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League Information

Discussion in 'TSL: Tradition Soccer League' started by RedAL925, Oct 3, 2014.

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  1. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    Rules & Regulations

    I. Gameplay Rules and Guidelines
    A. All Tradition Sports Online (TSO) rules on sportsmanship apply. If you are interested in hardcore, win-at-all-costs FIFA gameplay, this is not the place for you. We do not expect to see any exploitation of known glitches and/or extremely aggressive tactics.
    1. Defensive Pressure
    a) Regardless of rules stated below, pressure should be applied within reason, and in accordance with the above.
    b) Pressure can be increased when trailing by a ratio of 10 minutes per goal.
    (1) Down 1 goal, pressure begins at 80’ etc.​
    2. Turnovers
    a) Interceptions are allowed over the entire field of play.
    (1) Exception: passes between defenders or between defenders and goalkeepers with no attacking intent should not be intercepted.​
    b) An interception won in your attacking third of the field (and in compliance with Rule 3a) can be kept, but the intercepting team cannot attempt an uncontested shot on goal as a result of the turnover.
    c) Tackles are allowed from the middle area of the field back through your defensive end.
    d) If an attacking team loses the ball, his team is allowed to try to regain possession until the new ball carrier makes a “next-pass,” or has clearly established possession.
    (1) “Clearly” indicates the ball carrier is in space by himself with no opposing players in his immediate area. A player under immediate pressure following a turnover is not “clearly” in possession.​
    3. Goal Kicks
    a) Passes between Goalkeepers and defensive lines (including midfielders positioned in the line) cannot be interfered with under any circumstance.​
    4. Throw-Ins
    a) Throw-ins in your half of the field should be allowed one open outlet for reception.
    b) Throw-ins in your offensive third of the field can be defended in full.​
    5. Free Kicks
    a) A player defending a free kick should not manually position defenders on the goal line or at the goal posts.
    b) A player defending a free kick in the wall can take no more than 3 steps in either direction (left or right).​
    6. Corner Kicks
    a) A player must wait until the kick screen is set up before calling for a second player for a short corner.​

    II. League Settings
    A. Half Length: 10 minutes
    B. Controls: Any (see III)
    C. Game Speed: Slow
    D. Squad Type: Custom (download latest weekly roster updates)​

    III. Controller Settings
    A. Auto Switching: [personal preference]
    B. Auto Switching Move Assist: [personal preference]
    C. Passing Power Assist: OFF
    D. Pass Assist: Manual
    E. Through Pass Assist: Manual
    F. Shot Assist: Semi or Manual
    G. Cross Assist: Semi or Manual
    H. Lob Pass Assist: Manual
    I. Save Assist: [n/a]
    J. Analog Sprint: [personal preference]
    K. Defending: Tactical​

    IV. Content
    A. As is standard in all TSO leagues, user-generated content is required. In TSL, we require your Match Reports (see below) include a short game summary in addition to statistics.

    B. At the end of each season, the user with the best league content will be awarded with rights to the 1st pick in the team draft, which can be used once in the next two seasons. Qualifying content can range from simply being active on the forums to creating league-specific original content to social media and streaming...anything that adds to the league is fair game.​

    V. Match Reporting
    A. Unless previous arrangements have been made, it is the responsibility of the winning manager to post match results in the designated match results thread. In the event of a draw, the home team is responsible for posting match results. Your official match report must include:
    1. Match Events (Goals, Assists, Clean Sheets, Man of the Match)
    2. Shots & Shots on Target
    3. Possession %
    4. Tackles, Fouls & Cards
    5. Offsides
    6. Corners
    7. Pass Accuracy %
    8. Player Suspensions Served (if applicable)​

    VI. League Structure
    A. Promotion/Relegation is subject to change. In the event a team is vacated during or after the season, standard promotion/relegation will be carried out. At the conclusion of this process, vacated teams will be moved to the lowest tier, and management holds the right to promote/relegate additional teams based on standing in the league table.

