leaving
    A player will not be allowed to attempt to sway a player from the pro draft if he:​
    • is > 95 OVR
    • is a JR that has won the Heisman
    • is a JR or SO(RS) and has won a major award (Thorpe, Maxwell, Biletnikoff, etc) and is > 90 OVR
    Kickers and punters can be swayed from pro draft regardless of OVR and class.

    The amount of scholarships that can be offered at any given time will be dictated by the following formula:

    A = number of seniors on your team that will graduate
    B = number of underclassmen that qualify for pro draft with aforementioned rules. So underclassmen that are 90+ and have won an award.
    C = number of walk-ons on your team. Walk-ons may be cut at any time.
    D = Three additional scholarships to provide a cushion.
    E = 70 - current amount of players currently on roster

    A + B + C + D + E = total number of available scholarships.

    Note: Committed players count against your scholarship limit.

    Dynasty History
    Stay tuned.
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