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League Info

Discussion in 'Hard At Work' started by akutozo, Jul 25, 2017.

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  1. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015

    Hard At Work

    League Info

    • System: XBOX ONE

    • League Name - HaW

    • Password - *see admin*

    • Once Madden can be ported to Daddyleagues, we will establish there.

    Coach Requirements

    • Create a unique name. Joke names and real world name will get removed (ex: Bill Polian, Donald Trump, Bugs Bunny, Kim Jong Un, etc)

    • Use the teams default playbook or choose a playbook from Madden’s preset options.

    • A playbook must be declared by preseason and used for the entire season.
    League Communication


    • 72 Hour Advances (9 pm est).

    • Early advances may take place if all user vs user games have been played.

    • 12 Minute Quarters / 17 second runoff

    • Speed Threshold - TBA

    • Sliders: TBA

    • Streaming is encouraged by all members but not required. If you do not stream, we will not be able to review gameplay complaints.

    • Scheduling effort made each advance. Repeated failure to schedule could result in simulated losses to removal from the league on a case by case basis.

    • HaW Trade Committee: TBA

    • PM the Trade Committee (TC), copy the involved owner(s)

    • All trades must be submitted to the TC that involve players.

    • Trades that take place without approval will result in heavy punishments for both teams involved.

    • There will no hard limit regarding trades, however the TC will consider the frequency of trades when making an approval and the impact it is having on the roster.

    • Trades during the offseason that involve picks for picks will not require TC approval, however, we will audit trades. If we see you trade a 1st for a 7th, we will kick you. Be reasonable and make smart choices.
    What the TC is looking for?

    1. NFL stars do not get traded for peanuts, neither will Madden stars. Fair value will be considered.

    2. Impact to roster. For teams trading high value pieces, there must be good reason. While it is “your team”, it is our league. There should be a reasonable benefit to your move.

    3. Is there a “contract dispute”? Can you not afford to pay him? Why wouldn’t the franchise tag work? Does he no longer fit your scheme? The Rams would not trade Aaron Donald, but if Aaron wants $20m per year… Maybe they do. Make your case, we will list.
    Post Draft Free Agency Waiver Process

    • TBA

    Regular Season Free Agency

    • Sign who you want, no restrictions.

    • Cutting a player and immediately signing them back will not be permitted. Teams caught doing this will be punished.
    In-Season Resigning of Players

    • Contracts longer than 4 years must be requested by the player in Madden. A screenshot should be taken to validate 5 and 6 year contracts showing that the player wanted it.

    • Bonus requirements: TBA
    Off-Season Free-Agency

    • When offering on players in FA, it is not permitted to offer less than 50% of the amount they are asking for in FA.

    • When outbidding another coach, you must offer a decent amount more. A player isn’t flying to Los Angeles to sign a contract for 10k more than Buffalo is offering with a sheet in his hand. Your offer should be several points higher than the previous offer.

    • Advances during the off season will be randomized, minimizing sniping offers when coaches are not online.

    Roster Requirements

    • You must have 53 players

    • You must have a K and a P
    Practice Squad Players

    • Each team can hold up to 10 practice squad players

    • Teams are not allowed to retain more than 2 players of the same position

    • If you take another teams practice squad player the said player must remain on your active roster for the duration of the season. If you decide they are not fitting on your team, you must cut them and alert the team you signed him from.

    • Custom playbooks are currently prohibited.
    Gameplay Rules

    • Do not take advantage of the AI. If you find an exploit, report it to your commish team.

    • Going for it on 4th should be extremely rare, just like the NFL. Keep it realistic.

    • Do not SUPERSIM vs CPU

    • Games started more than once against the CPU must be heavily scrutinized. If your game disconnects, take a screenshot of the error (or picture) that also displays the game score and time left in the game and report to the commish team.

    • Please review TSO rules and expectations at https://traditionsportsonline.com/pages/Rules-and-Guidelines/
    Gameplay Complaints

    • Gameplay complaints should have Twitch/BEAM footage and you should be able to provide times for us to quickly review your concern.

    • Keep complaints out of general chat until discussed with commish team. No matter how mad you are, Discord is not your vent room.
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