    B. Automatic promotion is earned by finishing 1st or 2nd in your division. The 3rd place team will face the 3rd-from-last team from the division above in a one-game playoff, the winner earning promotion. Automatic relegation is earned by finishing last or 2nd-from-last in your division.​

    VII. Tiebreakers
    A. All ties in the standings will be decided by the following criteria: GD > F > A. In the event of a tie for a title, promotion or relegation place, a playoff will be played, making GD a non-factor in these ties. The playoff will be a one-game, ET/OT match played at the home of the ‘1st place’ team based on regular tie breaking criteria.​

    VIII. Player Suspensions
    A. If a player accumulates 2 yellow cards, he is suspended for 1 match.

    B. If a player accumulates 1 red card, he is suspended for 2 matches.

    C. Player suspensions will be served in the next match week opened. If the suspension is not posted, do not serve it.

    D. While the management team will do it’s best to keep track of suspensions in each match thread, it is ultimately each manager’s responsibility to bench their suspended players for the appropriate game.​

    IX. League Schedule
    A. Each season, clubs play every other club twice on a home-and-away basis. Match weeks are opened Wednesday, and managers are expected to complete their matches before the next match window opens.

    B. As we follow a hard advance policy, each and every fixture remains open for the duration of one week. Once a fixture has expired, that thread will be locked and the next fixture is released in a new thread. Any unplayed matches at the end of each match week will be recorded as postponed.​

    X. League Discipline (The Card System)
    A. In an effort to incentivize sportsmanlike conduct and the timely completion of games, a manager discipline system will be enforced throughout each season. Yellow cards will be issued for scheduling problems, and red cards will be issued for unsportsmanlike conduct. Cards will be issued on a case-to-case basis and can be issued at any time after the match week has closed. Understand that card accumulation will result in a “shorter leash” in the discipline system.​

    XI. Unplayed Matches (Yellow Card)
    A. Yellow cards will be issued for canceled matches and other scheduling issues. If a manager fails to complete a single match in a match week, that manager will be issued a yellow card.

    B. If a manager accumulates 3 yellow cards in a given season, that manager will be placed on probation for the next season. If a manager is twice banned due to yellow card accumulation, that manager will be permanently removed from the league. If a manager has accumulated multiple cards at the end of each season, one card will carry over into the next season. Otherwise, yellow card counts reset after each completed season.

    C. When scheduling issues arise, forum posts will be the primary source used by management to issue cards. Since we have no way of tracking other conversations that may occur, it is in your best interest to make an effort each week to use the match scheduling thread.

    D. Keep in mind that by joining this league, you are expected to be able to complete 2-4 games per week. If this might be a problem, please seek out your league commissioner. We can and will accommodate for extensions, as long as you alert your commissioner in a timely manner.​

    XII. Probation
    A. Managers who receive 3 yellow cards in a single season will be placed on probation. A manager on probation must post their full availability in the scheduling thread as soon as it is released, and must complete at least 2 matches in the Match Week. Failure to do these things will result in expulsion.​

    XIII. Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Red Card)
    A. Red cards will be issued for unsportsmanlike conduct. Once a manager accumulates 3 red cards, he will be permanently banned from the league. At the end of the FIFA cycle, one red card will carry over to the next iteration of FIFA. There are two situations where a red card may be issued:
    1. Quitting a Match
    a) Quitting a match is a red card offense and automatic forfeit.​
    2. Unbalanced Scorelines
    a) Games that finish with a goal differential of 5 or more goals will be automatically reviewed and subject to a red card. This decision will rest in the hands of the losing team. To clarify, when a result is posted with a 5+ goal differential, the assigned commissioner of that league will reach out to the losing team to determine if a red card is warranted. Based on this information, a final decision will be made.
    B. If a manager feels their opponent played in an unsportsmanlike manner, they will be asked to send a PM to their designated commissioner detailing any unsportsmanlike incidents, and a ruling will be issued.

