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League description

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by lilmaggie, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. lilmaggie

    lilmaggie Rocky Top Tennessee

    Jun 29, 2009
    League description



    Dynasty Description
    Southern Exposure has been around in some form for the last 4 seasons. This Dynasty will consist of 12 members, representing 2 conferences. The ACC and the SEC. Sim style play is expected by all members.

    Name Team
    lilmaggie Maryland
    bfruchey LSU
    xTin Cupx Ole Miss
    Beazus Christ Clemson
    Jello1717 North Carolina
    GoGators Florida
    WhyGodWhy1111 Tennessee
    Quagmire34 Miami
    hovatheGodMC Georgia
    DJ391 Florida State
    Hokie Effect Virginia Tech
    killajo90405 Alabama

    General Rules

    GR.1- 72 hour hard advances. Advances will be posted, if you are not ready to advance in 72 hours your game will be simmed. If you have an exception, you must contact me.

    GR.2 - Forum participation is mandatory! We play at TF for an in depth Dynasty experience if you just want to play games, this league isn't for you. Game write-ups are required as well as participation in discussing league issues. If we all contribute a little, this will be a great league. Don't leave all the work for someone else.

    GR.3 - You must pick an Off and Def playbook at the beginning of the season and must stick with it. Choose wisely! All playbooks are allowed.

    GR.4 - Depth chart changes are not permitted before the opening kickoff.

    GR.5 Gameplan - Using aggressive gameplan strategies is PROHIBITED.

    GR.6 Defensive Keys - All are PROHIBITED except WR key. You may key on a particular WR.


    O.1 - 4th Downs: You may go for it when:

    A. Whenever you are past the 50 yard line with 1 yard or less to go, you are permitted to go for it on 4th down.
    B. If you are behind by two touchdowns or more in the second half, you can go for it whenever you like.
    C. If you are the losing team in the 4th quarter, you can go for it whenever you like.

    O.3– Hurry Up Offense: Only during 2 minute drills and when losing in the 4th quarter. Be sure to allow the defense to get set and don't play for the offsides penalties.
    O.4 - Playclock/Chew Clock Rule: We play 7 minute quarters not 15 like the NCAA. So please choose your plays as quickly as possible. You may run the game clock with under 4 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter. Or if your trying to prevent another possession within the last two minutes of the 1st half.
    O.5 - Playcalling: Mix it up.
    O.6 - QB Scrambling: Unrealistic QB scrambling/sprinting is frowned upon on pass plays, including screens. Keep it sim.
    O.7 - 70 point limit. Good sportsmanship is required so running up the score on user opponenets will not be tolerated. Please use good judgment when leading by a large margin, even when playing the CPU.


    D.1 – Moving Players before snap: In game shifting of D-line and LB's is permitted. Manually moving players other than the one you will control is PROHIBITED.
    D.2 – Blitzing: No glitch blitzes!


    ST.1 - Fake Punts and FG’s: Fake punts and FG's may be utilized in any situation.
    ST.2 – Onside Kicks: Onside kicks are permitted at any time by the losing team in the 4th quarter only.


    WG.1 - Disconnects: Games will disconnect from time to time for various reasons. It will be up to the players involved to figure out a resolution; with the choices being to either replay the game from the beginning or simulate for an obvious winner. If you cannot reach a resolution, contact the commish. TF expects all owners to have a reliable, high-speed ISP. If you are having any type of Internet trouble, please do not start the game until the problem is resolved.
    WG.2 - There will be NO restarts on your user vs. cpu games. If you have a restart, I should have a PM from you explaining what happened. Restarts will be discussed with you to see if there was an extenuating circumstance, but most likely any restart = automatic simulation of your game. The 2nd time.. = a simulation loss. There is no shame to losing to the CPU.. our difficulty and sliders will be targeted towards realistic challenge levels based on the caliber team the CPU is controlling… ie: CPU Ohio St will be a bitch… CPU Duke won’t…
    WG.3 - Supersimming: You are expected to play your own games. Supersimming the last 3-4 minutes of a game that is decided is occasionally exceptable for extenuating circumstances.


    SR.1 - All user teams are required to play 4 user vs. user games each season.

    Sliders & Settings
    Column 1 Column 2
    Difficulty: All-American
    Quarters: 7 mins

    Offense Human CPU[/U][/B]
    QB Accuracy 30 40
    Pass Block 55 45
    WR Catching 40 35
    RB Ability 40 55
    Run Blocking 45 50
    Defense Human CPU[/U][/B]
    Pass Coverage 40 55
    Pass Rush 45 50
    Interceptions 30 40
    Rush Defense 45 55
    Tackling 45 50
    Special Teams Human CPU[/U][/B]
    FG Power 40 45
    FG Accuracy 45 45
    P Power 50 50
    P Accuracy 45 55
    Kickoff Power 50 55

    Position Changes
    Pos Notes
    QB: No Restrictions
    RB: No Restrictions
    FB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 220 lbs
    Speed restriction < 88
    WR: No restrictions
    TE: Restricted
    Height restriction > 6'2''
    Weight restriction > 220 lbs
    Speed restriction < 87
    OL: No restrictions
    DT: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 245 lbs
    DE: Restricted
    Height restriction > 6'2''
    Weight restriction > 215 lbs
    Speed Restriction < 84
    OLB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 200 lbs
    Speed Restriction < 86
    MLB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 205 lbs
    Speed restriction < 86
    DB: No restrictions
    RET: No Restrictions

    Players leaving
    A player will not be allowed to attempt to sway a player from the pro draft if he:
    • is > 95 OVR
    • is a JR that has won the Heisman
    Kickers and punters can be swayed from pro draft regardless of OVR and class.

    Recruiting - Scholarships
    We are only allowed to recruit 4 Five Star prospects per year. The remaining scholarships may be used on 4 Stars and lower.

    The amount of scholarships that can be OFFERED at any given time will be dictated by the following formula:

    A = number of seniors on your team that will graduate
    B = number of underclassmen that qualify for pro draft (>95 Ovr)
    C = One additional scholarship to provide a cushion.
    D = 70 - current amount of players currently on roster

    A + B + C + D + E = total number of available scholarships.

    Therefore, the max players at anytime on your roster = 71.

    Recruiting violations will be handled as follows:
    For each 5 Star over the limit, you will be required to cut 2 5 stars from your current class and will lose 1 5 star from next years class. Also, you will lose this scholarship. You will not be able to sign a 4 star in its place.

    Exceeding 71 roster limit will result in a loss of 2 scholarships the following year for each player over the 71 player limit.

    Note: Committed players count against your scholarship limit.

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