    C. Any post game data will help the management team in making a disciplinary decision. For example, gameplay footage or pictures of game play metrics (tackle charts/stats, halftime splits, etc.) would help provide a clearer picture of the issue at hand.​
    XIV. Appeals
    A. If the offending manager feels he was wrongly issued a card, an appeal can be made to management. In a courteous and civilized manner, a PM should be sent to your respective commissioner detailing the incident and asking that the card be rescinded. A dialogue will be opened, and appropriate measures will be taken based on this discussion.​

    XV. Club Ratings
    A. All TSL club selections are based on a 4-star and under cap. All team rosters are based explicitly on the current EA Sports FIFA rosters available via download. Be sure to download the latest roster update every week.​

    XVI. Manager Changes
    A. If a manager decides to leave, there are 3 possible replacement scenarios:
    1. If the manager leaves before the halfway point in the season, the team will be vacated, all games played will be wiped from the record, and a replacement manager will be assigned.
    2. If the manager leaves exactly halfway through the season, the team is vacated and no more games are played.
    3. If the manager leaves after the halfway point in the season, the team will be vacated and all games played after the halfway point will be wiped from the records.​

    XVII. Team Selection Draft
    A. Any managers who wish to hold on to their current teams may do so, and will be removed from the team draft. Managers whose current team goes up in star-rating will be given priority in the draft. After those managers have chosen, the remaining managers will be drawn at random to determine draft order.

    B. Once the draft has started, each team will have a 24-hour window to draft a team. If a manager fails to select a team within that window, they will be moved to the last pick of the draft.​

    XVIII. Forced Team Change
    A. If a manager is forced to leave a club due to an increase in star rating or removal from the game, that manager earns right of first refusal to that team. When that team becomes eligible for TSL play, the manager holding the rights can:
    1. Take the team, retaining right of first refusal.
    2. Let the team go, losing right of first refusal.​
    B. A manager can only retain right of first refusal to one club at a time.
    C. A manager also loses right of first refusal if he leaves the league for any reason.​
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  2. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I check the Tradition Sports Online forums?
    Preferably every day, or as often as you can. All match scheduling, stat tracking, and important league announcements are posted in our forums.

    The website also tells us the last time you've logged on and the last page you were viewing, so if we see you haven't checked in a few weeks (or longer), we may assume you have abandoned the league without notice.

    Can I check the forums from my smartphone?
    Yes! You should download Tapatalk for your mobile devices; it's the best way to stay current with all league announcements. You can also join our GroupMe chat by clicking here.

    What if I am going away for an extended period of time without access to my PS4?
    Post the dates and any important details in the Vacation Thread. Don't worry about your games while you're gone, they will be marked as postponed and will reopen upon your return. If you feel you will be unavailable for longer than 3 weeks, contact your commissioner and arrangements will be made.

    How do I download the latest roster updates?
    Since TSL uses custom rosters, you will need to make sure you download the latest roster updates released every Friday afternoon. To do so, navigate to: Customize > Edit Teams > Download Updates.

    How do I set up my TSL match with my opponent?
    Before sending a match invite, make sure your controller settings are correct (See Rule III.) and you have downloaded the latest roster updates. To save time, you can set up your Team Sheet beforehand. Navigate to Online Friendlies and send the match invite using our settings (See Rule II.).

    How do I stream my TSL match?
    All TSL matches should be streamed. For assistance, please refer to this helpful Streaming FAQ.

    What happens when my kit clashes with my opponent's kit?
    When selecting kits, the home team should select theirs first, and the away team should adjust accordingly. Please avoid like-vs-like situations when selecting kits.

    What should I do if I get disconnected from my opponent?
    There are no hard rules for disconnects. Ultimately, it is up to the two managers involved to come up with an agreement on how to complete the match. Below is a set of guidelines to help you determine the best course of action:
    • Early disconnect with 0-0 score: restart match
    • Early disconnect with score: restart match OR re-create goal at proper time and continue match
    • Disconnect at/near halftime: keep the score, replay one half adding +45' to all match events
    • Late disconnect: depending on time/score, replay a half OR agree to end match
    It's been over a week and my opponent has not yet posted our match result. What should I do?
    It's a good idea for both managers to track match stats/results during and after a game. The most important thing is that the result is posted and recorded, not necessarily who posts. It's better to have 2 posts of the same match than no post at all.

    What's the deal with Social Media?
    Create your own TSL team twitter account by using @TSL_[username] as your handle. These accounts are good for content creation and sharing streaming links. You can follow us on Twitter @TSO_Soccer and subscribe to our YouTube page.

    Team Names, Tricodes and Images Database
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